Aurora (by Kinnunen)
by Bettye Cates

Delivered October 5th, 2003 to the Cosmic Church of Truth

I would like to begin with a quote from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, Genesis chapter 1: verses 14 and 15:

"And God said, 'Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to separate the day from the night; and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years, and let them be lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light upon the earth.'  And it was so."

There are many people today who would like to ignore the word "signs" in that quotation, just as they might deny that the "Light" could also refer to "enlightenment" or "wisdom," as it does so frequently in the Bible, yet there it is on the very first page of Genesis.  Over the centuries, much of the original intent of the writings of the Torah has been edited out, or misinterpreted, to suit the purposes of men with their own agendas.  Yet the fact that it was a part of God's plan for His people to read the movements of the lights in the heavens as signs of the times is, in fact, undeniable, if you believe that the Bible is, indeed, the inspired Word of God.

We are all familiar with the story of the three "Wise Men" who saw a brilliant new star in the heavens, some 2,000 years ago, and in reading the significance of this star as a sign of the birth of a great King, followed it from very far away to bring gifts and honor to Jesus, the Messiah.  These "Wise Men" were, indeed, astrologers from other countries, and other faiths, who knew how to read those signs, and recognized the future importance of this child they found asleep in a lowly manger.

A similar time in the history of humanity is fast approaching, yet if we were to deny the wisdom of astrologers, it is possible that the spiritual significance promised by this event would go wholly unnoticed by the world at large.  Yet it bears a message for the whole world, not just for the Jews, nor just for Christians, not for any one religion alone.  The significance of this event is meant as a beacon in the night for all sentient beings inhabiting the earth at this time.

What began as a surprise discovery of one modern day "wise man" is sweeping the world of astrologers, and the enlightened, as the birth chart of the Christ Consciousness in mankind, and the opportunity to invite the Kingdom of Heaven into our earthly experience.  In 1998, an astrologer named Johnny Mirehiel was scanning the astrological patterns that would be formed in the future, and was stunned to see the image of the Star of David come together on his computer screen at the time of a total lunar eclipse at 8:12 pm EST, on November 8th, 2003.This particular upcoming event has since come to be called "The Harmonic Concordance," referencing back to an event in August of 1987 called the Harmonic Convergence, during which people around the world participated in gatherings to pray for world peace.  It is interesting to note that this Star of David formation can be seen in astrological charts cast for the time of the eclipse from any place on the planet, reconfirming the global significance of this event.

According to Don Jacobs in his book, "Astrology's pew in the Church," The sacred Hebrew Star of David" also known as the Seal of Solomon, "originated from the double grand trine configuration in the astrological chart of King David.  "He painted this symbol on his shield to warn his enemies of the powerful combination in his horoscope that afforded him power, luck, and most of all, God's blessings"

Merkaba (by Emanar) The Star of David, itself, is a six-pointed star comprised of two interlocking equilateral triangles, known in astrology, as grand trines.  In spiritual symbolism, the triangle pointing upward represents mans' striving towards God, while the downward pointing triangle represents God's striving toward man.  Together they speak to the integration of Heaven and Earth, or of Divinity and Humanity.  In astrological symbolism, the two interlocking triangles, or 'Grand Trines, each signify a special blessing, a gift, or an easy blending of the energies represented by the planets involved in the formation.  The hexagonal outer frame of this configuration, corresponding to the six points of the star, forms a pattern known in astrology as a Grand Sextile, signifying an opportunity, or, in the words of Johnny Mirehiel, "a mutually unobstructed flow of energy" between the planets involved.

Another important aspect to the Harmonic Concordance chart is the fact that the two Grand Trines fall in the very compatible, feminine elements of Earth and Water.  While this has relevance on many different levels, I will confine my discussion to the fact that Earth, in this context, would represent, not only the earth itself, but all creatures living upon its surface as well, which, of course, would include all of humanity, and the physical, material world in which we live.  The water signs in astrology, typically signify the world of emotion, feelings, and spirituality, and as represented by the downward pointing Grand Trine of God striving toward man, would find expression in Jesus' admonition that we "drink of the living waters, that we should never go thirsty."  It is interesting to note that, while the elements of Earth and Water are both feminine in nature, all the planets involved in the Grand Sextile, except the Moon, happen to be masculine, thus hinting to a perfect balance of these energies as being necessary to produce the effect of a planetary shift in consciousness.

