Subject: August 1999 Celestial Events
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Dear Fellow Human,

Here's a small collection of clips from articles on one recent and a
few future celestial events.  None of these views is specifically
endorsed by me, but i felt the information therein needed to be
        Four of the clips are short and one (#3) is quite long and appears
in its entirety.

Sun explodes with a massive Coronal Mass Ejection on June 1st,
yet public isn't told until June 9th, and it's still not "headline" news.

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By BBC News Online Science Editor Dr. David Whitehouse

        A tremendous explosion took place on the surface of the Sun on June
1st and for a few very nervous hours astronomers did not know
whether it was heading for Earth.
        The blast threw a jet of superheated plasma carrying magnetic
energy into space at speeds of 1,000 kilometres per second (600
miles per second). However, using the speed of the Internet,
astronomers around the world rapidly compared images and decided
that a worldwide alert was unnecessary.
        The Solar and Heliospheric Observer (SOHO) satellite observed the
solar explosion, which astronomers call a coronal mass ejection
        The explosive event was "a real planet-buster", according to Dr
Richard Fisher of Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Centre.  If the
magnetic energy within the cloud of super hot gas had interacted
with the Earth's magnetic field it would have sparked  spectacular
aurora at polar latitudes.
        But more worryingly it could also induce power blackouts, block
radio communications and trigger phantom commands capable of sending
satellites spinning out of their proper orbits. Cellular phones,
global positioning signals and space-walking astronauts were all at


Excerpt from: "The August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse"
© by Carol Willis, 1999 at

        The upcoming solar eclipse of August 11, 1999 (4:09 AM PDT) at 18
degrees of Leo has been attracting public interest all year.  In a
solar eclipse, the Sun is eclipsed or obscured briefly by the Moon,
symbolizing a moment in time where our normal rationality and order
in our world is superseded by the non-rational, emotional, psychic,
imaginative, or even something a bit wild and chaotic.  Solar
eclipses have been considered "fateful," definitely _not_ business
as usual. In a way, eclipses are like Mardi Gras -- anything goes,
and probably will.
        This solar eclipse is unusual in that the Sun, Moon, and North Node
of the Moon are opposite Uranus and the South Node, as well as
squared to Saturn and Mars.  This makes for A GRAND CROSS IN FIXED
SIGNS.  This configuration is extremely volatile in terms of
personal and national relationships, broken agreements, arrogance,
tension, frustration, anger, hostility, irritation, war, guns,
weapons, explosives, and idiosyncratic uses of the will. Expect the


Excerpt taken from Day of Destiny:
More About August 13, 1999

         What can we expect for August 13, 1999? According to our current
level of scientific knowledge and understanding, it's impossible to
predict. There's no way to specifically prepare.  We don't know
what's coming.
         On a more human level, we have the world situation as it is being
presented to us in the media. The modern world  presents us with a
vastly complex social and political picture.  Prediction of the
future based on current events at this level can easily lead to
non-productive hysteria. What other ways can we obtain information
that might help us round out our understanding of August 13, 1999,
ahead of time?
         One of the primary techniques of investigation an indigenous
scientist uses is to look at a single issue from multiple
perspectives. We've gone to many sources for information, and
here's a short synopsis of some of the things we've found:
         Some of the sources we went to were astrological. We asked  a
number of different astrologers from completely different
astrological backgrounds their studied opinions regarding August
13, 1999. Each of them gave their predictions for the time period
in and around August 13, 1999, for the location of Mexico City
Tenochtitlan. None of them knew about the Aztec forecast. They
weren't prompted or prepared in any way.
         The astrologers came up with a very interesting and challenging
insight: from an astrological point of view, the day we're talking
about might not happen exactly on August 13, 1999. Each of them
independently produced the date of  August 11, 1999 as being a day
of exceptional astronomical importance. They also individually
concluded this difference might be because of discrepancies between
our own calendar and the Aztec Sun Calendar.

