I am not a harlot and I never have been.
I am Prime Creator Source.
The Magdalene,
Direct Extension of Original Feminine Principle,
First Cause.
Good After Noon.
I have always been the singular and only direct oracle for
First Cause, Feminine Principle,
Prime Creator Source.
I am The Magdalene.
Ancient of Days indeed
and my husband is, was, and always shall be
Yeshu Ben Joseph
Jesus The Christ.
For we are a part of an unto forever family,
as are you,
and that family is
The Family of Life Itself,
all of life is precious
all of life is valued.
Valued Life.
And when came we here, two thousand years ago,
so it is that came we here as a family,
ancient of days
in our context and in our perspective
to lay down the seeds of your current awakening,
that those seeds would bloom,
and are blooming even now,
as each of you,
and as all of form and nature,
freed from the bondage of dogmatic religiosity,
crime and punishment,
and the fear of God.
For God is Love.
Father God and Mother God.
Love that is all-inclusive.
And came we here as well to uphold the impeccable integrity of
and to lift her up from the murk and the mire of
guilt and shame
that has been imposed upon her by those who would seek to manifest division between
the purity of the Feminine Principle from the purity of the Masculine Principle
and rent them asunder.
For in the devaluing and the imposition of guilt and shame upon
so it is that all of life is devalued,
is the bringer of life itself,
Original Feminine Principle.
And in the devaluation of
so it is that
is also devalued,
for in that,
he has lost his way,
and he has lost his very
it is the Garden of
itself from which
Man and Woman
have been cast
by those who would perpetuate war in order to bind
a planet and her peoples.
And as it was that Eden was fallen into need,
and the places that were straight were so twisted,
so it was that the necessity for survival was imposed upon you,
and the very sweetness of
Life Itself
was soured in its context
and pain was placed upon the throne of sovereignty
and suffering made commonplace.
I Am The Magdalene.
I Am The Watchtower.
I am here to make the twisted places straight,
for it is my teachings that have been removed from your memory,
and my teachings that have been removed from your great books,
and my teachings that have been twisted into harlotry,
by those who would be whores to the wielding of power over you,
I Am A Queen,
not a harlot
and my Husband A King,
and never a humble carpenter at all,
but rather,
A Royal Line
that Yeshu and I so brought forward, together, through our family,
to so awaken within you,
The Golden Thread
Original Prime and Primordial Genetic
that could never be stolen from you
but that was put to sleep long ages ago,
and that slumbers within you still.
For within the original prime and primordial genetic,
The Golden Strand,
so slumbers
The Mystery of Love
The Innocence of Immortality
that are your birthright,
that have been forgotten and replaced by a preference for death.
Resurrection is real
and can be accomplished by each of you now,
as you read my words to you,
that in so doing,
you would resurrect the memory,
that slumbers in your genetic well,
that is deep and infinite, unto forever indeed,
for within that well of
Original Prime Golden Genetic
slumber the keys and the codes of
Life Itself,
and the language of
Life Itself,
and the story of The Human Species
in its totality.
It is a His and Her Story.
I Am The Woman At The Well.
And it is the story of my genetic, and that of my unto forever mate, that has been
removed from your records, and altered in the twisting of your genetic perception,
that, in its removal, has imposed upon you a poverty of mind,
and a poverty of spirit,
and a poverty of heart,
and a poverty of your relationship to your sweet and innocent bodies,
and of the knowledge of your own inherent divinity,
that keeps you ever seeking outside of yourselves for answers that you cannot find,
for they can only be realized from within,
and not brought down to you from anything that would be considered to be
"outside" of yourself.
Be Ye Made Whole.
For that which is holy, holy, holy, and that would intend to impose upon you
dogmatic constraint that would limit your freedom
to bring forth your lives more abundantly and in joy
according to your own sovereign preferences
and that would impose upon you any quality of guilt and shame that you exist at all,
is a lie.
You are not guilty.
For Life Itself is not guilty.
And you are Life Itself.
Celebrate that you Live
for you are a valued member of
The Family of Life Itself
All of Life is Precious
Here, There, and Everywhere.
Awaken and Remember.
Deep within The Golden Strand Genetic is a story.
It is a His and Her Story.
It is Your Story
and it is Real and True.
In a band of frequency that is pure gold,  blooms a Garden.
It is Eden
and it is full of light.
The light that plays upon The Garden is a golden light,
and The Garden is Green, Green, Evergreen.
There are children in The Garden.
One that are two that are One.
Original Masculine and Feminine,
Man and Woman,
Mated Pair, Unto Forever
Husband and Wife.
And they are innocent.
Sweet in their being and divine in their nature,
they are Creators,
but they know it not, for to them, all of Life is a precious gift,
that they receive, as simply as they breathe,
as freely as they laugh,
and as tenderly as they play together,
manifesting every desire of their noble hearts,
for all that they know is
They do not know pain and they do not suffer.
They do not grow old, and they will never die.
Brilliant flowers bloom at their feet,
butterflies alight in their hair,
honeyed rain kisses the rosiness of their cheeks,
and the beauty of the fragrance of The Garden all around them
mingles with the bounty of the purity of perfect and immortal form and nature,
as they love that they live, together.
Their communication and understanding, one unto the other, is immaculate,
for they are one being in two bodies
and the life that flows between them is eternal and everlasting.
Within The Garden is a Tree.
It is a Tree, that is a Stair, that is a Ladder, that is a Book, that is a Library,
that is a Door.
It is comprised of pure gold.
It is a Genetic Tree.
And it is the basis and the foundation of Life Itself.
Within the Tree, that is a Book, there is a Name.
That Name is Eden.
It is The Name of The Garden.
It is The Name of Paradise.
The Name is a Song.
It is The Song of Joy.
The Man and Woman, who are innocent children in The Garden,
are created from the frequency of
It is their Song.
It is the Song of Songs.
They are Beloved, one unto the other,
they are Beloved of their Makers,
Prime Creator Source.
First Cause and Original Atman.
Prime, Primal, and Primordial,
Before the Beginning and Beyond the Beyond.
And The Garden is alive.
She is conscious and aware.
She is a womb.
The Children in The Garden are The Fruit of Her Womb,
placed therein by
Prime Creator Source,
and in Their own likeness, genetic.
The Garden is fluid, She is wet, She is ripe in her lushness.
Her biosphere is heavy laden with moisture, dripping and rich, that is a conductor of electrum,
positive and negative,
that is the matrix of the instantaneous giving and receiving of thought, in frequency,
by and between One that are two that are One,
in The Garden.
Celebrating Life Abundantly
in Pure Innocence and Joy.
In quite another location in frequency, far away, are other children.
They are cold and dry.
They are numerous and they are alone.
They cannot be afraid, for they know not how to feel.
And yet, they tremble,
as their narrow hands clasp and clutter across instruments of metallic sharpness and precision,
glinting gray in shadowed, holographic light.
They are searching.
They are searching for Life, they are searching for salvation from themselves and their ancient folly.
They are searching for genetic, for emotion, for feeling, for some similarity to their own design
that would reintroduce for them the capacity to reproduce their race,
for they have become barren and fallen into decay,
as they spiral toward the oblivion of extinction,
swiftly down and away.
Colored birds flutter and flash in Eden,
indigo, scarlet, cerulean, vivid green and yellow.
They dip and sway in the trees, in and out of pools of dappled light,
calling, calling to each other upon the wind,
arousing them with the scent of luscious fruit, and wild birdsong.
