Subject: Dying to transform!
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 20:35:24 -0700
From: Sha'Tara

Don't freak over the subject!  I'm not 'dying' any more, any less, than any of you are... hehehehehehe!  :~)

The subject has to do with a new awakening for me.  I take small spirit
steps, you know, always walking, always hoping to find something really
big, really meaningful around the next corner.  Sometimes, I do.

I've been working, almost obsessing?! on my TG stuff.  For me, it is a sure path of enlightenment, so must be followed as if I were searching for the Holy Grail, or the Fountain of Youth, which, of course, I am!

Now I've arrived at a whole new awareness.  God does nothing 'FOR' me.
God, or better, G.O.D. (Generic Overall Deity) is always there, of course,
the glue of creation, the Infinite, the No-Thing that is Everything.  But
as for whatever program we wish to write; whatever goal we may have,
whatever passion we may be pursuing, for that there is only 'ME.'

I have found something over which I am more passionate than I have ever been in any incarnation, any form, any life, or at any time in this life. I know this now.  This is the fire that enlightens but doesn't burn.  This is healthy obsession, IMO.  Life, all of it, is a labyrinthe; a maze.  We walk through this maze, either knowingly or blindly.  If we have no goal, we wander around, or if we are easily programmed as followers, we claim a tiny portion of the maze as 'the right place' and remain there until we die, or until we find another little corner more comfortable.

I see the maze now.  It is a wonderful and marvellous place.  Of course,
when I'm looking into it, it is just a relief map of something
incomprehensible.  There is no right starting point, nor is there a correct
ending.  The maze is the whole point.  Being in it, though not really 'of'
it is the point.  Being totally immersed in its wonderful intricacies, its
virtues, vices, memories, dreams, hopes.  What a place.  We call it 'The
Universe' even though we have no clue as to what that Universe is.  At this point, some turn to the Tao, because if the maze makes no sense, why not believe in something that is like the maze?

Ah, but the maze, unlike the Tao, does make sense.  The Tao, IMO, can make you wise in handling your current state of being.  It can help you accept. The maze, however, has little use for acceptance.  It is a living, flowing thing, full of endless surprises, horrors and goodies: full of life.
Nothing stops here.  It does not matter which hallway you run in, which
door you step through; which window you jump out of, as long as you 'MOVE'! Yes, the maze is movement, flow.  The maze challenges.  It calls.  It intrigues.  It promises.  It traps.  It releases.  It destroys.  It builds.

I am discovering that to get the most out of my passage in the maze, I must broaden myself.  I must walk several passages at once; I must open several doors at once; I must look out of several windows at once.  The more, the better.  And that's what makes sense.  What I get from these passages. What I 'learn' and use to further my progress.  Even though the maze is infinite, there is progress through it, and there are ways to measure this progress.  We call it evolution.  Nature, within the maze, shows us, records, our progress.

Back to my own method.  I desire to be two complete entities working in
complete harmony: a binary life form.  As a 3-D sentient entity, I choose
to project this binary form as a male/female form.  Not too unusual.
However, I yet cannot.  In this life, I have 'missed' the female aspect of
me, and my current obsession is to implement this aspect of myself so that I can know that I have a matching experience of female life to male life.

So, I've spoken of transformation, from male to female.  It seems an
impossibility.  But why do I 'know' that is is not?  Because it is within
the realm of possibility.  In fact, I've discovered what I believe is a
method that has been used before to accomplish such transformations.  I don't use the term 'transmutation' here, because as yet, I wish to remain in the same species, the same energy of life.  But transformation can be done.

The method is 'dying'.  Pure and simple.  To transform flesh; to recombine DNA and chromosomes, one must completely leave the body and work at it through the molecular level.  This means operating, for a 'time' at a very high vibration, or frequency of motion.

The hologram or image which holds my male form together must then be shut down.  This 'pops' the body.  Nothing lives in or as a body during this transfer.  There is no 'body'.  When the body is 'gone' a new image which I have previously created for myself, is inserted in the "projector" and this is faithfully reproduced as a holographic image.  Since the same apparatus is used, the new 'image' or body will 'pop' at the same place as the old one vanished.  It is only a matter of the consciousness 'ME' to re-enter this new body and to function with it.

You may wonder on the time-frame needed to change body form?  I don't know, but I would say, a split second.  At a complete point of rest, one is at maximum velocity, hence everything happens 'at once'.  That's why such a complex operation is theoretically possible.

The 'dying' I refer to is probably achieved through the deepest form of
meditative state, so deep that the brain is actually stopped and the heart completely ceases to beat.  Complete flatline.  I also believe now that this process is not unknown to us, but has just been hidden for a long time.  It is the process wizards and sorcerers used to 'shape shift' a long time ago.

People such as Jesus used a more cumbersome process, by actually having their bodies killed, and leaving the body at the last moment before the end of heart and brain function.  Jesus then reclaimed his body, and the new one was much more a 'light' body than the old one.  He could pass through closed doors and walls at will.  He was also 'forced' to ascend after a short period on the Earth, as his new body could not remain in the density of Earth.

I believe we can do better.  We can by-pass the bloodshed, and we can
remain in the Earth for as long as we choose to.  Eventually, we will also
become adepts at this, doing it in the blink of an eye and at will, and
also crossing the species boundaries, thus 'transmuting' as well as

How I will achieve this state of dormancy so I can change my cellular
structure is still a question.  I have seen many possibilities offered to
me.  Accidental death could be used, as in the case of the "Perfect Being" on the Fifth Element.  But that is still traditional 'death' even if I
rebuild a new body.  No, I prefer a gentler, more acceptable method.  Time to get creative.

Any suggestions?

Love to all from an insatiable quester,
Sha'Tara ... Sha'Dow O'man

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