Of equal importance to the significance of the Harmonic Concordance chart, is the fact that all of the planets involved are known as the "inner" or "personal" planets, thus indicating that the effects of this astrological configuration would be felt very differently from one person to the next, and "that the basic energy pattern is one of uncompelled personal choice."  In fact, the outer, slower moving planets, of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, which tend to influence whole generations similarly, happen to be conspicuous in their absence from the configuration, thus highlighting the importance of individual choice in seizing the moment, and further distinguishing this Star of David from any other.

Yet a crucial issue making this event so unique is the fact that, one of the planets necessary to complete the grand sextile was not even known to man until 1977.  The timing of its discovery has special significance in Hebrew prophecy, as it occurs 29 years after Israel was declared a nation, in 1948, thus initiating the countdown for the Jews that "this generation shall not pass away before the day" their Christ would set them free from their oppressors.

This planet, Chiron, has the mythical reputation of being known as the "Wounded Healer," making it compatible with the energy of the wounded Christ returning to heal the earth and its inhabitants.  In the article, "Chiron at the Concordance," Joyce Mason explains that, "the archetype of Chiron pre-dates Christ, but they are the same archetype… Both of them were teachers and healers, both went through a very painful experience of suffering, died, were resurrected, and went up to the sky.  The point is that, at some point, we have to get off the cross of matter and into the resurrection…It may not come without our having to feel some pain…After all…He is the wounded healer…and pain is most often our best teacher.  Ultimately, we will get to joy, but we'll need that 're-perception' which has to do with letting go of the old emotions."

Grand Sextile, 8-9 Nov 2003 While there are numerous other astrological aspects that reflect on the importance of this event, I will confine my discussion here to just one other point that is of special significance, the fact that a total lunar eclipse is an integral part of this Grand Sextile acts as a trigger to the manifestation of the events implied by the energies in the chart.  An eclipse is understood to point to "the beginning of some important undertaking, or the bringing to fruition of an issue that had its conception at an earlier time," though the full effects of the event may not be evident for up to 18 months after the eclipse itself.  It is expected that this eclipse could very well mark an important milestone event on a global level, particularly when viewed as the last, and considered the best, total lunar eclipse in what is called the "Saros Series," which began in the year 1210.

In a fascinating article you can read in full on the Harmonic Concordance web site called "The Cathar Eclipse," authors Paul Newman and Lorraine Exley have suggested that "Cathartic" and "Catharsis," generally referring to a massive transformation following some catastrophe, "would be the key words for this chain of lunar eclipses.  Both words stem from the same root as 'Cathar,' a religion of cleansing and purity whose followers were brutally wiped out by the Knights of Templar" in a Holy Inquisition under orders by the pope in the years following that first eclipse in the Saros Series.  "The Cathars were considered to be heretics in the eyes of the established Christian Church for their beliefs in such things as the value of women in the ministry, and reincarnation…Yet the ultimate reason for the annihilation of tens of thousands of men, women, and children by the Church was to suppress their belief that Mary Magdalene was actually the wife of Jesus, and that they had engendered a" surviving bloodline.  This belief has recently begun to resurface, and has gained credibility in light of the fact that Jesus was said to have lived a normal life up until the time of his ministry, and that marriage was a requirement for a Hebrew Rabbi of that time, of which he was frequently called.

"So while, on an outer level, the Roman Church was successful in establishing its version of the story of Christ, to the eclipse of any other, the Inquisition had ultimately failed because the secrets of the Cathars were already in the hands of the Knights of Templar," who became regarded as the "guardians of the Holy Grail," and 100 years later, they, too would be subjected to a similar attempt of a papal purge.  The article discusses many other correlations in depth, including the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, and a peak eclipse in 1859, coinciding with the year Charles Darwin finally published his revolutionary work on the "Origin of Species".

Throughout the entire Saros Series eclipse chain, there seems to have been a predominant theme of 'going against the persecution and suppression of beliefs by the establishment, and the fight for basic human rights and freedoms,' a sentiment that has become a critical issue already in 2003, in light of the recent war in Iraq.

