Vive la difference!
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 23:17:18 +0800
From: Antares <antares@>
Organization: Magick River
To: nurmet7 <email address deleted>

Dear Eleanor,

First of all, if you insist on addressing me by my birthname (and incorrectly at that :^) you'll find yourself talking to a fictitious entity! "Lee Kit Fong" is a name that appears only on "offiicial" documents and my bank account. It is a Chinese name where the family name is placed first, indicating the importance of the "clan" - in this case the Lee's - and the other two names are like the first and middle names. The "Kit" means "hero" and the "Fong" means "fragrant." I'm not ashamed of being Chinese (though of late I feel really embarrassed to be part of this desperately devious nation called Malaysia!) but I have NEVER liked the sound of the name and still WINCE when I hear it uttered - especially by Americans who invariably mistake "Fong" for my family name! When I was old enough to read and write I used the name "Kit Lee" - and at age 19, after a major revelation, I added an 'E' to the Lee, making it Leee.

"Kit Leee" with three E's became pretty well-known in Malaysia over the years - first as a stage actor, then as a musician, and later, writer and cartoonist. There was absolutely no EARTHLY reason for me to go through the troublesome exercise of once again changing my name to ANTARES - but in 1992 when I moved to the area I have affectionately dubbed MAGICK RIVER, I arrived not as the 3D entity known to everyone as "Kit Leee" - but as "Antares Numi*On, Ceremonial Guardian." It was my transition into locating an operational base I could call HOME and an earthly mission I could wholeheartedly channel my energies and talents into.

Even so, I didn't publicly use the name "Antares" until two years ago, when I made a firm commitment to co-creating Heaven on Earth. It was to me a leap of faith into the Vast Unknown that lay around the corner, just beyond the range of visibility. But having decided to embody the galactic context of the ANTARES vibration, I now regard the name "Kit Leee" as merely a 3D vehicle that I can operate under certain conditions to achieve specific objectives (if you decide to regard Antares as a walk-in, you wouldn't be too far from the truth!)

To address me as "Kit Leee" would be as meaningful as calling you by the brand of car you occasionally drive! And to raise the spectre of the official name "Lee Kit Fong" - AND distort it into "Kit Lee Fong" - is not exactly a capital offence, but not something that's particularly pleasing to me :^)  I know you do that from ignorance more than intention to annoy, and I am only very slightly miffed - well, miffed enough to bother explaining at length to you what the choice of names means to me: it is the expression of free will in choosing one's destiny rather than having it imposed on one. If you prefer to be called "Nurmet 7" I'd happily go along with that, because I respect each entity's unique take on life.

You have been going on and on about my "anger." Eleanor, exactly what have I said to make you emphasize this "anger"? If it's about the dam project, of course, I am angry that the most beautiful place I have seen in this country is under such a grave threat at the hands of robber barons who escaped from the 14th or 15th century to perpetuate the law of MIGHT IS RIGHT on planet Earth. To deny the spontaneous flow of feeling is to be amongst the living dead. And if you think that being a highly evolved entity means that one no longer feels the "negative" emotions of anger, pain or sorrow - then I would say you are in danger of playing ostrich in regard to what's happening around us. To watch helplessly while magnificent trees are cut down for quick bucks, or to observe the colossal scale of corruption and deceit in political circles, and the fear and paranoia circuits that are being reinforced by the mass media - that is what makes me angry. Either it makes me angry or it makes me sad. When my energy is very high, it makes me cry with compassion and then it makes me laugh to see how elegantly the human melodrama unfolds as we prepare for a quantum shift into another octave of consciousness. Right now, my energy level is not high enough for me to be laughing as much as I'd like to - perhaps your harping on my anger is what I needed to remind me that it's time I increase the velocity of my atomic vibrations and transcend the pettiness and ugliness of business and politics. (I'm aware of atrocities being perpetrated all over the planet - but I believe in "think globally, but act locally" and feel that we each have a sacred duty to cleanse ourselves and then our immediate environments. To take on social and political problems in other people's countries before keeping one's own house clean won't really help :^)

You wrote:

Your words have been inflammatory.  I can understand heated words spoken at the moment.  I wish Adriana was back to listing on the jujubes. I certainly miss her calm and tone in replies.*

I don't recall posting "inflammatory" words on the Jujubes list, Eleanor. Could you give me just one example? Anyway, I am who I am and you are who you are - and I would never regard it as my business to tamper with your unique perfectness of being. I believe that's what "unconditional love" is all about. Adriana is who she is and I am not anything like Adriana - though I dearly love her.

Vive la difference, as the froggies say! That's what makes this reality so fascinating.

Love, Light & Rainbows all the way Home,

*Eleanor subsequently sent me a message explaining that she had mistakenly assumed that a discussion forwarded from another forum was from me.

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