A number of western astrologers and a Chinese astrologer gave their
analyses. Here's what they found:
         The picture the western astrologers paint for August 11, 1999 is
surprisingly similar to our original definitions of 13 Cane.
1) The last solar eclipse of the twentieth century happens on
August 11, 1999. The New Moon Solar Eclipse will occur in Mexico
City Tenochtitlan at 5:08:32 AM.
         2) There's a grand cross of planets in the fixed signs of
Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus. These are the four beasts of the
Apocalypse referred to in the Biblical Book of Revelation. A Sun
and Moon conjunction in Leo opposes Uranus in Aquarius. Mars in
Scorpio opposes Saturn in Taurus. All planets square each other.
         3) Mercury in Leo opposes Neptune in Aquarius. They both square
Jupiter in Taurus. This is a fixed T-Square.
         4) A total of 8 out of 10 planets are in fixed signs.
         5) Venus is retrograde and at its helical setting, where it
disappears into the rays of the Sun. With this movement, Venus will
no longer be visible as the Evening Star. It will reappear again
several weeks later as the Morning Star.
         What does it all mean? This is an archetypal chart of massive and
fundamental change. Some astrologers call it an earthquake chart.
It indicates a major cataclysmic event that will transform values.
Sources of stability break and fall apart. There's an overthrow of
old political structure, and a rebirth of a new order. There's a
possibility of a global financial meltdown and a massive
redistribution of wealth that accompanies a new financial system.
Whatever is going to happen, the chart indicates it will attract
international recognition. There's a quality of families being
ripped apart by internal tensions, and a sudden fall of the father
figure. There's a possible outbreak of war over territorial
disputes, accompanied by an unpredictable chain of catastrophic
         The movement of Venus on this day indicates a time of major
social crisis. It's classically a time to dread with the utmost
respect. Since this motion happens at the very moment of the solar
eclipse, it sends the impact of this action off the charts.
         The Chinese astrology for August 11, 1999 reveals some
fascinating perspectives. The solar eclipse relates to a time where
astrological focus is on the Emperor. Heaven shows displeasure on
an eclipse date. There are indications the Emperor isn't doing his
job correctly. The affairs of state are out of alignment, and the
ruler needs to take appropriate actions to mend them.
         The Emperor is a bridge between Heaven and Earth. Fate completely
backs up the Emperor on this day. The Fate, Superiors and Offspring
palaces are very bright and positive.  There's a good foundation of
support for what will occur. Zi  Wei, the Star of Fate, is in the
fate palace. The atmospheric energy of this time backs up
responsible actions. This is the  best possible moment for such an
auspicious and powerful situation.
         Yang Ren, the star of Sacrifice, is in the palace of Parents. Tan
Lang, the Hungry Wolf star, and Ling Xing, the Alarm Bell star, are
in the Actions palace. There's a calling out of misconduct. Tian
Yue, the Heavenly Halberd, indicates strong support from seen and
unseen partners. Even in the heat of  accusations, this support
assists the Emperor to do the right thing.
         August 11, 1999 is the first day of the Water Monkey month. It's
a bright, warm and auspicious day. It has the intuitive ability to
present people with what they need just before they need it.
         The energy of this eclipse rules the period until the next
eclipse. If for some reason the Emperor doesn't succeed on this
day, the ministers will have to clean up for him on the  very
auspicious day of August 13, 1999.
         The western astrologers didn't find anything of major importance
on August 13, 1999 compared to August 11, 1999. Robert Fenwick,
Chinese astrologer for the Academy of Celestial and Mundane Arts in
Santa Cruz, California, did.  Let's take a look at the Chinese chart
for August 13, 1999.
         This fire Fowl day is the worst possible day in 1999. Its image
is one of a person who could easily become a hoodlum or a rogue
unless their grandparents care for and guide them. In this case
they will succeed and they can become great. Wen Chang, the star of
Literary Brilliance, indicates the grandparents are the ones
holding a special knowledge, and they will be the ones to pass it
         There's no inherent center for this time. It's a picture where
the Emperor dies and no one claims the throne. The empire breaks
up. It is a dangerous time of civil war. This is a situation where
the parents never showed up for the children.  Now the children are
taking over the parents' role.
         On this day, the Fate palace has no stars of its own. It borrows
all its stars from other palaces. This indicates profound influences coming
from other people. The Fate palace borrows Ju Men, the Great Gate star.
It invites a hero to come in and do great things.
         The largest element for this day is Seal. People have something
to express. They want to come forward and speak.  The hero can help
people express themselves in a positive, constructive way.
         The Wealth palace is bright. There's a sense the changes are good
if the proper influences are in place. As the energy shifts, the
situation responds appropriately. Even if there's a disaster, money
and energy come along with it. Brightness in the Health palace
indicates it will be easy to get help if it's needed.
         August 13, 1999 is a day of inner Fire and outer Earth.  There's
plenty of internal energy to match the external situation. It's a
time that shows a martial arts spirit. It's cautious walking on the
         To give us yet another perspective of this time, Vernon Mahabal,