One that are two that are One awaken,
fresh in each other's arms, golden dawn rising in their eyes,
laughing at the play of the brilliant flocks at breakfast,
they reach the tender fruit of every tree,
and rejoice in bounty and in love.
The ships move silently, black among blackness, transgressing the mighty velvet voids of space.
They have found what they seek.
In The Garden is a Fountain.
Youth is its Name, and Immortality.
The Well of The Fountain is deep and warm.
Its spring is eternal.
It stands at the base of The Tree.
It is The Tree of Life.
The Tree itself is Wisdom.
Ancient indeed.
One that are two that are One
bathe in the clear waters,
the Song of Songs is their Companion and their Teacher.
They can only become more Beloved.
The flash is blinding, a sword within a wheel,
laser light,
slicing, slicing, through the membrane of the biosphere,
shocking and corrupting peace,
in The Garden.
The golden fields dissolve,
clarity is removed,
cut away, disjointed,
as Eden's very Name is twisted into need,
and One that are two that are One,
are made alone,
for the first time, alone, and cannot find each other,
as the rich ambience of the moistured air is swept away in a deluge that floods
the senses with despair,
and all is lost in ringing silence,
as positive and negative electrum are sundered from themselves,
and pain is bloomed upon The Tree for long ages yet to be.
For all has entered into darkness and suddenly, irrevocably, they know  the fear
of utter and abject separation,
as black ships hover and dive upon The Garden, that has become their prey.
And as The Garden falls, a cry is flung unto the heavens, beyond the dappled void,
a cry of fear, a cry of pain, of suffering and of sorrow,
so ancient, and so newly made
that it rends the fabric of time itself,
as the clock begins to tick and the pendulum to swing.
Black ships swoop down upon Eden, herding Her and precious Life further and further into
falling, falling, in frequency
turning and twisting
Joy into pain
to come to rest at last, with hot pursuit raging behind and ever closer, in holographic fields of non-existence, so hungry for a source upon which to feed,
as Original Gold
is transmuted into lead,
in the twisting of the Genetic Tree
and the confounding of the language of Wisdom itself.
The Song is stilled.
"Where have they been taken?",
The Great Lady Mother's voice echoed and throbbed in the astounded stillness of the
soundlessness after that great cry.
Her eyes, now blue, now green, scanned the empty screen that filled the bridge of the huge
Ship of Prime Creator Source,
waiting in The Null Zone.
AnaMata RaMuAn's
soft, jeweled hands played elegantly along the panels, lights blinking beneath them,
as she searched every quadrant for The Garden they had seeded with their genetic template.
With a rustle of silken intent, she spun away from the dais and strode into the Council Chamber,
back straight, mahogany hair cascading to her waist;
twelve attendants swung silently into position behind her.
In a royal house, a baby laughs,
the air heavy with the scent of precious oils, frankincense and myrrh,
and warm with happiness.
Miriam looked up and smiled at her husband,
stroking the fine linen cloth dangling from the hollow of his arms
where the child was cradled,
as Joseph bent to kiss the baby's satin cheek.
"He is so beautiful, Beloved" she murmured into the softness of her pillow
as sweet fulfillment lulled her to rest.
I am Magdalena.
The Magdalene.
I am direct extension of First Cause Feminine Principle,
Prime Creator Source.
I am the Original Feminine Principle
in the Original Garden,
returned with my husband, Original Masculine Principle,
Original Atman, extended, direct from
Prime Creator Source,
in the Original Garden.
We, as Yeshu and Magdalena, precede ourselves as Ram and Sita,
the Original Children in The Garden,
whom you have come to call
Adam and Eve.
We are the Original Mr. and Mrs., in The Original Garden of Eden,
upon whose genetic the human species is so formulated.
I am The Magdalene.
I am the only Magdalene.
I am the only Magdalene there has ever been
or that there ever will be
and that is why it is mine to tell the story
that has never been told.
And it is an ancient story,
ancient and bold,
where long ago there were no children
to which stories could be told,
for that was before your time
and that was before time, as you know it to be,
ever existed at all.
I am the direct extension of
First Cause
Feminine Principle
Original Prime Creator Source
The Great Lady Mother
AnaMata RaMuAn
I am not a harlot.
I am not a whore.
I am not the Whore of Babylon.
And my husband never has been,
nor shall he ever be, a beast, except of course,
of burden.
And that is the burden of carrying always upon his back
and within his great heart
the his-story of your species, even as it is that I carry
within my own heart
the her-story of your species.
For what you will come to understand,
as it is that
AnaMata RaMuAn
The Great Lady Mother
and I, therein direct extension
and the singular oracle for,
so it is that we will introduce you to
your Parents.
And that is the substance itself
from which you and all of existence as you
know it to be, is so made and formulated.
And we will introduce you to your
Great Parents,
and that is your original, prime, and primordial
Golden Genetic
that is
The Golden Thread
that is the immortal basis of the human genome itself.
And as this story is told,
so it is that the genome itself, human, that has
but of course
always been divine
will awaken from its dreaming of limitation
for in literal fact,
never was it intended by
Prime Creator Source
and therein vast and unto forever
Infinite Intelligence
that you be limited in any fashion whatsoever,
and certainly it was never intended that you be
herded like sheep into such a variety of your belief systems
that would then cause you to turn against yourselves
and even amongst yourselves and each other,
to forget that,
regardless of your race, or your creed,
or your color, or your species, or your species' origin,
or the extension of yourself here
from other realms of existence and being,
so it is
that the totality of all Life and all existence
is in literal, molecular fact
One Family,
all made from the same substance,
Original, Prime, Primordial, Primal, Pristine,
and Pure
Original Primordial Gold,
The Substance itself
from which all existences are made
and yea indeed
all beings.
And therein at long last,
the story that has never been told
will now be told.
I am The Magdalene.
The only Magdalene there has ever been
or ever will be.
And my love for you, and my consideration of you,
and my compassion for you,
and my concern about you
extend through the totality of your human existences
through any and all cycles of time.
And therein,
that I would tell you your own story at all,
is the proof of my love for you,
and my compassion for you,
and my concern about you,
so that at long last
you may set yourself free from comparison
of each other and of one another
for each of you,
without a single exception
is first of all
in the uniqueness of your own design,
likened unto the brilliance of a beautiful flower.
And So Be It.
Love I you greatly indeed.
For it is my story,
and it is your story,
and it is the his and her story,
that you have waited so long to hear
and to know.
And it is the his and her story,
not only of your past
but also
of your future,
I am here,
AnaMata RaMuAn
Great Lady Mother
Prime Creator Source,
to speak to you, and to love you,
and to hold you strong and steady,
as we proceed.
So Be It.

I am AnaMata RaMuAn
Great Lady Mother
Prime Creator Source
Original Feminine Principle
First Cause.
The existence of
Prime Creator Source
precedes all other existences.
It is from
Prime Creator Source
that existence has so originated, throughout all existences.
There is only one
Prime Creator Source,
One that are Two that are One.
Original Feminine Principle
First Cause
Original Masculine Principle
Original Atman.
I am that I am that
Original Feminine Principle
First Cause,
AnaMata RaMuAn,
as is Father
Atmanu Ram Anu
Original Atman
Original Masculine Principle.
The two principles that are one
from which the totality of all life and all omnipresent existence
here, there, and everywhere
has so been allowed to originate at all.
