Magick Revel 2003
31 December 2002 - 2 January 2003
We'd like to thank everyone who joined the celebration and who contributed their unique frequencies to the event. Selina, Michelle, Emanar, and Heiko put in a great deal of sweat creating a luxurious 'Arabian Nights' ambience while Antares spent nearly three weeks compiling 12 hours of highly eclectic dance music (everything from early Beatles to techno-rave, interspersed with lots of sexy Afro-Cuban!). Robin loaned us his funky-chunky sound system which got everyone twitching; and the 'faery lights' looked absolutely magickal as dusk fell - but, interestingly, as midnight approached, a gentle drizzle extinguished every single kerosene lamp. We were compelled to acknowledge the beauty and power of Darkness! 

The Black Moon and cloudy skies made 31st December 2002 one of the darkest nights within memory: we felt it as an opportunity to reintegrate our shadow selves and transmute them into the playful creativity and enthusiasm of our liberated inner child. Quite appropriate to the Activation of the Pleiadian Gateway occurring at this time, bringing in the recognition that our starry kids are here to guide us, and not vice versa!

Although the all-pervading darkness of the night and the damp air precluded outdoor frolicks and dancing under the stars, the Revel
reactivated the dormant party spirit of many guests who confessed later that they hadn't let their hair down and boogied for a very long time. And it also brought together many long-scattered members of our Soul Family, some of whom stayed up yakking till dawn!

January 1st and 2nd were perfect river days and those who stayed on spent the entire time lounging on the rocks and chilling out in the
invigorating waters of the well-named Chiling River. Long-lost and newfound friends spontaneously turned up to revel with us. A lot of video footage of the Revel was taped (by Geoff Millichamp and Raj)  but as I have yet to see any of it, you'll have to be content with a selection of digital portraits from the Revel.

5 January 2003
Some of the Magick Revellers...
3 kids: Zoran, Carlos and Heiko
Conducting the Neverending Riversong (pix by Ahau's Dad)
Selina prepares the Magick Dreamchamber!
Selina Lau by AntaresHeiko Niedermeyer by Antares
Robin Tan by AntaresMichelle Ch'ng by Antares
Severine and Marco arrived with trusty tent!
Antares with Ulysses ( 3rd son of Marco and Severine)
Reveller CP LokeVeteran Reveller Graham Kelly
Amazon Goddess ZoraRiver Muse Hayati (who showed up unexpectedly!)
Anoora in queenly reposeEmanar prepares to Revel




Background photo by Beth Wood