… is what a large number of Orang Asli tribes call our planet.
The Orang Asli constitute Peninsular Malaysia’s indigenous folk
and there are at least 18 distinct tribes.

The word tanah means “earth” or “land” and tujuh means “seven.”
So Tanah Tujuh literally translates as “Seventh Land”
or “Seventh World” or “Planet Seven.” 

What does 7 represent in numerology and symbology?

There are 7 major keys in the octave,
7 primary colors in the chromatic spectrum,

7 main chakras in the bioenergetic system,
7 days of the week,

7 hills, 7 sisters, 7 dwarfs,
7 wonders…

Antares is a writer, musician, and visionary
who moved out of the city in 1992 and found himself living amongst the Temuan
(second largest of the peninsular Orang Asli tribes) in the heart of the Malaysian rainforest,
a few miles from Gunung Raja - a mysterious, mist-enshrouded mountain
revered as the birthplace of a postdiluvian humanity.

ISBN 10: 978-983 3221-13-4

Tanah Tujuh: Close Encounters with the Temuan Mythos
chronicles Antares's initiation into a fast vanishing aboriginal cosmomythology
that offers an alternative view of reality.

Copiously illustrated with sketches and photographs,
a Temuan Glossary, and a foreword by eminent anthropologist,
Robert Knox Dentan.

Song of the Dragon
Seeing Beyond 3D
Blinded By Greed
Spiral Stairway to the Sky
Temuan Glossary

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