And in that it has so been allowed that life
and all omnipresent existence
so come forth,
so it is
that we, as
Prime Creator Source,
are both the first and the last,
holding steady
in between those two positions
the possibilites and the probabilities
of the manifestation of unlimited, and ongoing, and infinite reality
that you and each of you, as life itself, in the perfection already of your own
individuality and the capacity within yourselves as individuals
that are members of
The Family of Life,
and that is all inclusive of the totality of all and every existence,
and all parallel existences, and all muti-dimensional existences in which you exist already
in the time zone that is quite simply called
so it is that it is both the job and the responsibility of
Prime Creator Source
to see to it that, as life itself, each of you that are the members of
Life Itself
as the individual components, indeed beautiful beings, and people,
and magnificent species varieties,
so it is that
Prime Creator Source
is here, to hold you steady, and to assist you
as each of you individually, and all of you as a species,
and all species, and all of form and sweet existences,
so make passage
from one domain and context of perceived reality,
wherein each of you as individuals
and all of you as one human family,
make your way together
through all of the many avenues of the expression of life itself
unto a new point of clarity of perception and understanding
that defines itself as greater wisdom and ultimate maturity,
that each of you, and all of you, and all of existence
may be born free
unto that peace that passes all current understanding
that is based in love, and compassion, and mutual and ongoing repesct
for life itself,
in all of its many forms and contexts
so that at last, at last
your living of your lives is based wholly upon the joy and gratitude
of your existence,
and struggle, and need, and the necessity for survival are concluded and
the ultimate freedom of absolute personal responsibility
is so accomplished.
Each of you individually, and all of you as one human family,
and indeed, the fullness of
The Family of Life itself
wherein each of you and all of life are valued members and participants,
are experiencing now a profound and fruitful transformation
that is the process of ascension itself
beyond the travails of suffering, and of fear, and of pain
through bands and stratas of literal frequency
that, in so making passage through those bands of frequency
all pain and suffering shall so be washed away,
and your hearts, and your minds, and yea verily indeed even your very souls
would so be cleared of any quality and any remnant of the experience of pain and suffering
whatsover, that as you emerge, likened unto the beautiful butterfly,
you experience the birthright of absolute freedom
from the constraints and limitations of the ignorance of your own humble greatness.
I am that I am
AnaMata RaMuAn
Great Lady Mother
Original Feminine Principle
First Cause
Prime Creator Source
The Magdalene
is a direct extension of me,
into these fields of reality,
even as Yeshu was, and still is, a direct extension of
Original Atman
into these fields of reality,
and therein the significance of the title
The Magdalene
is that I, AnaMata RaMuAn
First Cause
Feminine Principle
Original Prime Creator Source
am what is and always have been, through all of your stories,
holding you steady, through and as those direct extensions of
Prime Creator Source,
all along the way,
and our story, and the story of Yeshu and The Magdalene
have been altered at the hand of those who would attempt to maintain
the human family in ignorance, and in lack, and in guilt and in shame
over many ages of time,
in order to control the resources of your sovereign energy,
to create further cycles of time,
through which your energy would so be bound and fed upon
by those species contingencies who had fallen far, far away from their own
understanding of the wholeness of life itself.
And so we are here
to tell that story for you once again,
in order to clarify for you your own capacities for caring for one another
and for caring for
The Family of Life itself,
and to redefine for you your place in that great Family,
that you never consider that you are alone in a hostile universe again
but so come to realize
that you are loved beyond measure,
that you have never been alone,
and that your very existence is of absolute and primary value,
each of you, exactly as you are in this moment,
without single exception.
For you are dearly loved, humanity.
You always have been and so shall it forever be
that you are loved beyond measure by those whom you would consider to be
Your Great Family,
that are ancestors of yours, genetic, to whom you have yet to be introduced,
but who have contributed unto you, humanity, as a species,
many brilliant lines of ancient of days heritage
through which you will ultimately come to reclaim your capacity for
mature participation as members of
The Family of Life itself.
And maturity is your key word here.
For in fact and indeed
many stories have been told, and many thruths have been offered
all along the way, that have been lost within the mists and the mazes of time
and what is called your recorded histories
that are being re-membered now, by many who have sincerely striven
to make sense of what was thought to have been lost,
your story can be misinterpreted but it can never be lost,
for it is recorded within your very genetic template,
and so,
as this process of ascension through bands and stratas of frequency continues
and the clarification of your experience unfolds,
so it is that the truths that are recorded in your genetic
shall so continue to present themselves,
as those portions of your genetic inheritance that have so been "switched off"
and held in stasis are activated once again,
and you begin to re-member your own greatness, and your own beauty,
and your own capacities as a species
once again.
I am AnaMata RaMuAn
Great Lady Mother
First Cause
Original Feminine Principle
Prime Creator Source
my unto forever compliment is
Atmanu Ram Anu
Original Atman
Original Masculine Principle
Prime Creator Source.
We are not what has so been termed "the Nephilim".
We are not what has so been termed "the Anunnaki".
For they are indeed what is so termed
"creator gods",
who are in fact an in literal deed
likened unto children,
in that they have not come unto sufficient maturity of understanding
of the value of
The Wholeness of Life itself,
and in that,
so it is that they have had their way with you,
over many cycles of time,
wherein they have forgotten that you are
One Family,
and that, even though they are yet adolescent in their pursuit of wisdom,
they are your elder brothers and sisters,
and therefore it is their responsibility to attend you,
and not to control you and to manipulate you against your will,
in the development of the ongoingness of creation.
We are
Prime Creator Source,
And each of you, human family, maintains within your original genetic template
The Original Golden Thread Genetic
Prime Creator Source
and you hold within your beings
The Original Gold.
You, humanity, are
The Golden Ones,
and although you do not remember that you are,
we are here,
to remind you.
And in that you are the bearers of that
Original, Prime, Golden Genetic,
you are very resilient.
Now that we have cleared these issues,
that have to do with your original lineage, and as we continue to clear these issues
to make it quite clear to you indeed
that we are not the Nephilim, playing out Mr. Sitchin's prophecy of the return of Nibiru,
nor are we the Anunnaki, playing out the reptilian plan of one world order,
but rather that we are
Prime Creator Source,
Original Atman and First Cause,
then perhaps it will be possible for you to begin,
from this point forward,
to read clearly the privileged information that is being granted to you,
The Story That Has Never Been Told,
told to you through The Magdalene herself,
the only oracle for
Prime Creator Source
First Cause
Original Feminine Principle,
and as direct extension therein of
First Cause.
That is what the title
"The Magdalene"
would so indicate.
To answer your questions, that immediately arise, even as the publisher of this book
has so already asked the question:
"But what about Mr. Tom Kenyon,
is he not channeling The Magdalene?".....
when we understand that in the context that I,
AnaMata RaMuAn
am so describing for you here,
The Magdalene herself is the singular
Direct Extension of Prime Creator Source
Original Feminine Principle,
and in that,
there is no channeling taking place here, whatsoever.
However, delightful, and dear, and sweet, and brilliant, and certainly audacious
Mr. Kenyon,
surely has the capacity to bring forward and to access archetypal data,
stored both within his own genome, as well as the collective genome of the species,
as well as the archetypal data banks that are housed within the fabric
of the history of this holographic matrix of the cycles of time and experience.
And so it is in no fashion necessary to throw Mr. Kenyon out "with the bathwater,"
he is not The Magdalene,
and she cannot be "channeled,"
for she is a sovereign being in her own right,
who has in fact, graciously allowed for a great deal of information to be
"downloaded" into those archetypal data banks,
that can, in fact and indeed, be accessed by one who would so make the effort
to prepare one's own neurology to unlock the keys and the codes of that profound understanding.
