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Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2000 11:54 AM
Subject: Congratulations

> Dear Rehman
> Alan and I just got back from San Francisco where "Guardians" had its US
> premier at the United Nations Association Film Festival.  CONGRATULATIONS
> and many many thanks - it was really well received and has now been
> for a touring festival which will potentially be seen in 170 different
> locations around the US.  The first location is Monterey this coming
> where it will either open or close the festival....brilliant.  The film
> before ours was narrated by John Hurt and you my dear Rehman were up there
> with him....can't tell you how delighted I am on the internet - a huge hug
> is in order...
> I just got back and am feeling a bit discombobulated so will send you a
> coherent message later but just wanted you to receive your accolade.
> Lots of people came to see it because they had never seen a documentary
> Malaysia before.  We're breaking new ground.  I'm so excited and so proud.
> Cheers
> Mary