So far, most of what I've been telling you is astrological in nature, and may be rather difficult to understand if you haven't been studying the stars for most of your life.  The real question we need to ask at this time is…"What does all this mean to average people like you and me?  Is the world coming to an end on November 8th, 2003?  Is this the second coming of Christ that Christians all over the world have been anxiously awaiting for 2,000 years?  Is this the arrival of the Redeemer that the Jews have been anticipating for centuries?  Are we on the verge of Armageddon?"

There are many who believe that Jesus, the Christ, will physically reappear, and will then sweep up, only those who believe in Him, in a certain way, into heaven with him in one final collection of souls known to Christians as "the Rapture."  This may be a very effective tool for obtaining compliance from the masses, but Philippians chapter 2, verse 10 says that "every knee shall bow, in heaven, and on earth, and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the Glory of God the Father."  This doesn't sound to me like some exclusive little group, as some would have us believe.  This sounds like everybody is supposed to get on this ride… Christian, Jew, Moslem, Hindu, Spiritualist, Astrologer, Metaphysician…Absolutely everybody!

John chapter 4, verse 24 says, "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."  The myth of acceptance into Heaven being achieved by saying the right prayers, sitting in the right pews in the right churches, while judging others to be excluded because they say different prayers or call God by a different name is being exploded.  God judges men by what is written on their hearts.  That is where you will find the "Spirit" and the "Truth."

In another article on the web site, titled, "What Does the Harmonic Concordance Portend for Me Personally?"  author Kelly Rosano proposes some fascinating insights into the 2nd coming of Christ.  She points out that with Neptune, the planet of Spirituality and religion, forming a powerful T-square with the Sun (representing consciousness), and the Moon (representing the unconscious), that a division of the way is inevitable between "those who take Self-responsibility for their spiritual and personal path, and those who believe that their religion is the 'only way,' and that their 'savior' is external.  Those who think that their religion, belief system, or reality is the only true path to God, to the exclusion of all others, will remain cemented in the third dimension, fearing, and feeling threatened by all others who oppose such a narrow view."

On the other hand, "Those who are open minded, compassionate, and tolerant of other peoples' religions, approaches to life, and ideals, will" find their consciousness expanded, and begin to experience life "in the fifth dimension" based on the energy of love, peace, and abundance, rather than the fear, anger, and selfishness of the third dimension.

What she suggests this "Revolution in Consciousness" will imply is that "The Christ will be born in you!  You will be walking, talking, breathing, and living in the Christ Consciousness…just as prophesy has foretold.  You are to become the Christ incarnate, every day in which you choose love and compassion, you put on the Christ Consciousness…by choosing to merge with your own higher self…thus the 'Anointed One' becomes you…Miracles will begin to manifest in you life because you have risen to a higher consciousness, forged with your Higher Self, and have overcome fear.  From this place of Love and Light, you can make your dreams a reality."  Hence, it is believed that the message to the world of the Harmonic Concordance is that the time has come for the indwelling of the Spirit of the Christ Consciousness, often called the higher self, or the God-self, within the heart of every man.

Yet what of all the doom and gloom we've heard from prophecies throughout our lives relating to the return of Christ to the earth?  In actuality, the November 8th, 2003 date of the Harmonic Concordance lies at the hub of a wide variety of converging time lines from the prophecies of many divergent cultures.

Peruvian shamans of the Q'ero line, descendants of the Incan medicine men and women who fled into the high Andes to escape the Spaniard Conquistadors, have told shaman-psychologist, Dr. Albert Villoldo about an important event occurring in the late fall of 2003, marking the end of the current, and final, "Pachakuti", or earth transformation, which is described as a period of cleansing when everything is turned upside down.  In the article, "Stepping Through the Concordance Paradox," Jan Mirehiel quotes Villoldo that, "For the last of the Incas, this next Pachakuti means the end of the world as we know it.  But while they present the possibility of annihilation and the return to chaos, they also promise the emergence of a new human being at the end of this period of turmoil.

Even more importantly," he continues, "the prophecies speak of a tear in the fabric of time itself," and that those who have prepared for it will be able to walk through it, and into their luminous (spirit) bodies.  The Peruvian shamans believe that a new day is dawning when the doorways between the worlds are opening up again, as holes through which we can safely step, into a place where we can "explode our human capabilities."  Villoldo concludes, "In doing so, we will craft new physical bodies that age differently, heal differently," and possibly never even die.

