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Subject: Time, Gentlemen, Please!
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 1999 05:30:39 -0000
From: "Rory Winter" <rory@winter.greatxscape.net>
Organization: Rainbow Productions
To: "Secret Gardens" <Secret_Gardens@Onelist.com>
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          While most of the planet celebrates the 'millennium,' those who track the thirteen-Moon Calendar
          know that synchronistically, 'January 2000' actually occurs during this year of 7 Wizard, a cycle which
          asks us to receive and channel the mystic powers of timelessness in order to create a new resonance
          - a new inspiration!

          Much is unknown as humanity travels through time together, but this year we have the opportunity to
          restore the sacred enchantment of our earthly garden through keen awareness of vibrations and a
          willingness to open and explore our sacred channels. Alignment with the Natural Time Calendar helps
          us to accomplish collective healing while we release the old and welcome inspiration of replenished
          cosmic life-force. It is now time for the Wizards to step forward!

          ~Dreamspell Calendar~

          'I removed my wristwatch and had all
          the time in the world.'

          I am another you - in lakech.
          You are another I - infinity in the flesh.
          We synchronize collectively
          heaven and earth in harmony.
          We are the beauty of creator
          expressing love through time
          the art of nature formed by mind.

          There is no separation between us now.
          All spokes of the wheel together
          make the whole.
          We are one.
          There is no other.
          The rainbow is made of every color.
          The eternal tree of life
          flowers from the one Heart.

          Time is a voyage exploring realms of
          Simultaneous synchronistic manifestations
          Of the one eternal art
          Which nurtures and sustains
          The Heart of all beings
          Celebrating flight
          Of the ever-spinning wheel.

          May you understand that by going within,
          Through the powers of light and sound and vibration
          You may awaken the
          Which you are.

          Those musics which sweetly resonate with your heart,
          Daily bathe in them.
          Do let that Song of Purity sing forth.
          Allow the creativity of your soul to sing
          The notes of Celestial Dance and Song.
          Let it be known that your songs,
          Each and every one of you,
          Are precious unto Creator.
          Indeed, that which sings is Voice coming from the Void -
          A new created Being - flowing through the levels of yourself.
          Be they Particles or Atoms,
          Be they Molecules or Cells,
          Be they Tissues or Organs,
          All are strings on the same violin.

          Hunab Ku, Hunab Ku
          Time is the center we all pass through
          Hunab Ku, Hunab Ku
          Time is me and time is you
          Hunab Ku, Hunab Ku
          We are all the center that time passes through
          The stars you see are songs in my hair
          The planets are jewels strung on bracelets of air
          In the center of time there is a roof that grows
          Becoming through time twenty fingers and toes
          Hunab Ku, Hunab Ku
          Time is now for me and you.

          The sacred architect of time is called Hunab Ku by the Maya,
          The One Giver of Movement and Measure.
          As the center of the galaxy, Hunab Ku is the universal dynamism -
          That which stimulates and motivates life in its total manifestation
          As spirit and matter.
          Hunab Ku weaves vast patterns of harmony -
          Mathematical perfection that reflects the innate beauty of existence.
          This central galactic core transmits two hundred and sixty distinct
          Radiant energies to our Earth through the lens of our sun,
          While simultaneously pulsing the same energy throughout the galaxy,
          Thereby establishing the universal law of time (13:20 time)
          Which unifies our planet with all other galactic movement.
          The 13:20 cycles offer us endless opportunities to align with
          The waves of time as articulated by the patterns of Hunab Ku.
          The universal law of time
          Making the unconscious conscious
          The human is conscious rhythm
          With the earth, with the galaxy
          ...Life as the art of the now
          ...The now as the art of life.
          It is our responsibility
          To change our perceptions
          So our world becomes one where
          We are continually aware of
          The inherent Divinity that is always moving
          And expressing through all things.
          -- Raoult Bertrand
          Learning is movement from moment to moment.
          -- J. Krishnamurti
          What lies behind us and what lies before us are
          tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.
          -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

          Radial Time = Synchronic Order
             by Physicist Mark Cummings

          Toward the end of his life Einstein stated: 'I have become
          unequivocally convinced that time as we conventionally
          understand it is an illusion; however a persistent one.'

