Subject: The Power of Positive Anger
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 05:01:33 -0700
From: Antares <>
Magick River
To: John Hammell <>

Dear John:
You have admirable fighting spirit! I just checked out your website to see what the IAHF was all about and now I know why we have been thrown into a discussion on SURVIVAL. In 1969 at age 19 I, too, was diagnosed as "schizophrenic" and committed to an asylum by my parents. However, at no time did I ever accept that I was "ill" - indeed I KNEW that I was EXTREMELY WELL, having "lost my mind and come to my senses" (to quote another great spirit-warrior, Tim Leary). Anyway, I fully endorse your view that current psychopharmaceutical practice is dehumanizing (actually, zombifying!) and designed to further centralize power in the hands of the "State" or at least the Medical Establishment which serves the hidden agenda of Drug Companies. Here again I tend to focus on the Big Picture - drawing on the vivid insights my so-called madness has given me into dimensions beyond the physical. Below is an excerpt from the Earth Portals Website <>
highlighting the campaign of another Inspired Madman/Visionary, Jose Arguelles himself, author of THE MAYAN FACTOR: PATH BEYOND TECHNOLOGY and EARTH ASCENDING. This comes with a friendly hug. Our methods and views may differ but our goals are convergent.

With Full-Spectrum Love,


                                     Statement made by:

                                      José Argüelles

It must be asked: What is it that will help the people and at the same time help the Earth?

The religion of truth and the religion of the Earth must be one: people of the book reunited with the people of the dawn. This can only be done by placing everyone in a new, common time that is in tune with the cycles of nature and the Earth. This is the universal harmony accomplished by the Thirteen Moon 28 day Calendar Change.

The religion of truth is the religion of the Earth. Earth needs a religion of truth that is not dogma, not money, not sect, and not anything defined by boundaries, paper, or selfishness of any kind. Only truth will satisfy the Earth. If asked: Of what religion are you? Answer: I am the religion of the truth which is the religion of the Earth.

The Thirteen Moon 28-Day Calendar Change is a fundamental change. It is not a legislative change, but a change mandated by divine authority that transcends and unifies all sects and creeds in a higher calling of the Earth.

Planetary service is the basis of the new time. Ask not what you can do for yourself, your religion, or your country, but what you can do for your planet. New groups of planetary servers are needed to transcend dogmas of money, nationalism, and sectarianism of every kind. Who yet understand the fundamentally spiritual nature and divine unity of all creation.

Calling all planetary servers, those who can walk a Planetary Service Wavespell together on behalf of the Earth beyond creed of self, sect, country or dogma of any kind, free in spirit, knowing no authority but the one divine spirit of all creation!

Planetary servers, wizards of the Earth: the Earth is calling for all wizards to work a Planetary Service Wavespell. The Earth is recruiting now for duty beginning White Electric Wizard, July 26, AD 1995, the wavespell of planetary servers in action for the Earth.

The religion of truth is the religion of the Earth, a hoop big enough to gather all the nations beneath the flowering tree of the divine revelation of time, thirteen moons, 28 days, the planetary service wavespell path of human redemption and Earth regeneration.

Universal harmony, unification of all in a common time, peace on Earth every day of every year, thirteen moons, 28 days. The time is now!

On behalf of all planetary kin
Galactic Moon 2, kin 186
Second year of Prophesy
Red Lunar Moon "Victory Flows"
Calendar references are from the Dreamspell by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles

                      Change Your Calendar. Change Your Mind.
                                Change Your Government

Want to abolish big government, once and for all? Get rid of the Gregorian Calendar.
Stop following and believing in this Vatican-controlled calendar.

All government and banking institutions are rooted in the Gregorian Calendar. Get rid of that calendar, burn it, and you will be taking the first step in abolishing Big Government and All Goverernment! The Federal Reserve. the International Monetary Fund, the Vatican, GATT and NAFTA falling, all without firing a shot!

Burn that calendar, July 25,1995. Start all over again July 26, with a new calendar, a calendar that lets everyone start over again together on an equal basis, a calendar of thirteen moons 28 days.

Return power to the people. Restore democracy to its grass roots equality. Choose your own time, the time of equality for all, the God-given time of thirteen moons 28 days, the time that destroys big government at the root.