In an article John Mirehiel wrote for the October issue of the Dell Horoscope magazine, he mentioned that another author and "time researcher," Preston Nichols, has been studying Time and Consciousness as they are shaped by frequencies and magnetic fields.  He has pinpointed 2003 as the year closing out the other end of the "time wormhole" that was first opened up by the Philadelphia experiment in 1943.  Mirehiel also mentions that, "master healer and teacher in the 'Curandera' tradition, Starr Fuentes, who works with similar metaphors and frequencies as the causal factors behind physical manifestation, was made aware of this specific date, November 8th, 2003, by her own teacher, way back in 1964."

Out of curiosity, Jan and Johnny Mirehiel undertook a survey to see what others might be thinking about the events during the last year of the Pachakuti, and reported their findings in "The 2003 Prophecies."  They found prophets, priests, preachers, psychics, Shamans, and more who, though coming from a wide variety of ideological and philosophical backgrounds, all identified 2003 as a most important year for mankind.  They discovered that the authors of most of the numerous web pages offering interpretations of Biblical prophecies suggest 2003 as THE year that Daniel's final predictions of the end times would begin.

The Reverend Sun Myung Moon has also gone on record with his belief that "The physical world and spirit world would be united…by the end of 2003.  It should not extend beyond that."  Peter Moon, author of "The music of Time," which deals with both the Philadelphia and Montauk experiments, "cites 2003 as the year those experiments, originally taking place in 1943 and 1983 respectively, will be completed, due to (or through) a disruption or distortion of Time as we know it."  Robert Ghostwolf predicts a pole shift, followed by several days of darkness.  Richard Hoagland purports to have insider info on a catastrophe.  The Russian "Yellow" mass media cites the end of the world in 2003.  Various sources predict a nuclear holocaust.  Other's say a comet or a rogue planet in an erratic orbit will collide with the Earth.

While admittedly, most of these predictions are of the doom and gloom variety, the Mirehiels ask "that you keep in mind that your primary purpose… is to follow the light of your own soul, as it leads you back to your God.  This is best done by standing in radiant faith, in which there is no room for anxiety about what tomorrow will bring.  As Spiritual beings having human experiences…you have the freedom and ability to create the scenario of your choice…what you believe is what you will get."

The role of Time seems to be a common thread in many of these prophecies.  "Your ability to work with these subtle energies can be enhanced by exercising the possibility that Time is a richer concept than you may have thought, one in which all 'outcomes' are nothing more than reflections of the truths you acknowledge."

Gregg Braden, renowned author, scientist, and visionary, has written several books suggesting that our traditional conception of time and reality is the true myth.  He explains that, in 325 AD, the Emperor Constantine put together the Council of Nicea with a mission of removing biblical texts that were considered to be redundant, too confusing, or so mystical that they weren't understood.  Twenty-five original texts, and twenty supporting documents were taken from our reference at that time, and the remaining books were rearranged and condensed to produce the version of the Bible we are working with today.

He further explains that, when the Essenes, of which Joseph, Mary, and Jesus were reported to be, "left the Qumran area to escape persecution, they carried with them copies of entire libraries.  Some went to Bolivia and Peru, where there are still, to this day, active Essene monasteries.  The Hopi and Navajo traditions also confirm these texts, and others went to the monasteries in the highlands of Tibet for safekeeping for later generations."  In 1998 (the same year the Harmonic Concordance chart was discovered) Braden took a pilgrimage to 12 Tibetan monasteries and 2 nunneries, and discovered that the Tibetans were not only housing these Christian and pre-Christian libraries, but they are still living these traditions today!

Most of Braden's books are based on the teachings of the Essenes found in the recently translated Isaiah Scroll, the only one of the 2,000 year old Dead Sea scrolls that was discovered in 1946 to be completely intact.  This scroll described a mode of prayer that has long since been lost to Western cultures, but "is a form of prayer that has no words, no outward expression, and is based simply on FEELING…Specifically, this mode of prayer invites us to feel the appreciation and gratitude in our hearts, as if our prayers have already been answered, even if the world appears to show us otherwise."

