The Blueprint
Almondala by Rollo Silver

    The spiritual body is the body that allows you to get a sense of spirit in your third dimensional reality. The spiritual body is made up of light which needs a third dimensional
body to manifest within. The etherical body is a frame-work that allows the light of the spiritual to descend into a living form. Ether is the substance that fills all physical space and transmits electromagnetic waves. These waves are woven into a fine mesh which is responsible for holding you in form as an etherical body.

     This body is a blueprint of the physical and this is where deformities have their origins. All illness originates in the etherical body. Illness begins to form as a mass of negatively charged electromagnetic waves. These waves weave knots and tangles into the etherical body. This creates a congestion in the channels of the etherical body. This stagnation creates miasms in the physical body which then turn into physical diseases and illness.

     The etherical plane is the last plane that you reside on with the perception of physical form. This is the place where you can access all other physically animated realities in which you express yourself. Those of you who have an idea that you are not originally from Earth are tapping into your other selves. These extraterrestrial selves are you on the higher etherical dimensions.

     When you have an encounter with another physically animated extraterrestrial, you may be accessing yourself on the etherical planes. There is karma on these levels and a rebalance is needed to occur between you and the extraterrestrials you are encountering. Energetic plays occur on these levels between you and the extraterrestrial races to enable you to heal out past interaction. In addition, you have the opportunity to heal out inherent negative patterning that lies within your DNA.

The Mission of the One Star

     In the beginning of your planet's history, many extraterrestrial races came to add their influence and some had a negative effect on the human. This influence is held as genetic memory in your DNA. These beings are coming back into your conscious awareness as you learn to heal out your past together. These beings also stimulate you to release fear that is held within your DNA. They take you through fear-based encounters to allow you to transmute it. The Zeta are now returning to your planet in service to assist your transmutation. They are responsible for the abductions you have experienced. There is much confusion around these interactions, especially the so-called collaboration between these beings and your governments.

     The Zeta are intricately linked to the Web. The Web is a crystalline pattern that resembles a snowflake. It is a structure of thoughts. Each Zeta is an idea or a dream working as one whole unified mind. The Zeta take ideas received from the dimensions above and structure them into conceptual theories. These concepts later become experimental dimensional experiences. They dream and create dimensional realities capable of housing beings with a connection to the Web as a whole. However, these beings experience themselves as unique and singular identities.

     The Web is a mind structure. It is the mental mind maps of THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER. Mind maps consist of pathways that are created in the biological structure of your brains and triggered by thought patterns. The Zeta are part of the consciousness of the Universal Mind. They manifest in a form that we can imagine and relate to. The Web is the Universal Mind and the Zeta are one of its many thoughts. The Web is the Universal Oneness of everything and everyone. The Zeta appear as they do to manifest an idea or concept.

     The Zeta are an idea. As an idea they are beings from another world or worlds. This very idea pushes your buttons, and allows you to face the fears around this so you can shift in consciousness. They interact with you in various ways to make you shift. In order for you to take your rightful place in the universe, you have to co-operate with the Zeta to heal and transform yourselves. When a species first moves into the space beyond the confines of their world, they encounter the energy of the Zeta. The Zeta do not always appear the same as humans perceive them. They create an image of themselves that the beings encountering them will relate to. They are the manifestation of the mind of the universe as you are the manifestation of the mind of Gaia.

     The image of the Zeta, with its elongated head and black almond shaped eyes is typically symbolic. Everyone remembers it and can perceive it as good or bad, frightening or enlightening. The Zeta exist on a dimensional reality that is outside of polarity and dualistic thought. This image can be easily seen in the world around you and behind closed eyes. If you look at the image and close your eye, it is imprinted onto your retina. When you look at the image, it activates the development of the pineal gland. This is part of the Zeta's purpose in aiding you in your development. As you encounter such beings, their presence and appearance on Earth activates levels of your dormant and unconscious minds en masse. Through this activation you evolve.

