Date Wednesday, September 18, 2002 

The Archons of Destiny ~ By Robertino Solārion

Good Evening. Some of you will have read other versions of the following information, but there are others who have never read any of this. As you know, I used to have a page at my website devoted to The Archons Of Destiny. I quoted from THE STELLAR MAN by John Baines (aka Dario Salas Sommer, DSS). Maria Theresa del Peral in NYC wrote me a certified letter, threatening court action for copyright infringement if I didn't take the page down. Inadvertently, I'd included her "private" telephone number, she said. But the telephone number that I'd included had been published in the book as the telephone number of the Institute of Hermetic Philosophy, not her personal number. So I took her phone number down but left the Archon material.

That was in May 1997. Then in January 1998, I visited Antonio and Carmen in Madrid. Carmen is affiliated with the Madrid Institute and is personally acquainted with Maria Theresa del Peral (who is from Chile). Every Monday evening at the Institute, they play a new audio tape from DSS in Santiago. In one of the recent tapes before January, DSS had stated that he had erred in publishing that material on the Archons, because many people had been asking more questions about it. He urged all his followers to stop using the word Archons and substitute the phrase "Los Seņores", because the A-word is "evocative" and sets up certain "vibrations" that are not "healthy" for the individual or society. Carmen herself was quite reluctant to broach the subject of "Los Seņores"!

But not everybody who read that book was/is a member of the various Institutes (Santiago, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Lisbon, NYC). So, of course, all those other readers would not know that people were being advised by DSS not to use that word. If I hadn't met Carmen, I'd never have heard anything about this. But there is information galore on the Internet about Archons and other beings, so DSS let the cat out of the bag, whether he likes it or not. But he did say in his book that "they" had decided to release this hitherto secret information because the social situation on Earth has become so dire and desperate in recent years.

Then in 2001, some of us met Steve Torrence who soon began to host my Apollonius website. I uploaded the Archons page again, but one of the graphics was causing problems with Steve's computer (also Mac), and I told him to eliminate it. Then whenever I would try to open the page locally here on my computer to eliminate this graphic, my computer would crash. Even when I duplicated the page, the duplication would crash the computer. So I trashed the whole page. Then I moved the website to Gabe's server, without the Archons. I suppose it is just as well. Maria Theresa would be happy. But I may redo the whole page from scratch and upload it again, so you can consider the following an interim draft of this.

There are 72 of these Archons Of Destiny. They are the same 72 entities known in Greece as the 72 Titans. They are the 72 Lemegeton of the Hebrews. They are the 72 Names Of God. I have seen several versions of these 72 names. And they are also the 50 Annunaki ("who have no personalities, poor fellows ... they just sit like poodles and smile at Anu"), plus the 22 "Major Arcana" of the Planet Nibiru -- The Council Of Twelve and 10 Consorts = 72 total "Arcana". In the Tarot deck there are 22 "Major Arcana". Why does the Tarot deck have 78 cards? I do not know.

Here is the material from that Archons page.

Continuum (Artist Unknown)
 By Robertino Solārion Š 2002

This writer first became aware of the existence of these Archons by reading the spine-tingling book "The Stellar Man" by John Baines, pseudonym of Chilean Hermeticist Dario Salas Sommer. This distinguished-looking gentleman also wrote a companion book "The Secret Science", and several other books. His purpose, within the Hermetic Mysteries, was to reveal certain hitherto secret knowledge as an emergency flag to the general public. Apparently from the perspective of Hermeticism, and one must also include the Archons here, I'm sure, this planet is at an extremely crucial point in its evolution, both culturally and socially. Mr. Baines and his fellows hoped that by publishing these books, at least those of us with interests like these will be aware of this knowledge. The ordinary citizen has neither the time nor the inclination to study such occult doctrines. Mr. Baines and his fellows felt there was little risk in telling the rest of us. I commend them for that!

These Archons can even physically manifest here in humanoid-like bodies, but at the same time they are always connected to their own level of existence, totally distinct from ours. They need nourishment in order to exist, just as we need nourishment from plant and animal food; and what they consume is the emotional detritus of our thoughts of things relating to all the excitement, hullabaloo and melodrama of our busy lives. The O.J. Simpson trial and more recently the World Trade Center are perfect examples of the emotional seeds that they plant. Let me quote Mr. Baines, if I may:

"This fruit is rapidly 'reaped' by certain beings who are on a much higher evolutionary scale than the human being; veritable gods of space, who profit from human efforts, but in turn fulfill certain cosmic functions and occupy an important position in the universal economy. These beings have been mentioned previously: they are the Archons of Destiny.