"This form of prayer is NOT directed at a place, person, organization, country, city, or event…and does NOT attempt to 'make' something happen, somewhere we may not agree with what life is showing us…The ancients understood that to use prayer in this way is an 'abomination' of our gift of communion with our world…To impose our idea of what should, or should not be, anywhere in the world, or upon another person, is a form of manipulation, and a misuse of the gift of prayer."

Interestingly enough, Gregg Braden is not the only source from which this same information is coming at this time.  Much of the wisdom to be found on the Harmonic Concordance web site speaks to experiencing the world you want to create "in the NOW," or, as if it already exists, as does the channeled information of Abraham-Hicks, Kryon, Kirael, The Group (on, and many more.

For the most part, all of these sources agree that the most widespread form of prayer in Western cultures, that of "asking for" a particular thing to be done, is actually the least effective, in that you are basically confirming to Spirit a state of lacking that thing, which then perpetuates that very state of lacking it indefinitely.  When we ask, "Dear God, please let there be peace in the world," in effect we are stating that peace does not exist.

We would be far better off to pray as Christ did, with thanks, as if it had already been accomplished.  'Thank you, God, for the peace and love that is blanketing the planet!'  "Then feel the emotions of peace prevailing throughout the world.  Imagine Israeli and Palestinian children responding to this call," extending the hand of friendship to one another, "using the power of their spirits to activate the healing energy that will bring peace to that region.  Sing the song that we all know, 'Let there be peace on Earth,' for music has a power all its own, and this song says it all."

Braden says that, "Visualizations are powerless unless we breathe life into them through the power of emotion and feeling as if those visualizations had already come to pass.  If this mode of prayer works, as we believe, there is no reason for us to experience those catastrophic predictions because we now have the collective power to change reality.  But we must come together to do so through mass prayer, using feeling fueled by the power of human emotion.

While the thought of "Co-creating a new reality" with Spirit may be a new idea to many of us, it is what we are being told will be one of the wonderful benefits of the coming ascension of Mother Earth, and the accompanying birth of the Christ Consciousness in man.  On the ascended earth, the time and effort required for our prayers to go from thought form to manifestation should be greatly reduced, as the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds begins to melt away.

In "Praying From the Heart - A Clarification for the 'Lost' Mode of Prayer," posted on his web site on January 14th, 2003, Braden asserts that "Recent studies offer new hope, and renewed credibility to our most cherished traditions, suggesting that we may 'do something' about the seemingly unending cycles of violence, and the future of our world."  He adds that "Statistics have shown that a specific number of people, joined in a focused, unified consciousness of non-denominational mass prayer, produce effects that extend well beyond the room or building where the prayer has occurred…That number is the square root of 1% of the population involved."  I seem to remember from one of his books that it comes down to one person out of every one-hundred on the planet, praying in one accord, is all it would take to change the course of history.

Think about it…That's POWERFUL!

A group of us in the Spiritual Mind Gathering, here at the Cosmic Church of Truth, tried this just last month, when a category 6 Hurricane Isabel was headed right for the Florida coast with winds up to 200 MPH.  It was the strongest hurricane ever recorded approaching the United States mainland, and would have caused untold devastation had it not been slowed down before it hit land.  We spent just a few moments in prayer, not asking God to do anything, but envisioning and feeling the eye wall being torn apart, and the hurricane being turned back out to the open ocean where it would do no harm.  By our next meeting three days later, the news reported that the eye wall was starting to look "ragged," though it was still headed right for Jacksonville… so we prayed the feeling prayer again.  It turned north that very night, and by the time it hit the North Carolina coast three days later, it barely had sustained winds of 80 MPH.

Now I'm not saying that the efforts of our little group alone turned the hurricane, but together with the prayers of the rest of the East Coast of the United States, the destruction and loss of life was minimal compared to what it could have been.  Imagine what might have happened if all those millions of people in South Florida had kept praying even after the threat to their area had passed?