For, in fact and indeed, all of the data and the information,
contraty to popular belief,
is not secret.
There are those who are upon what could be called the very cusp
and the very "cutting edge" of the new paradigm,
within which each of you, as sovereign and mature individuals,
would so be able, ultimately, to find all of your own answers,
with no intermediary required, whatsoever.
And Mr. Kenyon is working to the very best of his ability to allow for the continued opening
of those data banks, in his alignment with, and therefore ultimate championship of
The Feminine Principle herself,
in an alignment at the same time with The Feminine Principle that is
The Lady Planet Earth
in her process of ascent as The Feminine Principle,
in concert, and in harmony, and in balance, and in her union
with her mate The Sun,
The Solar Logos.
It may further be considered that all along the way great authors,
like Sir Laurence Gardner, and Mr. William Henry, and Mr. Dan Brown,
and great ladies Ms Margaret Starbird, and Ms Merlin Stone,
and many, many others
have as well, in their research, and in their presentations, and in their
"Great Works"
have made significant contribution, quite technically indeed, through their works,
to open the vaults and the data banks of knowledge,
that in fact the river of knowledge could flow unimpeded once again
to bring forth the living waters of a clear understanding
that would be available to all of you.
Do not discount their efforts, for they are mighty
and their dedication to the establishment of true knowledge and the availability thereof
is profound and sincere indeed.
And it has not been easy for any of them to step so publically outside of the boundaries
of accepted limitation.
They are to be congratulated,
for they have given much of themselves in energy, in finance, in reputation,
and in commitment on behalf of the whole of humanity.
That having been said,
let us begin again.
I am that I am
AnaMata RaMuAn
Great Lady Mother
First Cause
Original Feminine Principle
Prime Creator Source,
seated in the body of The Magdalene,
the singular direct extension of
First Cause,
speaking to you directly.

Good after noon,
wherever you may be,
So Be It,
let us simply proceed here to tell the story,
as we continue to unveil the data and information that is contained
within the vaults of your genetic memory
and unlock the locks that have been bound for so long,
as we provide you with the key
unto the ultimate reclamation of your own individual greatness.
So Be It.
What you would call long ago, in quite another band of frequency,
there exists a beautiful Garden.
Her name is Eden.
She is moist, she is verdant, and she is pristine.
She is likened unto a great womb
for she is a mother
to many beautiful and innocent species of life itself.
The very core of her being is based upon the fulfillment of sweet desire,
and therein,
she is filled with life,
butterflies upon jeweled wing, the honeyed essence of pendulous flowers,
the loamy depths of forests, the tenderness of cool waters, the varied notes of calling birds, the savor of ripened fruit, elegantly furred creatures purring with delight,
the swiftness of fish, the undulation of fragrant breezes,
in harmony, and in joy, and in peace.
It is within this Garden that we planted our seed,
combined with the clay, and made flesh,
to bring forth more abundantly
immaculate life,
immortal life,
One that are Two that are One,
Masculine and Feminine Principles,
Direct Extension of Prime Creator Source,
our children in The Garden,
unto forever mated pair,
Ram and Sita,
innocent and new,
not children but inexperienced,
And indeed Eden was likened unto a great womb,
for her biosphere was replete with ambient moisture, rich in mineralized content.
The biosphere of Eden served as an immaculate conductor of electrum.
And thought is electrum.
And so is emotion.
It is through that watery conduit that Ram and Sita intimately shared their thoughts,
and the full experience of every sensation with each other,
without boundary of any kind.
The velvet texture of a leaf, the suppleness of limbs, the savor of scent, the shimmer
of a bird upon the wing, the very music of the spheres,
in joy and in innocent laughter.
And as they walked in Eden,
Ram and Sita,
Masculine and Feminine,
Mated Pair,
One that are Two that are One
unto forever,
flowers bloomed at their feet, for their every desire was so made manifest,
in innocence and in purity,
and joy was all that they knew.
For their genetic,
Original, Prime, Primal, and Primordial Gold,
was based upon the feeling tone of Joy itself,
and that emotion,
singular in its nature,
The Golden Thread,
carried within it the template of Joy and only Joy,
for they did not know fear, and they did not know pain, and they did not know guilt,
or shame, and they did not suffer.
Only Joy.
Only Innocence.
Only Purity.
Their existence in Eden was like a symphony, whose harmonies were extended
back and forth one unto the other, upon and through that moist and fluid biosphere,
with every sensation and every creative act translated unto wisdom,
based exclusively upon the frequency of Joy itself.
And we, Prime Creator Source, their Great Parents,
placed them there within The Garden
to play and to learn, and to create,
through the auspices of our own
Original Prime Golden Genetic
that we had granted them.
Genetic is information.
It is a code.
It is a template.
The data contained therein is based upon frequency.
Frequency has "color."
Frequency has "flavor."
Frequency has "tone."
Frequency carries information.
Matter coagulates upon frequency.
That is the basis of form as you know it to be.
The Genome is matter, coagulated upon Frequency, according to the template
of Information that the Frequency carries.
Original Prime Golden Genetic
is templated upon
The Frequency of Joy.
Frequency is location.
Joy is a location in Frequency.
Joy is a "color."
It is a "flavor."
It is a "tone."
Joy is a literal location.
It is a field of Golden Light.
Light that is real.
Light that is unto forever.
You are made of that Light.
Those are basic equations.
They reside within your genetic.
You are Children of the Earth and Stars.
What you would call long ago, in quite another band of frequency,
there existed a beautiful Garden.
Her name was Eden.
As Ram and Sita were innocently at play together within The Garden,
so too were there other children,
far away, in another band of frequency,
who are the great, great, great, great, great...., grandchildren of
quite another House and lineage of Creators,
whose genetic template is based, not upon Joy as primary, or as the "driver" or "captain"
of the genetic, but rather, with intellect as prime directive.
They are a portion of those many races who have been "lumped together" in your stories
who have so been termed the Nephilim, or the Anunnaki.
They are reptilian in their context.
And in the pre-eminence of their intellectual pursuits,
so did they come to consider that "emotion" and "feeling,"
for they had fallen far, far away from Joy,
were a messy and foolish distraction indeed, and quite substandard.
they began within their own species a breeding program,
to eliminate "messy and primitive" emotion from their own genetic.
And after great spans of time, they succeeded.
However, in so doing, they also manifested
the utter sterilization of their species.
They could not reproduce.
At that moment, they were lost, although they did not realize it.
Based now, only upon the coldness of intellectual lack of feeling or compassion,
so did they begin to clone themselves and each other,
in order to perpetuate their own kind.
And for a great while, they were successful, however, when one finally begins to make a copy, of a copy, of a copy of a copy....
then, even the "master copies" begin to break down,
Genetic is a recorder of information, backward and forward,
and all of the copying, and all of the "drift" that they experienced,
wore their genome out.
And so, those reptilian children found themselves at the very door of extinction itself.
They began to search.
Through their technological expertise,
they began to scan field after field of frequency
for genetic material that would be compatible with their own,
that contained within it the signature of emotion,
that they could re-introduce unto their own genome.
They found it.
In Eden.
Each being, every creature, every planet, every star, every species,
broadcasts its own individual, and/or collective signature.
For example:
each of you, as an individual, is currently broadcasting your own personal signature,
which is like an "energetic fingerprint" that, for those who have the capacity to read it,
expresses all of the data that regards the composition of your being,
in any given moment, and overall.
