Ramu by Antares Nila and Ki'nan by Antares
Master Ramu used to meditate
regularly at the interdimensional
portal behind the Ceremonial Guardian's high hut.
Nila and Ki'nan - two rainbow angels who
overlighted the arrival of Ahau Ben in
March 1996.
Miss Malaysia with Ahau (pic by Antares)
Ahau's blowpipe practice (pic by Dad)
Lina Teoh (Miss Malaysia 1998 & Miss World Runner-Up)
chats up Ahau at a Kuala Kubu Baru cafe
Daily blowpipe practice
Milligan (pic by Antares)
Popeye (pic by Antares)
Milligan, Magick River Office Security Chief (1997-1999) whose baleful look got him his job but who, sadly, ran afoul of dog-hating municipal workers
Popeye, the one-eyed, incontinent, chicken-goosing, Retired Naval Officer Duck
(Ascended late August 1999)

   Insp. Wong Beng Oi (Ret.), Head of Homeland Security
at Magick River since 2002

Star Commander Lee Ahau Ben, March 1999
Dad visits Magick River, May 1998
Ahau in November 1999 (Antares)
Ahau, 3, chauffeurs the MagickMobile
Antares's Dad celebrated his 82nd birthday with a long-awaited first trip to Magick River in May 1998
 Star Commander Lee Ahau Ben Anoor-Antares

The Cawson Family by Antares
Akasha, Dave, Shanthini, Amy & Grandma Cawson
(March 1999)

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