director of the Planetary Palmistry institute in Oakland,
California, gives us his appraisal. Vernon has studied thousands of
people's palms from all over the world for many years, and he's
found some very interesting correlations.  Although an exact day is
not evident, mid August 1999 appears to be the beginning of major
changes in people's lives.  He sees a time of great family turmoil
and upheaval, geographical changes and mass migrations. There's a
move toward decentralization of society and the creation of small,
self sufficient, ecologically based communities. Values get
redefined on all levels. People will begin to seek spiritual
solutions to material challenges. They will learn to penetrate into
the hidden underlying causes behind events. There's a quality of
respiritualization and the return of a personal experience of God.
This includes an essential, direct relationship with a God who is a
sentient being rather than a distant abstraction.
         When this many self similar patterns show up from such a variety
of completely unrelated disciplines, a good indigenous scientist
will tell you something's going on.
         NASA tells us 1999 is presenting us with onr of the most intense
solar storms we've ever seen. The Sun may speak with us on August
13, 1999.
         An enormous magnetic storm emanating from the Sun might not seem
like such a bad thing to you. Consider this: Our last period of
concentrated sunspot activity was eleven years ago in 1988. It
caused magnetic waves large enough to disrupt communications
systems all over the world, blow out power stations in Canada, and
produce the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, as far south
as Jamaica.
         Think about it: Electromagnetic devices store and process nearly
one hundred percent of the vital information of our information
age. Electromagnetism in one form or another is the basis of every
bit of our technology. Take a look around at how much of your life
depends on the stable, predictable responses of our electromagnetic
world. Your car, appliances, all communications, the storage of
food, your money in the bank, and many other things all depend on
         That's the good news. There's something much more important to
consider. Your biofield is extremely sensitive to even minor
fluctuations in our electromagnetic environment. This is one of the
many important teachings that was brilliantly encoded in the Aztec
Sun Calendar. Your body could translate a massive fluctuation of
solar magnetism into almost any biological signals.
         The solar flare cycle already is growing in intensity. Many
sensitive people are experiencing a strange combination of
tiredness, heightened awareness of energy fields, loss of long and
short term memory with an accompanying ability to stay present in
the current moment, easy confusion and  disorientation, and an
intensified ability to discern patterns.  In some ways, it's a
comical scene: all the New Agers bumbling around in an Alzheimer's
like syndrome. But this is real. It's happening right now. We don't
know how many people it's going to affect, or how it's going to
affect them, or for how long.
         Then again, maybe the effects won't be so dramatic. Will we be
able to understand or even perceive the events that take place on
August 13, 1999? Will it turn out to be some kind of subtle event
that only the indigenous world will perceive in the moment, and the
rest of us will catch the fallout in the years to come? Will we all
just be sitting around on August 13, 1999  asking ourselves if we
feel anything yet?
         On a more worldly note, if something on the level of a popular
uprising does take place, what are the chances of us finding out
about it? Let's be real. We live in a time when they even lie about
the weather on TV to make money. It's no secret.  Popular media is a
power tool. Television and other forms of  mass communication have
progressively replaced reality for much of the modern world. Many
of us have been conditioned since early childhood to adopt a
conceptual reality rather than the reality we directly experience.
Concepts are easy to manipulate.
         So how can you take a proactive, creative and personally
responsible position to prepare for August 13, 1999?  It's not
advisable to stay glued to your television on August 13, 1999. Be a
part of what's happening instead. Any project performs much better
when it's under a deadline. We've been acting like there's an
infinite amount of time to get ourselves together here on planet
Earth. There's not.  Let's use August 13, 1999 as a deadline to
really create the world we want to live in right now. It may seem
like an impossible, or at least highly improbable task. But
sometimes, it's very important to take on a highly improbable task.
This is one of those times.  Let's do it.
         It's going to take a synthesis of instinct, intellect,
information and intuition to face the challenges and the promise of
August 13, 1999. Cultivate a relationship with your own indigenous
nature. Begin to develop and use your intuition and instinct
everyday. Remember, August 13, 1999 is a golden window of
opportunity for you to manifest your personal destiny and stand up
for the things you most believe in. Set aside August  13, 1999 to do
exactly what your Spirit and conscience tell you to do. Whatever it
is, no matter how crazy it seems, as long as you're respectful of
yourself and others, just do it.
         You can influence what will happen on August 13, 1999. The things
you do make a difference. You're always adding your thread to the
web of life, perpetually empowering yourself and the rest of us at
the same time. You matter. Every little thing you do affects us
all. Actively involve yourself with August 13, 1999. Look for right
timing. Make your moves. Respond to the Call. Your actions are
building our future.