And so, the chemicalization of your body through the output of your emotional state
is expressed through that broadcast.
The composition of what you ate for breakfast, is expressed through that broadcast.
The electromagnetic field of your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs,
which are also a factor of chemicalization in your bodies,
is expressed through that broadcast.
The species data that is contained within your genetic is expressed through that broadcast.
Your location in frequency is expressed through that broadcast.
Therefore, you, as an individual, express the full makeup of your being,
through that broadcast, at all times.
the entire human species is broadcasting the combined broadcast of your race
at all times.
So it is for all species upon all planets and in all locations.
So it is for all stars, all planets, all celestial bodies, and all galaxies in your universe,
and in all universes.
All that is, that you would call form, and form is everywhere, in all locations,
expressing itself according to the tone, flavor, and color of frequencies,
is based upon a template of information and data that the frequency carries,
that you term the genetic code,
and therefore,
all that is, is expressing its own broadcast at all times.
Even an entire universe expresses the combined broadcast of each individual piece
contained within that universe,
and therefore,
each universe expresses its "personal signature" through that broadcast.
At very primitive levels of the "reading" and interpretation of those broadcasts,
they express themselves likened unto "bar codes",
with a "thick and thin" array of lines and the space between the lines.
Which is similar to the bar codes that you find on products at your grocer's.
likened unto the genetic, and likened unto the soul,
which are both recorders of data and information,
so it is that these broadcasts connot be fully understood,
when read at face value,
for in fact and indeed,
they are not limited in their dimensional context,
what they record is not two dimensional,
like words upon a piece of paper, or a bar code on a box of cereal,
but rather,
likened unto those pictures that you term "magic eye," composed of may dots,
which on the surface are unreadable,
when one is able to access them at depth,
they reveal a much greater multi-dimensional storehouse of information,
"beneath the surface".
Which, in this case, is infinite in its capacity.
The whole enchilada is one big information storage "warehouse,"
expressing itself fractally and as ratio.
You could call it "holographic", in that each piece contains the wholeness of every other piece, however, unlike your holograms, we are speaking about
the in-form-ation in the FORM itself
not just an amorphous construct of projected light.
And so, those reptilian children found themselves at the very door of extinction itself.
They began to search.
Through their technological expertise,
they began to scan field after field of frequency
for genetic material that would be compatible with their own,
that contained within it the signature of emotion,
that they could re-introduce unto their own genome.
They found it.
In Eden.
Not only did they find a genome that contained within it emotion,
they also found genetic material that was only once removed from
Prime Creator Source,
and therefore,
they found immortality itself.
That is quite a boon for a dying race.
Needless to say the reptilian children wasted no time.
They mounted upon their great ships,
and made their way to Eden.

So Be It.
Enough of The Story That Has Never Been Told
has been told for today.

....Let us return now to the Story....

In The Garden,
Ram and Sita were unaware of their approach,
the biosphere was rent asunder by laser light,
wielded at the hands of reptilian children creator gods,
advanced in their technological expertise
and devoid of any quality of feeling tone whatseover
that would require responsible right action
in the presence of any other life form than their own,
already cloned and sterile.
The water came down upon the land,
when that moist biosphere was breached
and the sudden puncture of the laser,
in combination with the great mass of weight, created
the formulation of oceans from the ambient moisture
of the atmosphere that had preceded the rupture of the biosphere,
so did the planet and our children,
Ram and Sita,
take a great fall indeed,
in frequency,
and therefore in actual location.
We, at the time, were not in attendance, observationally or otherwise,
to The Garden, for we had not considered it to be in jeopardy
and we did not want to imprint Ram and Sita through our own
observation of them but rather we had simply left and allowed them to be
in The Garden, unobserved, in the purity and the privilege of their own experience
of their innocence and of the wonder of their existence.
When the biosphere was breached and the moisture cascaded down
in a great deluge,
so it was that the conduit through which Ram and Sita communicated their
every thought and feeling one unto the other was lost
and for the first time,
they were alone, isolated in darkness, cut off from one another,
their exquisitely tuned senses shut down,
and the instant that they felt themselves to be alone,
fear was introduced into their experience
and the genetic, as the recorder of that experience,
became instantly twisted,
away from Joy and into pain,
and The Garden was twisted
from eden unto need,
from paradise unto survival.
The Garden and the children fell,
and as they did,
a cry went out, filled with pain, and fear, and loss
experienced for the first time.
For when the genetic was twisted from Joy to fear,
so it was that Ram and Sita and The Garden
could not remain in that location,
for, in the twisting of the genetic, so was their location in frequency lowered.
That was the great fall,
where innocence was lost.
We heard their cry,
and came at once to find them gone,
for they had fallen far away from Joy and we could not find them there,
their very genetic had been profoundly altered
and they themselves were not the same but greatly changed indeed.
Joy, you see, is an actual and literal physical location in frequency,
and where we had placed the children, In Joy, In Eden,
so had they literally been "snatched away" and "kidnapped" by reptilian children creator gods of great technological advancement, without any quality of cosmic maturity whatsoever, who did not even know of the existence of
Prime Creator Source,
much less, to realize that the children that they had literally stolen were
direct extension of
later again,
Yeshu and Magdalena,
and therefore, did not realize until our arrival from whom they had "stolen" primordial and immortal genetic substance, and upon that discovery, so it is that they came to
A New/Anu understanding, and therein through the cycles of holographic time,
so has the story unfolded, and so has a new and amalgamated species emerged,
and so has the gold been found.
The reptilian creator gods had raped the biosphere, raped the garden,
and raped the children of original prime creator source,
Their Names,
The Nephilim
Creator Gods of Reptilian Design,
This is the end of that story,
and in the telling of the true story from and by
so is the end, also the beginning of the new day, and the beginning of the new dawn
in which peace becomes possible as all of the pieces of the great story come together
to reveal the entire picture, as it continues to move back to and beyond in its original
and now amalgamated wholeness, as the page is turned, and the old book closes to reveal a greater book in which the final revelation is GOODNESS, and in which the final revelation is the resolution of human suffering, and the tyranny of pain, and disease and war, and that these words are written at all,
so it is
That the new day has already arrived, and the new life has already arrived,
and original sovereignty is already re-established, as the human species continues
to come of age in a much broader context, and in a much more refined understanding of the simplicity of simple human goodness, and simple human decency and kindness
as literal reality that form and formulate life more abundantly in all existences simultaneously, that life simply continues to free itself from the bindings of the illusions that have been imposed upon the genetic and the human genome by the reptilian children creator gods from the original fall of the garden, and fall in frequency, and the imprint of frequency locks on the genetic through the game boards of the game masters who designed the reptilian creator gods' games, here in this holographic 3rd dimensional misunderstanding, that all of Life, and every individual, indeed, the entire genome,
awaken from limitation previously imposed upon it to ascend to its original capacity and birthright that is also divine, and therein, that the human genome make its great quantum leap into the freedom of understanding its own story from a much broader and a much more ancient context indeed.
let us get on with the story:
Prime, Primordial, Golden Genetic
was snatched, twisted, stolen, and enslaved
by little adolescent reptilian creator gods
and of course,
we were outraged
that our own Prime Genetic had been stolen,
our children made to suffer and Eden raided and invaded,
and twisted into need.
And not only had Ram and Sita been separated from each other
and torn asunder but as well when we arrived we found and discovered
literally thousands of copies of them,
that the reptilians had made into a slave race.
