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I was Being a dolphin, swimming through crystal clear waters, playfully careening through the waves. A great many of my friends were with me, Being dolphins as well.
I was competitively throwing air, breaking free, through the surface, and diving again into the deep cool waters. Underneath the surface, I could hear my friends the great whales, singing harmoniously, as they too made their way gracefully through the vast ocean. I could see the many colorful schools of fish, and it was quite a ride.  I broke free of the water once again, and saw my friends the seagulls.

I thought it might be nice to Be a seagull, and so I did not come back down to the water. As I soared into the air with my seagull friends, I could feel the warmth of the sun, and at the same time the cool freshness of the air in which I now flew. With no hesitation I headed for the coastline. From here I was able to watch my friends the dolphins, and my friends the whales, but I could also observe my friends on the land; the lions, tigers, and bears; the deer and the antelope, and it was quite a ride. I was flying rather aimlessly when I heard the thundering hooves of my friends the horses. To run across the ground with such grace, and speed, and to be able to give rides to my friends the humans; this was going to be quite a day. I ran amongst the immense herd, cresting a rolling hillside to see the sun turning the day to an evening, and begin to set upon the vast plains before me.

It would not be long before the night sky would bring my friends, the stars, into view. This had been quite a ride.  From the vantagepoint of a star you don't really feel like you are above things, but in the center. One of my favorite things about being a star was the ability look in every direction, to see the boundlessness of this creation, and watch all of my friends, each having their best days. All of them, Being whatever they wished, in any place, on any planet, anywhere, all the time. It was quite a ride.  On
that night, my friend the star, I believe his name was God, asked me, "Have you been an Earth Human yet?".

I had to admit I had not, but was delightfully curious, and asked God to tell me about it, and this is what he said.  "First, you must understand that the Earth Human ride is very different from the ride of the humans you now know. To be an Earth Human you must agree to leave your memory of all of us, and all of this, behind. You will be physically born into the Earth world, and you will know nothing; your mind will be blank. You will still be enveloped by the soul of us all, so there is nothing to fear, but you will not know it. Because you will not know it, you can experience what is called Fear, and that my friend is a wild ride. Now here's the thing, each and every member of the soul will be there with you, and we will all be giving you messages about who you really are, and until you can re-member with the soul you will remain an Earth Human. If we see that you are having too much difficulty remembering who you are we will awaken you, and bring you back to see once again your true Self. It is possible that you will feel our messages very early, and wish to tell them to the other Earth Humans, but I warn you many will not be ready. They are there on their own Earth Human experience, and they may not be ready for the Soul messages you wish to share. If you realize who you really are, you have two choices. You can stay there, amongst the Earth Humans, and enjoy the physical world, Being that one thing, or you can find the way back to us on the spiritual plane.

There is however, one catch to this, you must find your own way."  Not having experienced this thing called Fear, I decided I was interested in giving this new adventure a try.  Instantly, I felt heavy, thick, slow, and as the fog began to envelop me, God said, "You will be surrounded by us, and I will send you with a feeling which will lead you back to me. I look forward to hearing all about it."

Fear. It was quite a ride.


[forwarded by Eleanor Gay]
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