The Nexus  by Sha'Tara
The River and The Nexus (by Sha'Tara)
Have you ever heard of the "nexus"?  A moving band of energy that, if you can connect with it, it takes you within itself?  To those who have experienced it, it's like "god" or another way of putting it, a permanent sense of being on drugs where reality bends to one's every wish instantly.  Nirvana?  Not sure.  Maybe you saw that bad Star Trek movie, "Generations" where capt'n "Jerk" is recalled into active duty to save the world once more.  a "madman" - I forget from which planet - wants to return into the "Nexus" and would destroy a world to do so...

Anyway, the "nexus" is that which binds.  E-humans have been seeking this thing ever since they became self-aware as thinking and reasoning beings.  Perhaps that is what drives me also.  I "remember" places, events, lives so unlike Earth.  Problem is, I don't remember how to "link" these memories with my current reality (liability!).  Frustration galore.  I remember being a part of a people much more evolved than that of earth.  I know this, feel this.  But my anger is not directed against earth, or the people.  It is directed at - or a result of - the ignorance sown like a thick blanket around e-humanity, and the domesticated beast-like acceptance of this ignorance.  However horrible the "news" fed to these self-proclaimed intelligent beings, they rely on the limitations set by their rulers to reason their condition.  It seems they cannot or will not, move beyond imposed limits.  Fear?  Apathy?  Conditioning?

We know what sets these limits.  We have the evidence of history.  First, it was the gods, the "creators" and makers.  The movers and shakers.  Later came those who ruled for the gods, and as the gods became increasingly rare - where did they go???  - those authorized originally to simply "steward" made themselves the law.  To keep this power, they created a system of limits.  Limits to everything except how much power they could wield over earth life.  They inherited the laws of the gods, and twisted them to their own ends.  We know this.  Everyday, we are confronted with the weight of their insane pronouncements, and suffer the consequences.

As the gods could not long endure earth's violent, raw energies, and were seduced into strange lusts of sex and greed for luxuries and turned to violence and the shedding of blood for pleasure - emotional behavior likely not the norm upon their own worlds - so their illegitimate descendants, the Nephilims, then their descendants, also succumbed to these energies.  We are these descendants; not normally evolved earth creatures.  And our "fallen" status has infected life on this world.  I often mention the horror of the predator/prey relationship.  Not a natural result of evolution, but an infection.  Death, physical death, also not a natural result of evolution.  The status of being out of synch with one's evironment.

For the process of natural evolution on this world was violently shattered some 200,000 years ago, when our earth ancestors were taken and their nature mixed with that of what became their gods: their creators.  So we have two sets of memories.  And we feel/are, lost in the time/space continuum, until such time as we find a world where our type of life can adapt, can "fit" - or we so thoroughly change as to fit into the earth environment, or into another chosen environment that will have us.  We have called this "choice" heaven and hell!

What about the nexus?  Finding the key to a vortex of energy that could change us.  A place of movement between worlds where we can exist in some kind of ecstasy; some kind of joy; some kind of weird happiness until we learn to transmute energy and change ourselves to such a degree that we can go to any world we choose to go to, and pass as a natural.  Something like that.

The nexus has been called many things.  The grail.  The fountain of youth.  It is that which binds life to life, without judgment - i.e., death.  Within the limitations set forth by our gods, because they feared the monsters they had given life to, we can never touch the nexus.  Instead, they gave us "God" - the carrot on the stick - the System - so we would continue to function as intended: as working slaves, believing that if we were "good" (that is, obedient to the System!)  we would go to heaven.  If not, we would end up in hell.

Having outgrown that stage, we are asking ourselves: where to now?  And we find ourselves helplessly staring at our own limits... and stupidly hoping that death will open a door where benevolent beings will take us into their arms and love us.  But death is not a blessing, but a curse.  A sign that we are still slaves of superior powers!  If death was a blessing we would be standing in line waiting to depart, of course.  We certainly wouldn't be mourning.  Further, and most important, there would be no doubt as to where it leads, and the kind of life we would experience there.

So, how do we enter the nexus?  We remove all limitations set upon us as individuals.  We eschew all attachments; all that "asks" for help, donations, collectivized action, and walk past each and every sign that says: No Entry.  (See the movie, The Thirteenth Floor).  Past the edge of the worlds - past that new sign that says: Enter In Sanity.  That's my plan.


Background art by Emanar Alaya