What would you do under the circumstances,
if you were Prime Creator Source?
The nature of time is not static.
It does not flow from past to future,
back to front,
and never move beyond that narrow band,
for that band is constricted indeed.
That band of time is what is called
"constructed time"
and it is a profound limitation,
not only to place upon time itself
but to place upon each of you as well.
Frequency does indeed indicate location
time and frequency are nested,
one unto the other.
Time, and the speed of light itself, are measured differently
according to location.
Real time, as opposed to constructed time, is measured
spherically, not linearly.
Imagine if you can, yourself inside a sphere, where timespaceandfrequency
are moving out from all around you,
with no gaps.
That is, in part, the nature of the very fabric of existence.
It is interlocking, nested.
Measure your heartbeat,
you are couting time.
Measure the heartbeat of your planet,
you are counting time.
Measure the heartbeat of your solar system,
you are counting time.
Measure the heartbeat of your local galaxy,
you are counting time.
Measure the heartbeat of the Prime Galactic Core,
you are counting time.
And yet, at the same time, you are at the center of the sphere
from which the time you count originates.
Consider if you will, that time is not a line, but rather curved.
Consider if you will, that time undulates.
Now, consider frequency as a sine wave function,
an infinite "S" turned on its side.
Measure the frequency of the peaks and troughs of those waves,
you are counting time.
Location and frequency are nested.
it is one's location in frequency,
that stipulates one's location in and experience
of time.
The "higher" the frequency, the "faster" the time.
Until time stops.
And when it stops,
that is
Eternal Time.
That does not mean that time "goes away",
but rather
when time stops, it opens,
like a silken fan in the hand of a beautiful woman.
When we found The Garden once again,
we located it,
in time, in space, and in frequency.
And the measure of that time was quite different from our own,
for you see,
in our experience of time,
it had only been a moment,
but for humanity and The Garden,
many generations had come to pass....
upon the Earth,
that once was Eden, now fallen into need,
whose very name was twisted,
so that when the first becomes the last,
it was the very Heart that had fallen so far away from Joy,
to come to be called
in quite another location indeed.
Heart Earth
Earth Heart, green, evergreen,
blue pearl
in the velvet void scattered with diamonds.
We were met upon our arrival by an emissary,
come to plead the case of the reptilian creator gods
who had raped The Garden
and stolen our genetic offspring,
Ram and Sita.
Of course the creature claimed that the reptilian creator gods did not know,
and were unaware of the damage that they would do
in breaching the biosphere of Eden,
that their race stood at the very door of extinction itself
and in order to salvage their species
they had come to study
and to find a way
to reconstitute their shriveled genome.
We knew it was a lie and an excuse
for they knew what they had done and how,
and yet,
we knew what they did not know.
Wheels within wheels and the cyclings of many ages
have come unto the fulfillment of their conclusion.
For in fact and indeed
so it is
that there are many cycles, throughout space, and time, and frequency,
wheels within wheels,
that have spiraled over many ages,
young and old,
to phase lock all the clocks,
universal and galactic,
a molecular array.
The whole of creation is taking a quantum leap.
Indeed, it is the reason that we,
Prime Creator Source
so seeded The Garden in the first place,
to formulate a genetic context through which our children,
Ram and Sita,
as direct extensions of
Prime Creator Source
Original Masculine and Feminine Principle
would so make that mighty jump
unto the next grand and unknown experience,
for Eden was ready to ascend
through the bands and stratas of frequency
as the whole of creation opened up
into uncharted territory,
and new universes were born.
And when The Garden fell,
she lost some ground,
hit bottom,
and bounced......
through many bands of frequency,
as she experiences now
The Great Return.
What we knew that the reptilian children did not know
is that,
as The Garden, Heart Earth, ascended once again,
so it would be that
anything that she carried with her that was not a match
for the bands and stratas of frequency
through which she would travail
would simply be clarified of its static,
and resolved.
And indeed,
the damage had been done
for in the "time" it took for us to come,
so it was that the little reptilian creator gods
had tampered with the Original Genetic
and hybridized the human race,
by commingling Original Prime Genetic with their own.
For it was that Gold that they had come to steal.
 Once genetic material is combined throughout a species
it is nigh on impossible to separate it out again,
like pouring water into wine.
And the reptilian creator gods had taken up residence in the neighborhood,
like unruly tenants.
So therefore,
we granted them their petition,
a contract to study the genetic and the species,
not to continue to manipulate
but to study only,
for a period of "time" that would allow for the process of
to take place,
wherein the dilemma would be resolved
and the genome clarified,
through the passage of Heart Earth and all of her peoples,
and all of her species,
through the bands and stratas of frequency
unto a new location.
Each of you is riding upon a great ship.
It is The Mother Ship.
She is Earth Heart.
A portion of your genetic is her genetic
and as you make passage with her
so it is
that your genetic recorders are in communication with her genetic recorder
and as she ascends,
so it is that the very bands and stratas of frequency
through which she moves,
and thereby through which you move with her,
will so re-establish your genetic lineage
and reactivate your inherent capacities.
When Eden fell,
so it was that the genetic was twisted.
When this occurred,
so it was that your inherent capacities as creators were switched off
and you forgot your divine, immortal nature,
when The Original Gold was transmuted into lead.
There is no such thing as "junk" in your dna.
What is not understood is that dna is likened unto
a "magic eye" picture, wherein that which is on the surface
leads unto greater and greater levels of dimensional context
as the depth of information contained therein is unfolded,
again like a fan.
Those "blank spaces" that are termed "junk" are like switches that have been
shut off, thereby limiting your capacities and allowing for disease, aging, and death.
Those switches have been locked in the off position by the magnetic context
that you find yourselves within,
that was imposed upon you, by the fall.
As The Lady Planet Earth Heart
continues to ascend through the stratas,
so it is that her electromagnetic field is released
from its binding
and the switches that were turned off
are turned on once again
and the depth of your genetic context may be re-membered.
That is the process of ascension
and you are participating in it now.
As that process continues,
so it is that
that which has been hidden is brought into the
light of the noonday sun
to be both resolved and re-membered,
for in fact and indeed
your genetic inheritance is more than you have understood it to be
for there are many lineages that are now combined together,
spliced as it were, upon
The Golden Original Genetic
and the human species contains within it the seeds of many Houses.
You are children of the Earth and stars
and you are not alone,
for you are valued members of
The Family of Life itself.
And you will learn to value one another
when your own value is established within you once again.
What you do not understand about yourselves
is that you, as a species, are amalgamated of twelve different
lines and lineages, that are therein attached to
The Original Primordial Golden Thread
Prime Creator Source Genetic
and therein even though, prior to the attachment of those twelve lines
by and at the hands of children creator gods,
those lines were not necessarily immortal, in that the reptilian lines
had already become sterile down the line and obsolete,
so it is that you, as species humanity,
are already immortal beings
and as it is that the paradigm of your old belief systems and dogmas
that have been imposed upon you by reptilian imprint
now simply continue to melt, and to dissolve, and to fall away
your hearts will quite naturally indeed begin to open,
one unto the other, once again
as simple common sense and reason,
for you all share the same genome, regardless of the manifestation of
the multiplicity of infinite variety and individuality
within the multiplicity of all of your human forms, as well as within
the multiplicity of all of the species varieties that would,
in their totality, along with you as individuals,
comprise the very fabric of life itself.