So what about all those doom and gloom predictions?  Does this mean that an apocalypse is yet inevitable?  Not necessarily, according to the new interpretation of the prophecies of Isaiah in the Dead Sea Scrolls, it's actually up to you and me!  Gregg Braden states that, "For every moment of catastrophe the prophets see in our future, while they may well be possible consequences of the choices we are making in our lives right now, there are other outcomes just as possible…Isaiah is very clear when he says that it is just as possible that we are about to enter a time of unprecedented cooperation between nations, and that war will not even be in our vocabulary."

Even the channeled info of Kryon, delivered to the United Nations in 1998, suggests that humanity has already changed its destiny from what was expected and predicted by the Ancients, and that we are now making it up as we go along.

"The mystery among scholars has been, how could these prophets speaking thousands of years ago see such different possibilities for the same moment in history?"  What Braden believes, and is calling "The Isaiah Effect" is that "the ancient prophets were actually adept masters at slipping between those parallel realities," much as we can expect to learn to do in the altered energy of the ascended earth.  "A growing body of evidence suggests that we are a part of all that we see…and our ability to recognize this relationship may provide the keys to our very survival, while leading us into the greatest epoch of peace, cooperation, and wisdom yet known to humankind."

It is interesting that, "most indigenous cultures of the world, Egypt, Bolivia, Peru, Nepal, and elsewhere, are not only expecting these kind of changes, but they expect them NOW…Quite literally, there is a new species of human that is being birthed within this generation, at the close of this grand cycle of experience that the ancients called 'The Shift of Ages'…This new species has been predicted, prophesied, and expected through ancient…cultures, and it's only in the West that we've been surprised and mystified by it because of the" lost texts.

No one can really say for sure what will happen on November 8th, or at any time before or after that particular date.  But one thing seems to be very clear to people all over the world…Times are changing.  People are changing, and have been for some time now.  The energy on our planet is somehow different than it was even 30 years ago.

Last August, when a power outage blacked out several states in the North East US, most people expected chaos after dark.  Yet the Chief of Police went on record on TV the next day saying that it was the first night in the history of New York City that there had been absolutely no crime reported, what-so-ever.  I remember watching footage of the masses of people, all walking in the streets that day, just trying to get home.  In a city known for being cold and impersonal, people were smiling at each other, helping each other, directing traffic, and giving rides to complete strangers.  You could almost see the relief on their faces as they endured this unexpected hardship…There were no buildings falling down, and no people jumping out of windows to their death…Life was good….

We have been undergoing a period of preparation for a new world order to emerge, and all the astrological symbolism would indicate that we are on the threshold of the Kingdom of God right here on earth, at this very time.

Interestingly enough, John Charles Webb claims to have discovered the birth chart of Christ, set for March 4th, 5 BC, which also shows a Star of David pattern in Earth and Water signs, just a few degrees off of being an exact duplicate of the Harmonic Concordance chart, and he says it will not occur again in some millions of years.  In Johnny Mirehiel's personal research, he has not found the likes of this exact configuration to occur within the 4,000-year span between 1,000 BC and 3,000 CE.  While the astrological chart of the Harmonic Concordance has been described as the birth chart of the Christ Consciousness in man, it is also believed to be the signal of the ascension of Mother Earth, herself, to a higher vibrational dimension, which, in turn, will allow humanity to ascend to a higher spiritual vibration as well.

In an article on the Concordance web site called, "What Is Ascension?"  Sandy Stevenson explains that, "Ascension is a natural and normal part of the evolutionary process of the Universe, and is basically a continuing growth through learning in many forms."  Within humanity, ascension "comes about through greater spiritual wisdom, compassion, tolerance, integrity, true understanding, and such qualities that lead us to unconditional Love."  Sandy suggests that we can assist Mother Earth in her ascension through the "Power of Positivity," by "keeping our own auric field clear and free from negativity, then allowing Light to pass through the energy centers (charkas) of the body, down into the earth."  She explains that clearing the aura requires the discipline of only permitting positive thought, pure intent, use of affirmations," releasing judgment, moving reasoning "from the 'head' to the 'heart,' realizing that all are brother and sister," and by becoming more loving.

