Lotus & Moon in Canada 

Ahau at big sister Belle's wedding


Belle's dad giving the Bride away for free
Moon Maiden by Daddy
 Sister Moon plays bridesmaid


Belle & Marcus Ler  (June 1997)

Moon & Ansgar Cheng  (May 2001)


Mary Maguire, Medicine Mama

Anoora & Earth-Star Child Ahau  (October 1998)

Ahau & Anoora at dusk (October 2006)

Moon at 6!
3 Beauties: Lotus, Belle & Moon

Sexy Grandma (October 2006) and Sexy Grandpoobah (July 2006)

 Max Alexander Ler & Allie Grace

Moon & Belle scrubbing down Allie & Max (June 2004)

Hana Grace (born 13 Oct, 2004) with big sis Allie

Marcus, Max, Belle, Moon, Hana, Ansgar, Lotus, Allie (September 2005)
Not in the photo: Reiya Sunshine Ler
(who arrived 13 March 2006!)

Here she be... Reiya Sunshine indeed!

Max & Nugget @ Chinese New Year                                      Hana & Allie @ Deeparaya

L-R: Lotus (Lily Fu), Hana, Max, Alli, Antares & Reiya (2009)

Antares, Ahau & Anoora (Port Dickson, 30 December 2013)

Clockwise from left: Max Alexander, Rob Lankhorst, Ryder Lee & Reiya Sunshine (2014)