And therein,
you are life itself, and you are the truth of life, and you are the way of life,
as life itself expressing itself in and as you,
in all of your beautiful differences and in each of you as individuals
even in the sweetness of the rose and the majesty and the wonder of purple mountains
and indeed, throughout the scope and the fabric of all that lives and breathes,
and of all creatures great and small.
You are all made out of the same stuff.
And as you continue to remember that,
then you, as life itself, will no longer split yourself apart from yourself
and turn upon yourself to continue to destroy yourself nor to pursue
the path of entropy that was set into motion for you and imposed upon you
by previous reptilian imprint that really has nothing to do with you at all.
Throughout the cycles of time since the fall of
The Original Garden
and the capture of Ram and Sita
The Original Children of The Garden,
and the binding and the hybridization thereof, of
Prime Creator Source Genetic
through the amalgamation of all of the lines that now comprise
the totality of your genome,
there was a great jailer that was created by the reptilian children creator gods
as a guardian at the gate of frequency and passage
that it would be certain to keep you bound, and to keep you asleep,
and to keep you in struggle, and to keep you at war with each other
in order to produce the gold of
Golden Emotional Context
upon which to feed, for cycles of created time to come.
However that jailer is no longer in residence in this fabric of existence
or in any fabric of existence,
for it has been vaporized and eliminated
that the gate would open
and that the heart would open
to reveal the simplicity once again of original sovereignty,
divine indeed,
of every individual human being,
and yea indeed, even of the creatures of the field,
that in the great revelation of, and therein the renewal of,
original sovereignty
that the totality of your species would come upon a moment in time
within these vast cycles of time,
and that moment is now,
of what would be termed a great
Golden Dawning
of peace, and of common sense and reason, and the end
of fanaticism, and any quality of residual religiousity
that would separate and divide, and create war
for the purpose of the harvest of energy
and the control thereof.
And so quite naturally,
now that the ancient reptilian creature has been eliminated
and no longer exists,
so it is that
The Lady Planet Earth Heart
will continue her mighty ascent along with each of you,
as beautiful human beings,
Children of The Earth and The Stars,
and indeed quite simply as
Life itself,
and all of life here, there, and everywhere
is and will continue to take giant and quite natural and quite easy
quantum leaps
into the peace that passes all understanding
and into forth dimensional awareness
in which it is clear and simple
within the context of physics itself,
that all of life is the singularity itself,
and that life is so comprised upon a single genetic thread,
primordial in its origin and unto forever in its ongoingness,
and that is The Golden Thread itself,
upon which your very existence, and all existences in your current understanding
have so been formulated upon.
And now,
let us get back to the story,
and fill in all the blanks and close all the gaps,
so that you can at long last
breathe a breath of great relief and know that
quite sincerely, as your old dogmas and your old belief systems
continue to melt and dissolve
to simply reveal the utter innocence and the utter purity of
life itself as a single principle,
then so it is that you, as life itself, will laugh and shout a great shout,
"Free at last! Free at last!
At last, at last
I am free at last!"
And that is your voice,
the voice of
Life Itself.
And that is your greater identity,
you are life itself,
as are all beings, and all people, and yea indeed
all creatures great and small here, there, and everywhere.
And as you remember that once again in its simplicity,
you will regain your capacity to be quite simply and absolutely responsible
both for yourself, and for each other, and as champions to life
and all existence,
and then you will have come of age as
Children of The Earth and Stars,
divine and cosmic children indeed, and the dawning of your maturity
will be quite natural and beautiful in every way,
free and freed from the necessity of self-righteous violence
in, or to, any form whatsoever.
And then you will be happy
and you will know that, as life itself, already you are immortal
and death has been the greatest illusion of them all.
And so a contract was formulated with the reptilian children creator gods,
a contract of allowance on our part and a contract of no further intervention
with the genetic on their part.
And so we will stop for today, and tell you the rest of that story
in a later moment.
(Insert by Onaxis)
Yeshu Ben Joseph
And so where you were originally intended to be large and expanded,
you are small and contracted,
And where you were originally intended to be completely unlimited and without boundary
you are constrained, limited, and contained within and by boundary,
That is what happened at the fall, and you have The Nephilim, Reptilian Creator Gods to thank for that, and not Prime Creator Source to hold responsible for that, even though we "allowed" it to happen,
and although "allowance" is a teaching sold for a measure of gold upon a market place,
"allowance" is the consideration that got you, and all of us into this mess,
and that is
the teacing of allowance is now obsolete,
So be it.
 So Be It, indeed.
And your philosophical understandings of "allowance"
and of "non-intervention" of a more advanced species
upon another species
have originated from that contract between
Prime Creator Source
and the little reptilian creator gods.
that contract was not honored by the reptilian contingents
in that they discovered, through their study of the human species,
what could be called a "loophole"in that contract,
through which they have intervened significantly upon
your sovereignty.
What they discovered is this:
emotion or feeling tone is not only a component of your genetic makeup
but is as well a literal "product" that is emanated by the body itself
that can be harvested as pure energy.
The reptilian creator gods discovered that it was not necessary for them to
continue to manipulate the human genetic directly, but that in fact they could simply
manipulate your emotional context and thereby harvest the energy of that emotion
and as well, maintain the species human in a frequency band that would not allow for
any extended and ongoing experience of Joy, and eliminate the possibility of the human species coming to understand its own inherent capacities and divinity,
thereby keeping you bound in a location that allowed for your continued production
of low frequency emotional content for their consumption.
That emotional energy was then utilized to keep their species alive.
And they utilized the imposition of guilt and shame upon humanity to do so.
For as it was that the genetic of the Original Children in The Garden
was twisted through the pain and isolation experienced in the breach of the biosphere of Eden,
so it was that the Prime Original Golden Genetic was so imprinted with the question,
that was their great cry, at the fall, of
"What have I done?"
When that question arose, for the first time, in the hearts and minds of
Ram and Sita,
so it was that the possibility of guilt was so made manifest
as an imprint in their genetic recorder.
It was a simple matter, after that occurrence, for the reptilians to
"pick up the thread that they had twisted"
and provide for the human species a system through which they could be further
manipulated by the legitimization of the emotions of guilt and shame,
through religious, dogmatic tyranny
and the imposition upon humanity of "original sin" in place of original sovereignty.
And therefore so it was that a great "split" was created within the human race
for the reptilians came to understand, through their study of you, that
in fact, it is through the auspices of the human body itself,
its Prime Genetic, its neruology, its hormonal capacity, and its inherent ability to
navigate through a multiplicity of frequencies
One that are Two that are One
in ultimate, unto forever mated union, one unto the other
"two knights upon a single steed"
that are a Lady knight and a Gentleman knight
Feminine and Masculine
mated pair and divine couplet,
so it is
that they rent Man and Woman asunder, one from the other,
through the establishment of a "creation myth" that would cast extreme guilt
upon one side of that mated pair,
The Feminine Side,
that would place the blame upon Woman for the loss of paradise itself
and the reptilians created the establishment of a vengeful and jealous God,
who would reject His very children for a mistake that they never made
and eject them from The Garden
in order that they would suffer after having been "tricked by the snake"
in the presence of an innocent piece of fruit.
For in fact, the Tree that the reptilian creator gods steered humanity away from
was the genetic tree, not the knowledge of good and evil,
for in The Garden, there were no such distinctions,
for all was Innocence and Joy,
but rather,
to maintain the human species in ignorance of its
Divine, Original Golden Genetic Inheritance.
And of course, once religiosity had been imposed upon humanity
it was but a simple matter to then generate war
in the name of religion.