So what else can we do to prepare ourselves for the Harmonic Concordance and the indwelling of the Christ Consciousness?  In the words of Kelly Rosano, "Cut away all that no longer serves you, your path, your destiny…Focus on what you can do, to love, accept, and nurture yourself.  Come apart from the world, dial out the negatives of media, religion, government, institutions, etc.  Forgive yourself and others.  Stop the criticism and judgments.  Be proactive, not reactive.  Hold the vision for peace, and we will shift and evolve out of our present day extreme violent adolescence.  Celebrate your accomplishments, even the tiny ones.  Celebrate when things go through like a breeze.  Celebrate with friends and family.  Take your time…Meditate daily…Ask yourself, 'what are my intentions?  What are my heart's desires?  What is driving me?  What can I clean out?  What do I need right now to feel safe, balanced, focused, and secure?  Do I set my goals based on my true values, rather than on 'coulds,' woulds,' or 'shoulds?  Do I choose love and compassion, and do I consciously dismiss fear and its stepchild, anger?'"

We must finally understand that, in this world, 'All are One,' and that whatever we do to others, we do also unto ourselves.  In the words of Chief Seattle, "The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth.  We do not weave the web of life - we are merely a strand in it.  Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves."

While no one knows for sure whether this ascension will take the form of cataclysmic earth changes, or whether we will simply begin to "see" the world in a different way, we should ultimately wind up with a planet that's a lot more peaceful than what we've known so far, even if we have to surmount some obstacles before we get there.  One thing has become clear…The Harmonic Concordance, occurring during the Lunar Eclipse on November 8th, 2003, contains the promise of an unprecedented planetary shift.

Those who have been diligently working on a spiritual path will feel a huge and much deserved boost of positive energy in their personal lives, in their spiritual acceleration, and in their environment.  "We have been invited by our Source, our Creator, our God, to come up, and experience a revolution in consciousness, to choose to view our world from a perspective of love rather than fear or anger."  Bottom line: the time has come to choose PEACE!

In essence, this historic event is signaling to mankind an opportunity to reach for a higher and closer relationship with Spirit at a time when the distance between man and God has been significantly reduced.  It is as if Mother Earth herself is being raised to a higher spiritual vibration, and in doing so, is lifting the spirit of humanity along with her.  The expected effects are that we will all become more aware of, and in tune with the leadings of the Holy Spirit within our own hearts, will begin to make choices and decisions based on love instead of selfishness, and the inhumanity of a world stuck in rational thought will give way to the compassion and understanding of people in touch with their feelings and emotions.

Granted, there are people on this earth who will remain so mired in negativity and hatred that they may not feel the changes in the least, and it is possible that these people will become so uncomfortable with the new energy that they will choose to leave the planet in the near future, and may unfortunately take some of the enlightened with them, as happened on 9/11/01.  This is why it is so important that the news of this occurrence be brought to the attention of the world, so that each person has the opportunity to make the choice for themselves to focus their lives on the light, and welcome the Kingdom of God into existence in our time.

The list of locations around the world where observances will be held during the eclipse, on November 8th, 2003, is growing by the day, including such significant places as the Pyramids of Giza, Machu Pichu, Sedona, as well as the every day places like right here in Jacksonville, FL.  Even if you choose to spend that time alone, I ask you to at least join in at 8:12 PM to pray with the rest of the world, in thanks for the beautiful, peaceful spirit that is sweeping over the planet.

You can find much of the information I've shared with you today, and more, on the Harmonic Concordance web site,, and

In parting, let me remind you that, in "A Course in Miracles," we learn that the opposite of fear is love, and that these are really the only two true emotions.  They cannot co-exist, but we always have the choice to live in fear, or live in love.  Let no fear enter into the pure and peaceful center of your soul.  Always live in the moment of the NOW as if the most glorious future you can envision has already manifested itself in your existence.

Even if you choose to do nothing else at the time of the Harmonic Concordance on November 8th, at the very least, I ask that you read to yourself the words of that familiar little song to follow: (P.S. Please note that a few of the words have been changed from the original to make it a bit more universal and non-denominational)

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.  Let there be peace on earth, the peace that was meant to be.  With God as Creator, family all are we.  Let us walk with each other in perfect Harmony.  Let peace begin with me, let this be the moment now.  With every breath I take, let this be my joyous vow: To take each moment and live each moment in peace eternally.  Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me!

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May your future be filled with blessings of Peace, Love, and Light!

© 2003 Bettye Cates

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