Subject: Taking Time
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 10:33:39 -0400 (EDT)
From: (Redwood Mary)

I hope in the midst of all that presses for your time-- you will take a moment to relish the meaning of this beautiful piece of writing:


The only way we can save our planet and make people, all beings, and our environment our top priority, is by sharing our truth and our spiritual knowledge and by living in our truth and our intuition, and by coming into balance, internally and externally.

This is a tremendous goal, with enormous potential. Join or create groups of like-minded people. To meditate and pray in groups is very powerful. Pass your ideas around, start this momentum in your circle. By talking about heart things, you find others open up and share their heart, and circles widen and widen. There are no leaders in this work, it is powerful individuals acting together from their heart. And if you don't feel powerful now, you will. This is not about power over, but power with, empowering ourselves and others. This is truly a shift in how power has manifested in the past to control, manipulate, enslave. The time is past for that, and we can each individually make that change for ourselves and for others; embodying love, compassion, imagination, creativity, flexibility, generosity. By invoking qualities, stating we want them in our lives, and asking the spiritual realm to aid and support us, they come.

Through the act of nourishing ourselves, may all beings be nourished. May we be nourished by spiritual beings; may we in turn nourish them, making them a part of our life.

May all beings have shelter and enough to eat. May all beings develop and grow in love and compassion and tolerance.

May we celebrate our diversity and honour our similarities; we all want to be happy and fulfilled; none of us want to suffer or want others to suffer.

May we act to bring benefit to this world and all beings. May we learn to love and be gentle with ourselves and each other.

When problems arise, may we seek to understand what the other person is experiencing and develop open communication and compassion, know the situation is created by our misperceptions, miscommunications, misunderstandings and our conditioned, unconscious patterns.

May we respect and honour our home and take great care of it. To rape the earth, destroy the trees, plants and species of life is to violate and destroy our home. To pollute the earth and the air is to poison ourselves and all life. Let us make the decision to STOP.

May we grow and eat pure, natural foods that nourish the earth and nourish ourselves. May we take care of that which we can take care of and trust that others can learn to take care of themselves.

May no child be born ever again who is not a wanted child, who will not be loved and cherished and cared for.

May I never again abuse my body or my mind. May I experience tranquillity and the vastness of the potential of my mind, which I can only at present have glimpses of.

May I become the best, the highest, the truest of that which I have the potential to become - which is limitless.

May I become truly enlightened, that I may benefit all beings.

May there be an end to suffering and war and ignorance on this planet.

May I live from my heart, in unity with other hearts. And may I see and understand the great pain in so many beings, and may all wounds be healed.

May I with courage face that which I fear most, and come face to face with the weak, negated, repressed and distorted parts of myself; understanding that by moving fearlessly in this direction, asking and receiving help when I need it, standing alone when I need to do that, I will uncover the gold in the heart of my being, the Buddha and the beloved.

There are no rights and wrongs any more. No faults or blame. Only situations and events to be open to, to learn from and move on. No scapegoats, it's old hat. I can look at what I am experiencing, and ask: what can I do to change this and increase my understanding, compassion and love for all beings?

At the very least, I will endeavour to do as little harm as possible.

And I intend to become wise.

Wisdom comes from many sources and is unmistakable when it is heard. The wisdom that says "don"t let continue this confrontation - we are all guilty of creating it. How can we heal this?" The wisdom that leads to dialogue, to finding common interests, core agreements, in honesty and openness.

Who would ever have believed that Russia would make the first move to reduce nuclear arms? Why are all these developed nations continuing to make weapons and missiles?

Do you want them? Do I want them? Definitely NO. I wish this to be a weapon-free world. No verbal, mental, emotional, psychological weapons, and no physical, mechanical, lethal weapons. How to do it? Pray for it. Lay down your own weapons. Find the incredible strength that lies in exposing your vulnerabilities. Gandhi and thousands of Indians did it - and brought the British to their knees and out of their country. It is possible.

Oppressors everywhere are to be pitied, not feared. The time for fear is over. The time for all of us to become fully ourselves in the world is now. No more excuses or complaints, resistances or distractions. There is no-one to shift the blame to anymore. You have a unique talent to express in this lifetime and you are the only one who can potentialize it.

All you have to do is to start, with the decision to want to. Divine energies will come into your life to help, aid and assist you. But the momentum and desire for change starts with you.

If all the enlightened beings who ever existed could, with the power of their love and compassion, enlighten us, they would have done - we would all be enlightened. But it isn't possible, no-one can act for us. We are responsible for our own actions, no-one else.

Every day, may I be inspired to become more positive in my mind. May I with ever-increasing vigilance weed out the negatives as they arise. May my mind become ever more familiar in both the visible and invisible realities, and see the intrinsic purity, connectedness and interdependence of all things. May I comfortably live in both worlds, simultaneously, lightly and with joy.

And may many beautiful blessings come to you in every moment.

© 1998 Copyright by Jangchub Dolma

"We humans share this earth with thousands of other species. Humans can advocate for themselves. Spotted Owls, Coho, Steelhead, Marbled Murrlets, Point Arena Mt. Beaver, etc. cannot speak for themselves at hearings or in courtrooms. We are responsible for their extinction or survival. The choice belongs to humanity!"  Redwood Mary

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Forwarded to you in the Spirit of
Limitless Light, Love & Truth,