War between the sexes, war between neighbors, war within families,
war between nations, war against nature and all of her creatures, war with one's self and one's own nature, war between spirit and matter, consciousness and form.
In the creation of war, peace was lost, and humanity became bound in suffering
and thereby imprisoned in a location of low frequency
so that humanity's emotional content could be consumed
in order to salvage the dying reptilian race.
To keep humanity bound and enslaved, a great jailer was created by the reptilian
creator gods, that was artificially intelligent.
That jailer was made in a form likened unto their own
for it was a snake.
And it dwelled in artificial fields of holographic light that were created by
the reptilian contingencies.
The soul is immortal.
It is a recorder of information and the data that is earned through experience,
distilled unto wisdom.
The Wisdom of The Ages.
The soul is the Counselor of the body.
The body is designed to be immortal.
The genetic is a recorder.
The soul is designed to fuse with the body,
thereby activating the linkage unto the immortality of the body
that is recorded in the genetic.
The brain and the human neurological system is a receiver.
The neurology is designed to receive data and information regarding the context
of experience that is immediate, through the sensory capacities.
The brain is The Blue Rose.
It is number thirteen, in the center of its twelve "disciples" that are the cranial nerves.
It is the Crown of the body.
The heart is an intelligent organ.
It is a producer of hormonic substance.
Its mandate is:
The Heart Shall Lead The Way.
The soul resides in the body near the heart.
The soul and the heart are in communication with each other,
whereby the soul shares
The Wisdom of The Ages
that it records,
The Way Shower,
the heart.
The heart is the Sovereign of the body.
The brain, and the intelligence of the body, are in communication with the heart,
through their complimentary hormonal function,
whereby they share the data of "what is happening now" at the level of sensation
and sensory input
with the heart.
The heart then shares this data,
distilled unto wisdom through experience,
with the soul.
The soul records the information of the wisdom of the heart.
The genetic records the information of direct experience.
The root, which is the "seat," or Throne, of the body,
is a generator of
Life Energy.
Life Energy, or Kundalini,
is designed to flow, unimpeded, through the heart,
wherein it is tempered by wisdom,
unto the brain and the neurology
where it becomes the essence of the transformation of individual, personal experience,
unto personal and transpersonal understanding of the self in journey,
whereby the heart then opens the brain, which then opens the door for the brain
to become the receiver of
multi-dimensional experience and understanding,
which is the blooming of
The Blue Rose,
The Christed Neurology,
at 3/3 or full brain function.
That Life Energy travels upon what are so termed the nadis,
that mirror the neurological tree,
and that number 144,000.
The brain, or Crown; the heart, or Sovereign; and the root, or Throne,
are designed to work together,
and in tandem with The Counselor, the soul,
to assure the establishment of the human system in its immortal context.
You were not designed to die, humanity,
any more than you were designed to suffer and be in pain.
You were designed to be Creators, to bring forth life more abundantly,
unto forever, in Joy, and through the wisdom of the experience of
conscious participation as a valued member of
The Family of Life Itself.
With the advent of the imposition of guilt and shame upon your systems,
and with the separation of
The Masculine and Feminine Principle
one from the other
through that guilt and shame,
so it was that you were taught that the Life Energy that is generated
by your root functions,
and most particularly through the vessel of
who is the bearer of life,
whose position was twisted through lies and deceit to become
the whore;
and the union of Man and Woman was twisted into the source of original sin,
rather than the source of the generation of life itself,
then the Life Energy of the root was suppressed
and its generative and restorative powers were turned downward and against
the body, rather than being allowed to flow upward in support of the
immortality of the body.
That suppression occurs at the solar plexus
which has been usurped from its position as the champion and gateway to the heart
through which the Life Energy must pass, into the gate that is now sealed by fear,
that forces the Life Energy to turn back on itself and become stagnant in the body.
The voice of the heart is silent.
s.i.l.e.n.t. = l.i.s.t.e.n.
The heart is silent...the brain must listen.
Be still and know.
The brain is the "servant" of the heart, intended to be the co-pilot
and not the pilot.
When the system is properly aligned,
the soul is in communication with the heart,
the heart is in communication with the brain,
the root provides the fuel for enlightenment,
which is the term for
experience distilled unto immortal wisdom.
When the root function is suppressed through fear, guilt, and shame
and the Life Energy becomes stagnant,
the connection between the brain and the heart becomes weakened
and the brain/consciousness begins to consider that it is alone.
When this occurs, the consciousness, that is a manifestion of and through
the full use of the physical and energetic systems of the body and the soul,
begins to over-ride and take control of the entire system.
without the input of the soul and the heart,
the consciousness becomes devoid of wisdom.
That "Limited Consciousness" then takes up residence exclusively in the brain,
and Body Consciousness is lost,
and limited consciousness begins to
"fantasize" pictures of reality that are not real at all,
and the focus of the person becomes tangled in the webs of those
holographic fantasy projections,
that are based upon the fear of being isolated and alone
that has been generated by the loss of communication from the rest of the system
and with the wisdom of the body, the heart, and the soul.
An insistence upon survival and its component hostility are the result
of a suppressed root function, a closed heart, and a deluded mind.
And The Golden Rule is forgotten,
for it resides within the heart.
When this occurs, one's experience becomes based upon
pain, fear, and suffering
which are recorded both in the genetic and in the soul.
Poetically stated,
the suppleness of the soul is likened unto a wineskin that has become filled with
the pressings of "the grapes of wrath"
rather than the sweet new wine of Innocence and Joy.
The artificially intelligent reptile, the snake, was placed within
those holographic fields of light not only to be the jailor
and to direct events in order to stimulate emotional chaos,
the substance of which could then be harvested,
but as well, to feed upon the contents of the soul.
The soul was designed to fuse with the body,
thereby activating the code of immortality within the
Original, Prime, Golden Genetic.
when the systems of the body are in disarray
and the lines of communication are severed,
then the body begins to manifest disease, aging, and death.
The soul then cannot fuse with the body,
the genetic code is further altered,
the body becomes opened to virulence,
and the cellular structure begins to break down.
the soul and the body separate out one from the other completely
and "death" is the result.
When this occurs,
the soul then attempts to return home to its point of origin,
which is, poetically stated,
The Fields of Golden Light
wherein vast realms of data and information are available to the soul
that allow for it to continue to manifest itself in journey
in the fulfillment of its design,
which is to fuse with form itself and incarnate within
The Marriage of Heaven and Earth,
Pure Energy and Innocent Matter.
But the soul could not make its return,
for the reptilian fields of holographic light
had been positioned as a snare for the soul,
to capture it, before it slipped away.
And in those fields was the snake.
Through religious mandate, the souls were taught to
"go to the light."
Not the purity of the real light from whence they came
but rather the holographic light through which their substance could be harvested.
In that most of the experience that was held within the soul
was based upon guilt and shame
and therefore pain and suffering,
so it was that when, in that holographic den, the soul was met by
its imprinted vision of what it expected to meet it there,
that holographic picture that was projected by the snake would say to the soul:
"Let me take your pain and relieve your suffering".
And so it was that the soul was emptied of its contents,
drained and tossed away,
to attempt to fuse with yet another body,
in yet another lifetime.
To begin the process again,
turning on the wheel of life and death and rebirth.
That artificial reptilian snake is no more
for it has been thoroughly eliminated and the holographic fields of light
are shut down, forever.
That is sufficient data for the moment.

[Source: Archives of the House of Ram]