     The Zeta work closely with the pineal gland which is the conscious screen for your awareness. This screen allows you to view your animated reality. The Zeta can alter, manipulate, and rebalance the make up of the pineal gland or third eye. From this gland, stellar light creates pathways that criss-cross over each other to create a Web. On this level, you are all connected to the Web. The Zeta come and shock you out of your belief systems inherent in the nature of your reality. This will ultimately free you from the Net.

     Fear in the unconscious mind is activated whilst encountering the Zeta because their energy is of a high vibration. When a high vibration comes in contact with a low vibration, fear rises in order for it to be cleared and healed.

     Abductions are real experiences where people are having encounters with the Zeta. The drama they are experiencing is created out of the fears within their unconscious minds. The reason this is occurring is to clear the fear from the cells of the body. The fear was planted there a long time ago when you were openly manipulated both genetically and biologically by extraterrestrials. The fear you experience is programmed into your mass consciousness. It is an illusion created by the Zeta to allow the mass consciousness level to shift. The American government has signed deals allowing the Zeta to experiment on American civilians. This enables the American government and its civilians to live out their illusions to heal and shift in consciousness.

     When a Zeta comes into contact with a human, because of the level of Zeta consciousness, they automatically set up an energetic synergy. This synergy calls all negativity that prevents shifts and changes to rise to the surface for release. The nature of your reality is basically a dream. When the Zeta energy comes in contact with your reality, it creates dreams within dreams. When this happens, weird occurrences, such as abductions and cosmic revelations, may transpire. As more fear is transmuted, you will see more of who the Zeta really are.

     You are awakening and activating parts of your brains that have been dormant and unused. As you awaken, you meet your inner archetypes. At first you meet those of the personality, but, as you travel further into your inner space, you move beyond your terrestrial mind into the extraterrestrial mind. This is where you meet the Zeta archetype. They are a direct mirror of yourself. They reflect the beliefs you hold in relation to yourself and your reality. They are also a mirror reflection of your nature as a multi-dimensional being. The Zeta are the part of yourself that you have not discovered yet, and are an outside manifestation of your subconscious. Their appearance is also a mass consciousness reaction to this level of evolution. The whole UFO phenomenon and the Zeta experience coincides with this level of your development.

     In your level of consciousness, you operate as an 'I' consciousness. As you ascend the levels, you move into a dimension which is the place of the 'We'. When you interact with a 'We' consciousness expression, you have come from your 'I' consciousness. When an 'I' comes in contact with a 'We' consciousness, it fears its annihilation or the death of identity. This is your biggest fear.

     It is your death programming. The 'I' has been programmed with the idea of separation and isolation from one body to another. An 'I' singular identity is intricately interconnected with its physical body. When 'I' meets 'We', it fears its ego's death, and this fear sets up the so-called 'abduction' experiences. A 'We' consciousness is a group of more than one energy or beings that are joined at a mental and soul level. They no longer recognise themselves as separate or isolated from each other. They are one unified whole. They know there are many of them but, as regards to their beliefs about their identity, they are one mind. Therefore, they operate from this perspective. The nature of their consciousness is designed to frighten you as it is opposite/ alien to the way you operate as an 'I' consciousness.

     They are not physical beings like you, but pure energy. They take the form you see as vehicles or spiritual suits. This vehicle allows them to manifest in your reality. They reflect the process of your developing your Merkabar vehicles, your bodies of light. The flying saucers that fly through your skies are the Merkabar vehicles of beings manifesting in your reality.

     The hybrid programmes are creating Zeta-human hybrids, the Essasani. The hybrid is a manifestation or reflection into your world of the process that is occurring. As humans ascend the levels, they integrate their Zeta selves and become the Zeta-human hybrid. For every evolutionary process that occurs in your consciousness and world, there is a reaction in outer space.

[forwarded by Elfinstein]
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