"We could also refer to them as Gods of the Zodiac, as they direct and govern human existence on this planet. When we talk of true astrology, this refers not to 'radiations' from a determined planet, but to the influence of the Zodiacal gods, each one of which (there are 72 in all) has personal and defined characteristics, influencing the people they control in a strange way. All the inhabitants on Earth are under the sway of one or more of these gods, who regulate, shape and direct the destiny of humanity, but not the destiny of the Hermeticist, who attains at a certain moment his vital autonomy, releasing himself from the mandate of the Archons.

"The Archons of Destiny are terrifying beings, not because they are evil, but due to their cold and inexorable severity in the manipulation of sapiens. If we were to establish a symbol for these beings, no doubt they would be depicted with a whip in their hands, a hair shirt with which they chastise humanity in order to ensure their progress, although during this evolution may be imperceptible during our earthly time. These hidden judges provoke, for example, pitilessly, a world war in which millions of people die. For them, these dead are of no more importance than that assigned by sapiens to the thousands of animals they sacrifice daily in order to feed.

"Sapiens, in his severe fight for existence and in his various relations with the natural and social environments which surround him, inevitably experiences all kinds of tribulations, sufferings, deceptions and other experiences, both pleasant and unpleasant. As a consequence, his emotional and nervous systems develop certain corporeal but extremely powerful elements which 'abandon' the human body in the form of vibrations (everything vibrates; matter is only vibratory energy). These vibrations are transmitted through antennae incorporated in the biological unit, which are oriented or synchronized to the frequency of the Archons, who 'reap' this power and use it for purposes we cannot divulge, again stating that they accomplish a cosmic function.

"It is thus that sapiens is unwittingly stripped of the most noble product he has produced, the final distillate of human experience; the broth in which lies the blood, the soul and the life itself of the individual. The individual lived for this, suffered, loved, enjoyed, worked, constructed, went to war, studied, investigated, only in order to prepare the golden broth of his life. We must understand that the Central Computer only exists in relation to the Archons of Destiny as an instrument to control sapiens.

"The object of life, the reason for which sapiens was created, is not for him to enjoy life in the garden of the Lord, but only as a pawn in his vineyards, a worker so perfect he can act as cultivator and food at the same time.

"If man could prevent his golden broth from being stolen, with this vital product he could become equal to the gods, rapidly evolving upon integrally using the products from the chemical laboratory of his physical body. This is exactly what is done by the student of Hermeticism, who is transitorily freed by the Archons of Destiny. Said individual, by virtue of his understanding and responsibility, has no need of an overseer with whip in hand to oblige him to evolve through suffering, as he takes responsibility for his evolution into his own hands, and if he deems it necessary submits himself to the same temporary suffering in order to attain eternal happiness. This is in contrast to the profane or worldly person who chooses fleeting enjoyment at the expense of 'eternal' suffering.

"If the student fails or turns aside from his path, taking advantage of his temporary freedom, the Archons again take him under their control, punishing him very severely.

"From another point of view, we can see how certain countries are chosen by the Archons for veritable 'martyrdom.' Furthermore, do not believe that this suffering is futile, as such a sacrifice generally brings about a moral, material, spiritual and intellectual revival of the population by virtue of the law of suffering. Thus it is after wars that we notice a rapid revival toward a higher state. Wars are a high price to pay for evolution, for they could have been avoided had there been sufficient 'clear-headed people' in the world the masses would have been willing to follow.

"No more revealing of secrets which are hidden from sapiens! Let us spread a cloak of silence on this subject in order to comply with the mandate of the esoteric sphinx who demands silence. Speech and silence are two swords which must be handled with sublime skill in order not to disrupt universal harmony. Those who have 'eyes to see' will understand everything not stated in the written word, but in the cryptic language of the initiate. For those not in this state, it is best that they understand nothing and continue sweetly sleeping. Ultimately, the Archons run no risk of a 'bad harvest' from a possible rebellion of sapiens. For sapiens is too blind to see where danger really is found.

"It is sad to observe the tremendous limitation of sapiens, who shuts himself up in the small world of stereotypes, of knowledge, all learned by rote, of imitation and devices of compensation and defense.

"His mental infirmity prevents him from realizing how small is the cubicle which imprisons him. And, thus, with a mind made up in advance, he accepts, condemns or tolerates without bothering to further analyze intelligently the situations with which he is faced."

A year or so after reading this book, I happened upon a New Age bookstore in a neighborhood of Dallas strange to me. I'd stopped by to say hello to the friend of a friend. I ended up buying several books -- she was fortunately having a sale -- and one of the books was enticingly titled "Who Were You?" by J. Maya Pilkington and the Diagram Group. It consists of some most fascinating tidbits of information, plus a series of exams one can take to help determine one's reincarnational sequence. Let me quote from an item on page 72!

