Scouring of the Shire:
An Open Letter To George W. Bush

Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 18:45:54 +0800 [updated 17 May 2003]
From: Antares <>
Organization: Magick River
To: George W Bush <president@Whitehouse.GOV>

Dear Mr President,

I humbly and earnestly beseech you, as a citizen of Spaceship Earth, to
consider the grim and dire consequences of your warlike actions against
humanity and the ecosystem; and having done so, to distance yourself,
while you still can, from everything your family stands for, and the
noxious influence of the business and military cartels that have groomed
you and abetted your rise to worldly power. If you cannot find the inner
strength and moral integrity to do so, then I urge you to tender your
resignation as a gesture of grace and humility before the Indwelling
Spirit of All That Is; and if that is too tall an order, then I pray
with all my might that those amongst your compatriots who are as yet
untainted by the foul breath of Sauron shall see fit to initiate
impeachment proceedings against you.

I speak not as an enemy of America but as a friend to All. I was
educated in New Jersey and count among my dearest friends many good,
honest, and brilliant people who reside in the U.S.A. My daughters, too,
were educated in the United States.

I have no religious affiliations but have little doubt about my
spiritual worth. In this respect, I bear no ill will towards any
religious faction but refuse to endorse any acts of cruelty or violence
perpetrated against anyone in the name of the Almighty.

It is my fervent belief that Love will ultimately triumph over Fear.
America's knee-jerk response to the horror of the 9-11 attacks has been
founded on fear and falsehood, not love and truth. Along with billions
of fellow humans, I watched in absolute agony and frustration as America
launched its own brutal campaign of terror - initially against thousands of
impoverished men, women, and children in Afghanistan, then Iraq. And I
observe with grave concern that nothing has been learned from the nightmarish
experience of two hugely destructive and totally unnecessary world wars
within the last century. The military solution is a barbaric one, with
no exceptions to the rule. Those who seek to profit from war are morally
ill and require deep therapy and love.

To further compound the atrocities of armed aggression, I note with
profound chagrin that all the lofty ideals of freedom, justice, and
equal opportunity that once made America a symbol of universal hope and
the embodiment of democratic aspirations have been dealt a deadly blow
with the insidious intensification of the police-state mindset.

Those of us who live in so-called Third World countries mismanaged by
feudal despots have long looked to nations like the USA and Britain for
moral support in our yearning for equality, freedom, justice, and true
participatory democracy. Alas, in view of the nasty turn of events in
the last few months, this has become a hideous joke.

It appears that the rule of Isengard now prevails and that Saruman,
calling himself Sharkey, has donned a dark suit and red necktie for his
regular guest spots on CNN! Unless he is stopped, and the Shire scoured
of Sauron's reptilian stench, our beloved Earth will be thwarted in her
evolution, and find herself converted willy-nilly into the Death Star
(if you'll pardon my mixed mythic metaphors).

Whilst I have no fear of whatever happens - the final outcome is
assured, and darkness shall embrace the light and be redeemed to
wholeness - there is always hope that much destruction, pain, suffering,
and tragedy can be averted if we collectively come to our senses before
we pull that trigger one more time.

It is in the spirit of eternal optimism that I write this message to
the one man who is in a unique position in history; and who can, by the
mere act of looking deep within his soul and coming to an understanding
of the even bigger Game Plan, accelerate the healing of all wounds on
this Earth, rather than mercilessly and willfully inflict new ones on
an awakening humanity. That's right, I mean YOU, Mr George W. Bush,
president of the USA!

For America is undoubtedly the New Rome, poised on yet another doomed
attempt at world conquest through military might and media dominance,
and those of us who are not Romans but who can understand and speak
Latin, as it were, have no alternative but to voice our serious
misgivings about your dangerous last-ditch efforts to retain control of
the 3D Matrix.

There is no conflict that cannot be resolved, no seeming contradiction
that does not ultimately serve a greater end. There is no injury, no
lack, no despair, no so-called sin that cannot be succored, forgiven and
transmuted by Love Supreme. Darkside-Lightside, Leftwing-Rightwing,
Male-Female, Rich-Poor, Young-Old, Arab-Jew, Yin-Yang, Dum-and-Dee:
let's quit fighting RIGHT NOW and work together to co-create a workable
and eternal heaven on earth for ALL.

Amor vincit Omnia!

Antares Alaya Numi*On
Magick River
44000 Kuala Kubu Baru

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