"Fare thee well, Father William..."
E A R T H  G O D D E S S  P O W E R

Yasmin by Antares
 YASMIN WAKIL, star priestess who co-inspired the Magick River vision in 1991.

MARY MAGUIRE, Magick River co-founder
and surrogate mum to Ahau Ben.

<>Nina PaleyZarina Banu by Sophia Russell
NINA PALEY spent a hilarious week here; ZARINA BANU made a news feature about the River.  

Sonia's Rainbow Hammock (Antares)Melita Rogelj from Slovenia
SONIA RANDHAWA, Rainbow Warrior. fought valiantly on behalf of the River.
MELITA ROGELJ, EcoArt exponent and Slovenian soulmate, visited in 1995.

Scotia and Mak Minah (by Antares)River Goddess Marilia (by Antares)
SCOTIA MONKIVITCH, elfin dancer-choreographer with the late MAK MINAH, jungle diva & earth divinity;
Brazilian shaman-singer MARILYA played River Goddess on a magickal stopover in 1990.

<>Hayati by AntaresMaria by AntaresTahirah by Joakim
HAYATI MOKHTAR, actress/artist/aristocrat, often held court at Magick River; MARIA DAHLAN jumped the Baby Fall
on her very first visit in 1992; and nubile wood-nymph CHARMAINE TAHIRAH often seeks sanctuary at Magick River.

The delectable Asha Gill with Beelzebub @ Pythagoras at #21 Kg Pertak