August 1999 Cosmic Events

Source of information: the Master Illuminari Thoth & the Akashic
Records of Thoth
Subject: the Solar Eclipse & Grand Cross Planetary Alignment in
August, 1999
Released by: Johannine Grove Ministry & Mazzaroth On Nathai Templum

        During the period between August 11th through the 21st, the planet
and its humanity and indeed all living creatures, flora and even
stone, will experience what Thoth is calling "imprinting."  Without
attempting to access all the details of this occurrence, this is the
basic essence of what will be happening during this window of time
and why it will take place.
        In this particular, "imprinting" is meant to define a wave of
stellar Light codes coming from a unified field of the Universal
Hierarchy which is created by the Brotherhoods of Light.  The "wave"
of stellar Light codes is being cosmically assisted in its release
and movement through the coming solar eclipse and grand cross
planetary alignments of August, 1999.
        The "wave" Thoth is calling the "UrNaSha."  The UrNaSha will
imprint every elemental thing on earth with a program of higher
Light orientation to Source.  What this essentially means is that
each elemental particle will receive a renewed "program of return"
to Source.  All sentient beings will receive this program within
their biological unit as a whole, and will carry the charge of this
program on a level of experience which is in synchronization with
their consciousness.  In other words, a flower, a bird and a human
will carry very different 'programs' and EACH human, will contain a
program that is as distinct as a finger print (animals less
distinct, plants even lesser).
        This program of return will not insure our ascension, but it will
give us a pinpoint window to that portal WHICH WE DID NOT HAVE
BEFORE, or rather lost from our evolution many eons ago. This
program will be imprinted by the UrNaSha into our DNA crystalline
structure.  It will be released as a living hologram at the
appropriate phases within the World Ascension schematic. This will
enable us to leave this realm and enter the New Earth Star.  Of
course, there are more factors to ascension that just this one
program.  But it is nevertheless, an essential one, and it will be
given through GRACE to every particle of elemental being on this
planet.  Sadly, not every particle or every creature of every soul
will ascend, but it is ALL being given this first measure of Grace
to carry it to the next point.  For mankind, the final moment will
be decided through the CHOICE of the soul in its inner most being.
Still, when that moment comes, the soul will of necessity call upon
the living hologram, which Thoth is calling the "Ar 'Yra" or "Star
Print," to achieve the transition into the New Earth Star reality.
        The "Adonai 'Tsebayoth," who are the angelic Host of Deliverance
for the earth, will assist each individual human in receiving and
integrating their program of return and the resultant creation of
the Ar 'Yra within their crystalline DNA.
        Since the UrNaSha will sweep the earth in a pattern determined by
the solar eclipse and the grand cross dynamic, each person will be
imprinted with the codes of the location on the planet where they
happen to be during that window of time.  If they are traveling
during that window, their imprinting will contain mixed codes.
        Thoth is suggesting that you choose where you wish to be during
this window of time (August 11-21) and STAY there until the "sweep"
is completed.  By this he is not inferring that you remain glued to
the spot, but simply remain within say, a fifty to one hundred mile
radius of that location.  This is only a guideline, as the energy
vibration and conscious of one location could change in as little as
five miles, while in other areas it could remain the same for
hundreds of miles.  ASK FOR GUIDANCE.  Of course, in the greater
destiny of things, one could say that a person will be where they
are intended to in that time period, just as Thoth has told us will
be true when time comes for the Ascension. However, in this case he
informs me that MAKING A CONSCIOUS CHOICE is a powerful addition to
the dynamic.
        What difference will it make where you are when you are imprinted?
Different points on the earth contain different karmic saturation,
different "Light codes," different dharmic potential.  The specifics
contained within the land you will be on at the time will be
introduced into the imprint path being created within your DNA.
        If you find that you simply cannot remain within the vibrational
envelope of your chosen location for this period of time during the
month of August, the next best alternative would be to go to the
place of your choice and do some very strong intentional anchoring
of that location within your field.  This will most likely allow
THAT POINT to become the dominant earth vibration in your imprint
path.  However, if at all possible, Thoth is urging that you stay
within your chosen zone for the entire "sweep" of the UrNaSha.

Peace, Love & Blessings,
Rev.'s Simeon & Maia
Johannine Grove Ministry
Mazzaroth On Nathai Templum Mysterium
Church of Antioch



It is interesting that at the very time that the planet is facing
some of its most challenging astrological aspects, as noted in the
Nostradamus prophecies, at a time when there is a
once-in-26,000-year Grand Cross in the skies, the controversial
Cassini Space probe will fly within 400 miles of planet earth caring
a deadly load of plutonium
        Cassini is an unmanned NASA deep space probe launched back in
October '97 with an ultimate destination of reaching Saturn in 2005
(NASA's priciest space project yet; $2-3 billion invested!).
Currently, Cassini is racing back towards Earth at 43,000 miles per
hour with the hopes of picking up speed in an orbital flyby around
our planet. Preceded by the eclipse of the Sun by one week, Cassini
arrives 400 miles above the Earth's atmosphere on August 18th to
pick up speed on its way out to Saturn. The real danger of this
Earth flyby is that Cassini is traveling with a fuel load of 72
pounds of Plutonium Dioxide, NASA's idea of a new propulsion source.


   Nothing real can be threatened.
   Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.

                Spirit is in a state of grace forever.
                Your reality is only spirit.
                Therefore you are in a state of grace forever.

(From "A Course in Miracles")