Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000
From: Michael Dean <106100.702@compuserve.


   O P E R A T I O NC L O U D B U S T E R

        During a simple midsummer solstice ceremony that took place
        in Hertfordshire, England on Wednesday, 21 June, we received
        a clear message from our friends and allies on the inner planes.

        They asked all of us - especially those who will soon be taking
        part in the Harmonic Convergence on 17 August - to send out
        daily thoughts or prayers or sounds or music that will pierce the
        Earth's heavy magnetic and gravitational fields and reach out to
        the central Sun of this galaxy.  They stressed the importance of
        envisaging our offerings arriving at their destination - and they
        assured us that the central Sun will respond. . .

        Our friends went on to say that, from their perspective, Earth
        is now enveloped in what they described as "a dense cloud,
        comprising humanity's collective fear, despair and pain".

        They promised us that, if enough of us will join forces in this
        'cloudbusting' operation, Earth will soon be enjoying an entirely
        new phase in which Light and Love and Hope will prevail.

Love and thoughts and thanks, as ever, from

Michael. :-D

Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000


In December 1996 I began doing one-on-one Clearing sessions in Australia with an American man in his early 40's named Michael. I am an Australian. I had known Michael for a year prior to this. His life prior to 1995 had been spent in the USA. During these sessions we came to discover a vast number of astounding things that he had done, and which had been done to him, of which he had been totally unaware. These things included having worked on Mars for the US government, remote viewing, time travel, age recession by 20 years, being given false memories to cover his time on Mars, abductions and other experiences. Michael is a successful professional working in the information technology industry. He previously worked in the U.S. Navy. He is of sound mind and body, is highly intelligent and healthy. He has never taken recreational drugs or alcohol. Before the first clearing session, one would have considered that he had lead a perfectly normal life. The first clearing session was carried out because Michael had memories of seeing spaceships as a boy, and he wanted to determine whether these memories were real, or a dream, or if they were something else entirely. In fact, the sessions uncovered a whole range of suppressed memories. When I first met Michael I felt that he might be the man for me. And yet sometimes when I looked behind his eyes, there seemed to be an unusually large amount of suppressed rage. This would erupt occasionally and we would then have large arguments. After knowing him for a while, I offered the sessions to him, in an attempt to rid him of this anger. After a number of sessions, his anger reduced so much and his personality improved to the extent that when he asked me to marry him, I accepted. We married in August 1997 and we moved from Australia to the USA. We returned to Australia at the end of 1999. When we discovered what you are about to read, Michael asked me to type up my written records. When I finally accepted that we should publish these records, my original desire was to do so under a pseudonym. However, something happened to change that. We are not totally sure that an attempt was not made on Michael's life in November 1999, two weeks after we booked a flight to return to Australia from the USA. This event is described in Chapter 49...

A Strange Accident

After this event, and much praying for guidance, we decided to publish using our real names. We made this decision because it is our understanding that generally the people who have been murdered for what they knew, were those who did so under pseudonyms. The "bad guys" can always find out who wrote what. However, usually whenever some one is willing to use his real name when he comes forward with unusual information, he is left to live because his death gives credibility to his information. (A notable exception to this was the late Phil Schneider. See Appendices IV and V). An example of this working: After Dr Joseph Puleo wrote a trial publication for "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse", an attempt was made on his life. Men in black clothes aimed a lazer gun through his kitchen window, which should have given him a fatal heart attack. However, God looks after his people. At the moment the lazer was fired, Dr Puleo picked up a bottle of olive oil which took enough of the blast to enable him to survive. Dr Puleo then agreed to use his real name in the final publication. The Mars Records is the record of what was discovered in Michael's sessions. This record is unlike any other that you have ever read. Firstly, we believe some of this information is unique. Secondly, these sessions were done on a biofeedback meter and all of the readings from the meter have been recorded here. The readings back up the truth of this amazing story.

The Mars Records document is saved in the Adobe PDF file format. This is a secure format that prevents changes or modifications to the contents. In addition we have included a digital signature that insures you are receiving a copy of the original publication.

NOTE FROM JEAN HUDON: I downloaded it. Astounding, mind-bending stuff! Give it a look! Nancie from PLANETNEWS also sent the following which I did not have time to check yet. Do your own research and use your own judgement as to their truthfulness...

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