by Noel Huntley, PhD.

This revelation will cause the most ardent conspiracy theorist to feel just how the naïve public feels (including most academics) when they hear about conspiracy theories.  It is another level of naivety.  We have a hoodwinked and utterly misinformed civilisation.

In spite of the official explanations regarding the WTC attack there remains many confusions and unanswered questions - in particular how the towers fell.  The British television put out a documentary explaining with some care how the buildings collapsed - too pathetic to review here.  Explosive experts will tell us the blast was an implosive one and could seemingly only have been created by skilfully placed charges in the buildings.  The fact that there is no evidence of this, or leaks of information to this effect, we know only too well does not prohibit this possibility.  However, another unexpected source of information has come to light recently-a scenario which will invoke skepticism and ridicule from even the conspiracy theorists.  This astounding disclosure does not invalidate the belief that the secret government was involved in the WTC attack or that bin Laden was working with the terrorists.  Both these causes played a vital role in the careful planning of the event.

The real reason for the disaster, not just the attack on the buildings but the precise reason why the towers fell, was that it was all part of a vital agenda of our old enemies (of historical significance) the invader ETs.  Humans have been made stupid by narrowing down their spectrum of awareness - this is what programming can do.  If we take a brief look at physics - and physics is the basic subject behind all subjects - it does not take much imagination to recognise that our third dimension is formed from a particular spectrum of frequencies (basically scalar), just as our TV picture is created by the selection of a wave band or channel.  Switch to another wave band (spectrum) and you have another picture.

Similarly if we changed spectrums we would change our reality - tune into another world, if one existed in that frequency band.  ETs clearly exist in a higher (astral) frequency band - negative ETs in the lower astral spectrum (these frequencies are below those of average humans in the astral state).  In other words, we do not perceive the activities of the aliens at the physical level.  This should be elementary physics.  The only reason people don't know about this is because current science (as well as religion, etc.)  is another control dogma and is being used to prevent ascension/evolution.

What is ascension?

Earth's slow wobble gives rise to a cycle of 26,556 years.  At the end of this period Earth's vortex aligns with that of our Sun, then Alcyone (Pleiades), and those of increasing higher frequency systems, Sirius, Arcturus, Orion and Andromeda (we are referring to the main star systems not the constellations which are meaningless, except for identification purposes).  These systems are partly within one another - our solar system is within Alcyone's influence.  Think of these cyclic systems as containing a bar magnet across their diameters.  As they rotate, alignments can occur, forming one large 'magnet'.  Earth then receives this massive influx of higher frequencies from these six systems.  If our planet is imbalanced - just as a criminal mind of low, fragmented frequencies can't stand the Light (harmonic high frequencies) - cataclysms will ensue, in other words, Armageddon.

During these ascension cycles not only does the Earth change in frequencies (evolve) but the human DNA expands its spectrum of information.  There are several different groups of invader ETs (some of them are the gods of our history records).  They each have their own control grids of varying design within our Earth.  Earth has a natural grid that manifests from its energy template or form-holding pattern, manifesting criss-crossing ley and axiotonal lines.  The ET grids are implant systems used for broadcasting, programming and ensnaring our civilisation.  There are also a few positive grids created by enlightened ETs to aid our planet.  The power of the natural planetary alignment will activate these systems.  The reason why these invader ETs want planet Earth is mainly because it is riddled with subspace interconnections (portals, wormholes) enabling instant access to other parts of the universe and other dimensions.

It also represents a vast energy source for these parasitic ETs who have lost their evolutionary direction.  One might think of these portals as central junction boxes linking different time matrices connecting to portions of this galaxy and counterparts in higher universes and also lower realms - from whence they come.  Let's really stretch the reader's consciousness and test the academic mind's limitations by indicating that the nonlinearity of inner, sub-space reality is also projected out linearly across our visible outer space but will manifest in different format.

A distant star at our level of perception could be a planet in a higher frequency stratum - the next universe level - which could be accessed within Earth's portals.  It is time our academics began exercising some real human intelligence to reveal the true design of our universe, instead of worshipping the simple illusion of the tinker-toy layout of the ego view.  The universe really is the physicist's dream.

Where does the WTC attack enter into all this?