"The Spirits of Solomon -- There are 72 demon spirits listed in the Lemegeton, a text incorrectly attributed to King Solomon. Each demon is horrible to behold and is represented by a sigil (or seal) which is used by a conjuror to invoke the powers of the demon. For example, Vepar is the demon of the sea and can be invoked to cause tidal waves, storms, shipwrecks and similar disasters.

"Each demon has special powers which can be conjured by the magician who knows the appropriate rituals. Biune will give knowledge of foreign tongues and produce earthquakes on request. Bifrons confers the power of invisibility while Zagan brings wealth. Others give medicinal knowledge while the demon Gamgyn will bring back souls from the dead for interrogation."

One can fairly safely venture the opinion that these 72 demons of the Lemegeton are the 72 Archons of Destiny described by Mr. Baines.

And here is a related quote from "The Sirius Mystery" by Robert K.G. Temple, page 96:

"In the 'Descent of Ishtar to the Nether World' the Anunnaki are described as being brought forth (they are referred to as if they were stuffed animals being brought out of a closet, dusted off, and displayed in a taxidermists' contest) and seated on thrones of gold. Once more the throne concept appears. It seems all the Anunnaki ever do is sit and be symbolic.

"Good little Anunnaki, like poodles, sit and smile at Anu. They are never given personalities, poor fellows. I might mention that in this story the nether world is described as having seven gates leading to seven successive rooms (or caves). It is obvious that the period of seventy days during which Sirius was 'in the underworld' to the Egyptians led to a breaking down of the seventy days into ten-day weeks, each with a god, giving seven gods. But these seven gods of the underworld must not have personalities lest there be the distraction of personal qualities to detract from the purely numerical significance of the concept. And of course the seven rooms of the seven gods are successive, leading from 'week' to 'week' until Sirius again rises. So we see yet another essential link between the early Sumerian concepts and the Egyptian concepts. When will Professor Neugebauer take notice of this and cease ruminating among the late Babylonians and Persians?"

If we don't count Ex-Emperor Alalu and Ex-Empress Lilitu in the bunch, there are 22 major "arcana" in the Nibiruan Nefilim Hierarchy, one of whom - Dumuzi - is dead, leaving 21. Obviously by now, Dumuzi's slot would have been filled by another male from the ranks of the Anunnaki, bringing the number back up to 22.

According to Robert Temple, there are 50 Anunnaki who "sit like poodles, smiling at Anu". If we substract 50 from 72, we are left with 22 other "Archons, sitting on thrones of gold". Are these 22 "Archons" the other 22 major players from the Planet Nibiru's hierarchy?

Once again the evidence seems to point to the Planet Nibiru as the abode of these terrifying Archons of Destiny, who rule with their merciless logic.

How does one know if one has successfully "escaped the clutches" of these Archons? When you realize that you have become at least partially detached from planetary realities, you are on your way to escaping.

In publications from Leading Edge Research, there is often found mention of Mega-Arkons who pass along secret bits of information to their "co-conspirators" here on Earth. Occasionally they are referred to quite humorously. These, too, are the Archons of Destiny. In the magnificent book "Matrix IV: The Equivideum" by Val Valerian and Michael Topper, published by Leading Edge, there is a long dissertation by Drunvalo Melchizedek titled "The Flower of Life Paradigm".

I wish to quote something Drunvalo had to say. It will share his view of the state of detachment or escape noted above.

"Consider the idea of not resisting what you perceive to be evil -- if you resist you give it power -- to do otherwise gives you power. The higher levels of what these guys are doing or not doing is not going to make any difference if you leave and go into another world. It is not going to make any difference. There is not much they can do about it anyway. All you can do is keep working on the positive and not try to resist and stop what you perceive to be negative. This kind of stuff might have people screaming in the streets if it became public knowledge.

"At this point, you almost have to live a double life. You have to pay your bills, do your job, etc., as though nothing is going to happen; at the same time you have to inwardly prepare for this. The ideas of building underground shelters for food are not going to do much either, any more than trying to get off the planet. It would not hurt to have food, but it's not going to 'save' you. It's who you are, your character and what you are doing that is going to matter.

"The dimensional change is going to be a lot easier than everyone probably suspects. The experiment on Earth relative to this upcoming dimensional shift has really affected everything. What 'normally' occurs in these kind of transformations -- it may not happen exactly that way -- though it might. We are in the 'end times of Revelations' of this planet as we now know it."