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Ayisha (Halus) ~ Child of Paradise (photo: Colin Nicholas)

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 The Rainbow Tribe Community Arts Project

Guardians of the Forest  ~ The Documentary
Malaysia's Orang Asli face imminent cultural extinction. This beautifully filmed 52-minute documentary 
(which received excellent reviews following its media preview in May 2000) is an honest and moving portrayal 
of an indigenous rainforest tribe's last days as a free people. 
Meet the Temuan of Ulu Selangor, Malaysia
A portrait gallery. Takes about 80 seconds to download but worth the wait!
AKAR UMBI ~ Temuan ceremonial songs ~ Rainforest World Music Festival
A musical collaboration with broad appeal. Akar Umbi on the World Music scene!
Articles on Indigenous Cultures, Spirituality & the Environment
Published & unpublished essays archived for online research as part of Magick River's 
Free-Information-to-Heal-the-Earth Campaign!
The singing ambassador of the Temuan returns to the Spirit Realms. 

The Abominable Jungleman (semi-retired)
Antares ~ Webmaster of Magick River
Meet the Webmaster and resident Weirdo!
Personal Statement on the Proposed Selangor Dam
The former Ceremonial Guardian of Magick River speaks out on an important issue.
The Ceremonial Guardian retires!
On 10 October 1999, Antares was released from his 7-year stint as 
Ceremonial Guardian of Magick River.
Pictorial Bio  ~  Expanded & Updated!
A deluge of jpegs depicting the many faces of Antares and the multiple phases of his earthly life.
Personal Quotebook
Nothing quite like a timely quote to put everything back into a positive perspective. Here are some classics 
(funny as well as serious) collected over the years, and new ones are being added all the time.
Started blogging in December 2006. It's way too addictive to stop!
The Moon
  An experiment in 'overground' journalism ~ some ripped off from other 'syndicated' sources.
       "Intriguing Eclecticism" at its looniest!

Magick River Associates & Earth-Sky Wisdom Links

A network of musicians, artists & performers
working to promote events & concerts focused on peace & raising global consciousness.
Damanhur was born of a dream. A dream of a society based on optimism
and the idea that human beings can be the masters of their own destiny, without having to depend on outside forces.
This was the vision of Oberto Airaudi (Falco) when, together with a group of fellow researchers, he founded the spiritual, human and social experience of Damanhur in the early 1970s, inspired by Atlantean memories.
Today the Federation of Damanhur is an eco-society, a federation of communities - and an active member of Global Ecovillages Network.
Solara's Surf Report & The 11:11 Doorway
Solara announced the 11:11 Doorway and presided over its activation on 11 January 1992. She inspired my current User ID and has helped me develop navigational skills in hitherto unknown electromagnetic seas.
Her monthly Surf Reports are invariably spot on!

In Memoriam ~ Chief Jesse Hang ~ Homepage & Art Gallery
    Jesse, who departed the earth plane on 6 May 2003 after a two-year battle with cancer, was Magick River's Mayan navigator, storyteller, visionary painter, and connoisseur of delectable elves.
He was by nature so reticent we figured setting up a homepage
for him was the only way
we could share this brilliant and lovable entity with our website visitors!
 Soluntra Azulea King ~ EVENSTAR CREATIONS
Books, Mandalas, Star, Gem and Flower Essences, Workshops and Initiatory Tours
by a radiant multidimensional walk-in
Star Priestess/Creator Goddess named Soluntra
who's based in Queensland, Australia.
 Marianne Y. Naerebout ~ Rainbow Goddess Gallery
     You never saw such gorgeous COLOURS! A planetary artist extraordinaire!
 Lida Geh ~ Dream Gallery
     Amazon princess, painter, and poet who believed in Magick River!
KAKISENI ~ Portal to the Malaysian Arts Scene
Event listings, reviews & links to the visual & performing arts in Malaysia.
Look out for reviews by Antares in the archive!

She could be Robert Crumb's granddaughter (though she isn't) but Nina Paley is certainly someone I regard
as my cartoon guru. One of the most talented and wacky young cartoonists on planet Earth today.

Nina spent an unforgettable week at Magick River in the heady days of 1992.
'Neens' has been
experimenting with animation in recent years.

LATIF KAMALUDDIN ~ Concretoceptual Poet & Philosopher
     Meet philosopher-poet Latif Kamaluddin, the archetypal eccentric professor of Universiti Sains Malaysia's 
School of Social Sciences, Penang,

PALDEN JENKINS ~  webmaster, lecturer, author & holistic thinker
One of the most lucid commentators on planetary events today.
WORLD TRANSFORMATION ~ Flemming Funch's New Civilization Network
A wealth of stimulating ideas, insights & visions for a transformed planet. 
JOR-EL A'DAM RA ~ Conscious Evolution Adventure 
Is Jor-El (aka Ed Elkin) really Superman's dad?
Aluna Joy Yax'kin's CENTER OF THE SUN  ~ Mayan Mysteries
     Aluna Joy Yaxk'in keeps you updated on the Mayan mysteries & 
the meaning of the Tzolk'in. She coordinates the Annual Solar Ceremony for Planetary Awakening 
and conducts ceremonial tours of Mayan sacred sites.
GALERIE SUBLIMATIO ~ Exquisite Gnostic Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
     Fabulous esoteric paintings by an ancient & modern young master. 
The artist looks just as beautiful as his images!

The Magick River Rainbow Family Album

A pictorial glimpse of life at Magick River (Part One)
Rainbow Family Album (Part Two)
Rainbow Family Album (Part Three)
EARTH GODDESS POWER ~ Celebrating Beauty, Art and Wisdom at Magick River
Anyone who's ever visited Magick River & has some great pix to share, please email them to us


Magick River Angels, Elves & Fairy Godmothers
  Dedicated to everyone who has kept Magick River alive & growing

Who's a Friend of Magick River?

Anyone who's ever visited Magick River and had a great time. Anyone who's involved in the arts - especially community and healing arts - and scientific research that frees rather than enslaves people. Anyone who agrees that the Campaign for the Earth is our most urgent priority. Anyone on a vision quest who seeks alternative paradigms for peaceful, harmonious living. Anyone who believes in earth guardianship and healing, cooperative coexistence between the younger and elder tribes of humanity, and the celebration of planetary, galactic, and cosmic consciousness.


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