It was necessary to give some groundwork here before elaborating on the explanation for the collapse of the buildings.  One of the many grid-type systems implanted into our Earth by invader ETs involves the spiking of seed implants (programmable mineral crystals) into the Earth; a little like embedding programmed microchips, which when activated by both the natural planetary alignment and scalar sonic pulse technology (even from other planets through subspace) become a transmission station linking to other implant and grid systems.  They create a myriad of mini-wormholes connecting to, for example, the ET's large Phoenix and Falcon wormholes around the Bermuda area (hence the Bermuda Triangle mysteries).  Technically the spikes create scalar standing columnar waves (a Tesla discovery).  When the spiking matrix is combined with other systems it would cut out man's higher perceptions and prevent any aid from enlightened ETs.

The spiked seed implants are prevalent around the globe.  They exist under the WTC region and the Pentagon.  Sonic pulses are used by these ETs to expand and activate their seed implants.  However, such a powerful technology would likely disintegrate structures on the surface.  The ETs take great care not to arouse too much suspicion and will go to great lengths to cover their tracks (hence our history has been rewritten).  Nevertheless in this case they could achieve a 'double' by blasting the spike grid system below the WTC and Pentagon to further establish their grid agenda, also provide a cover and achieve the desired war (as part of a bigger plan to start WWIII).

Thus the terrorists involving bin Laden (unaware of the ET manipulation) working with the government illuminati (mainly ET infiltrated humans) provided the perfect cover, and also created conflicting conditions in the world, that is, a polarity, division, rather than a unity of nations by condemning those not specifically supporting anti-terrorism.  We know that many of those not supporting the anti-terrorist coalition, suspect covert-governments' involvement.  Scalar sonic pulses, of which the beams are shaped like trumpets (ring any bells?)  are so powerful they can create wormholes, leaving matter turned to ash and dust!

Towards the end of WWII the Germans developed an inferior form of laser sonic beam - highly destructive at a few hundred yards but it had too much spread, creating dangerous conditions for both sides.  Most of the German advanced technological ideas were ET-inspired.  The scalar sonic pulses were timed when bringing down the buildings to minimize suspicion.  The Pentagon (and many more significant buildings) was also built on the spikes.  The pulse would have had to be synchronised to strike those spikes underlying that part of the Pentagon hit by the plane, but claims are being made that there was no evidence of any plane wreckage (clearly we don't need anything else to explain the destruction but just the belief that a plane struck the Pentagon.  Note the firemen's amazement at the sight of extensive lobby damage in the WTC before the buildings fell; also the reference to dust and the amount of ash.  The source of this ET information is the Guardian Alliance: part of a huge body of benevolent ETs dedicated to promoting peace, and aiding positive evolution of various species.  They are making available, teachings based on multidimensional physics, referred to as Keylontic Science.  Anna Hayes, who has written several books and manuals and made many tapes (not channelled or New-Age), is the human spokeswoman (technically called a 'Speaker').  [Note that the author of this article has no affiliation and does not benefit from any sales.]

It might be added that the Guardians did in fact warn nine contactees around the world what the invaders had planned, who immediately informed appropriate authorities, only to be ignored - the information was considered to be a hoax.

How does Keylontic Science work?

Briefly let us firstly present some grounding in basic physics.  The universe is an informational system and its mode of information storage and transfer is frequency-coding.  Everything from space to matter to spiritual phenomena is expressed in energies.  All energy is fundamentally oscillatory or cyclic - represented mathematically by the sine wave.  Thus the resultant of superimposed sine waves is an information packet representing any imaginable trait or condition (the quantum physics wave function is essentially realistic and not entirely mathematical fiction after all).  Now just as we can build up thousands of words and concepts from only a few letters of the alphabet, life and the universe similarly have key code frequency packets or 'building bricks.'  The human mind can access these codes by mental ideation, also sound and colour, sometimes movement, and in particular our DNA.  Keylontic Science provides key symbols which when visualised create a frequency pattern that resonates with the actual codes of the living universe.  Sound patterns can also do this.  Regarding the DNA, its frequency coding is linked to the planetary grid-system coding.  Either can be changed; each influencing the other, for example, to realign Earth's codes and prevent pole shift.  The critical period is between the years 2000 and 2017 but by the completion of that time the fate of our planetary system will have been determined.  Unless man recognises his spirituality - the inner-space dynamics - he is much worse off than a blind man on a battlefield.  [The Guardian Alliance is exonerated from any understandings presented here not in full accord with the rigorous principles of Keylontic Science.  See Voyagers books by Anna Hayes/Ashayana Deane; Granite publishers and Wildflower Press.  Website:]