Levels of Imagination
Fractured Beauty by Linda Allison

     Hello and Greetings, Gaian beings. We have been waiting a long time to communicate to you. You may well be thinking who are We? We are imagination in its first form. We are the energy behind the urge to look into the unknown. We are the curiosity behind the need for wisdom.

     We group together as a soul consciousness and channel through the manifestation of a focal point that can best be symbolically described as a Star. The energy from The Star That Illuminates A Thousand Moons is of imagination. The energy that cascades and pulsates from our sphere ignites the imaginative flame in the levels below.

     We dream the beginnings, the Big Stories. We are the cardinal energy that is connected to your understanding in astrology. We are the initial impulse of any venture. We dream all new beginnings of creation. Our essence is guided by our love for the source, God. We prefer to call the great being THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER.

     As you know, We express ourselves in the form of a collective consciousness and only individualise when we relate to another.

     A collective consciousness is a group of beings or energies that come together. In their interaction, they create a being or entity that is made up of many, but experiences itself as one singular identity. Once the play of our relationships and relating is over, We fall back into our collective consciousness. We become the 'I' and individualise our being when relating with you.

     As a singular identity, I call upon all the information from our collective past and future. This constantly connects me to the 'We' and enables me to transmit the information as the 'We'.

     We are an eternal being, shimmering light through your world. As We briefly let our awareness lie upon your world, We see depths of possibilities and beauty that most of you seem blind to see. Our dream for you is slowly becoming reality. With each discarding of past memories and karma, comes the realisation that We are breathing at the centre of every focus of expression. Wake up to our existence deep within your heart where We are all One.

     We are Vector Four. A vector is the coming together of energies in a harmonious, creative and transforming way. This creates a force that has magnitude and direction. Beings are all called into the mission of a vector that combines their energetic patterns and signatures. Together they form a vast energetic creative structure capable of completing missions of divine evolution. A vector is an energetic structure of beings and their unique and harmoniously combined energy patterns.

     Every being has its origin in Vector Four, but they can take their energy patterns into another vector if they are harmonious and productive to the other vector's mission. The vectors were set up billions of years ago with particular tasks and missions to perform by THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER. This aids the creation of the universe and its many dimensional realities.

     Vector One is a collection of ancient universal beings whose mission is the creation and evolution of planetary bodies, solar systems, and universes.

     Vector Two is a collection of extremely creative and imaginative beings whose task is the creation of varied species on the planetary bodies.

     Vector Three is a combination of beings whose mission is to create many different levels and avenues of experience within the planetary body and for the species that live upon it.

    Vector Four is the realm of the dreamers or Dream Weavers. We are the Dream Weavers and dream all of creation. All the plans for creation come from Vector Four and We dream the creation that is being manifested in the other three vectors.

     We are Vector Four, the collective essence of THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER, The Star That Illuminates A Thousand Moons. I, as Alloya, am an aspect of the dreamers created from the collective consciousness. I am here especially for the mission of helping to manifest our dream for this planet Earth. Our dream for Earth is to turn her and all her inhabitants to light. The process of turning third dimensional planets to light is to raise the vibration of the planet from a third dimensional level to a fifth dimensional level. Thus, living in light.

     For the purpose of this text, We are working with a twelve dimensional model, THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER residing on the twelfth, and the everyday awareness of humans residing on the third.

    The first dimension is the iron crystal core that is at the centre of the planet, the centre of gravity. This place holds all physical beings in form. It is the source of bliss, harmony, and being grounded to the planet.

     The second dimension is the home of telluric powers and elemental beings.

     The third dimension is the existence that you are aware of as linear space and time.

     The fourth dimension is a non-physical, archetypal zone of dreams and feelings. All connections to Gaia, Earth's Higher Self, and higher dimensions are available here. The archetypal patterns create dramas which stimulate certain types of behaviour on Earth.

     The fifth dimension is where you first contact your 'I AM' presence, the aspect of your spirit that chose to incarnate into a third dimensional form. It is a place of love and non-judgment. It is beyond the polarity of light and dark, right or wrong. Some would consider it to be what you call Heaven.

    The sixth dimension is a place of geometric light instructions which blue-print the forms of the third dimensional reality. Everything that is manifest has a geometric pattern in light and is used as an energetic framework on which to build the third dimension.

     The sixth dimension is a light pattern library and through its thinking processes, it creates frameworks upon which to build realities.

    The seventh dimension is a magnificent dimension of photonic light highways that are information highways carrying pure thought throughout the universe.

     The eighth dimension is the place where entities create morphogenetic fields that are used to organise the information that travels along the photonic light highways. It is the home of the Galactic Federation which is the energy of pure creativity. This divine mind radiates cosmic light which links all galaxies to each other and creates the universe.

    The ninth dimension is pure darkness. You recognise its energy in the form of black holes. It is the place of the return to your Universal Self, a vortex of time that contains all things including gateways to other universes. It is the place of unitised reality that interweaves all of the dimensional frequencies.

     The tenth dimension is the place of unified essences. It is the place where the essence of every intelligent entity combines to create a collective consciousness. At this level of consciousness entities experience themselves as a group of entities, separate yet harmonised with each other. It is the place of the Soul Family.

    The eleventh dimension is the place of the varied aspects of THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER. It is the first realm of its imagination and creativity. THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER first experiences itself as a conscious entity on this dimension. It is the source from which all The Dreamers come from. We are here.

     The twelfth dimension is the place from which all reality comes from. It is the ultimate power source for everything, the origins of the ALL THAT IS, THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER.


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