          Time is not a quantity that can be adequately described
          using the geometry of 3-Dimensional space. In fact, time
          in the fullness of its reality is primarily mental and
          experiential and not a quantity at all. Rather, time is a
          qualitative function of consciousness, it is the primary
          ordering principal of mind. The order that it brings to
          mind is not primarily linear or sequential, but radial and
          synchronistic. When time is described or modeled in terms
          of the dynamics of 3D space, an inevitable distortion results
          due to the simple mathematical principal that a lower
          dimensional structure cannot adequately represent the
          fullness of a higher dimensional structure. Time is a higher
          dimensional mental structure and cannot adequately be
          represented within the structures of the lower 1-3 dimensions.
          Time, in order to be appreciated in its fullness, must be viewed
          from its own 4th-Dimension which requires the development
          and stabilization of 4th-Dimensional consciousness.

          The difference between Radial time and Linear time is of the
          greatest significance because the mental/experiential domain
          that you inhabit is a direct function of the type of time your
          mind shapes for you. The Linear model of time serves as a
          powerful and therefore rarely questioned foundational axiom
          of the classical-mechanical world map, yet it is not adequate
          for describing the actual lived experience of time.

          Radial time is Now centered time. It is time that radiates out
          of the bindu point or center of the Eternally Present Now
          Moment. Radial time is best described geometrically as being
          of the nature of a mandala or sphere of celestial harmonics
          projected outward from the central singularity where time
          originates - which is always the present moment. In Radial
          time the conscious experiencer is always at the center of their
          own experiential world-mandala which is Here and Now.


          An Error in Time
            by the co-founder of the
            World Calendar Change Peace Movement

          There is an error in time. This error is in the 12-month calendar and the 60-minute clock: the artificial
          frequency called 12:60. The irregular measure of 12 uneven months combined with the 60 minute hour
          create the false and entropic 12:60 timing frequency which reduces all values to the ruthlessly simple
          philosophy: Time Is Money.

          Money is a function of the 12:60 timing frequency. In order to get what every other biological species
          receives freely from nature, human beings have learned to sell their bodies in time for an artificial unit
          called money; and to exchange that artificial unit called money to get what the birds get for free.

          The launching of the Industrial Age was a function of the 12:60 timing frequency. In 1582, Pope
          Gregory used the 12-month Julian calendar to create the Gregorian calendar. Then the scientific
          revolution began in 1618 with the belief that God was a clock maker and the universe His giant clock.
          The scientist's mission was to figure out how the universe worked and to create the Industrial
          Revolution. In this way today's materialism was born.

          The population explosion is a function of the 12:60 timing frequency. We entered the Industrial Age
          and attempted to set our DNA frequency to a machine age frequency 12:60.

          That is why the population increased so rapidly and why we still seem to be trying to keep up with the

          Time is of the mind. Change your calendar and change your time. Time is art. Everything is art when
          your mind is in the right time, and everything can be used to express the beauty of the evolving
          creation. Time is the unifying field that holds all things together.

          The Law of Time states that there is one timing frequency that unifies the whole galactic order from
          its largest constituent to its smallest. This timing frequency is the 13:20 ratio. The mathematics of
          the Mayan Calendar reveal the universal scheme of the Fourth Dimension. The Mayans mathematically
          knew the correct timing cycles of nature, but the mathematics of the correct timing cycles of nature
          aren't Mayan. They are universal laws of nature.

          Government is a function of the 12:60 timing frequency. The true democracy is the democracy of
          autonomous people telepathically united in truth.

          Peace is a spiritual challenge, not a political one. If we change our time now, before the millennium,
          (The year 2000 is NOT the millennium!) see:


          We might make it because we will soon enter a new path of spiritual and mental evolution in tune with
          the galactic universal cycles of nature. Heaven on Earth!

          December 30, 1999
            Blue Galactic Monkey
            Wednesday, Rhythmic 18

[contributed by Rory Winter]

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