MULUC ~ The Moon Portal
~ Established:  31 January 1999 ~

                                                                                                       Publisher:    Magick River
                                                                                         Managing Editor:   The Cozmik Hyperzoon
                                                                                                   Art Director:   Antares
                                                                                           Roving Reporter:    Random Factor (retired)
                                                                                                  Contributors:   Jean Hudon, Sheradon Bryce,
C.D. Hoit, Paul Colby, Moon, Harmonix Forum, Valum Votan, Aluna Joy Yaxk'in,
Susan Ferguson, Arlene Rees, Gerardus, Gerald Lopez, Vernon Emuang, Rehman Rashid, Aldous Huxley, R. Buckminster Fuller,
Amir Muhammad, Raymond Mardyks, Roan Carratu, Terry Kok, Latif Kamaluddin, Choi Lai Ngan, Reinald Döbel, Belle,
Kevin Riddle, Richard Alan Miller, Antares, Antara Davis, Steven Hanauer, Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, Ken Kalb, Azrina Mohd Yusof,
Ronnie Goon, Piet Croes, Jesse Hang, Wingmakers, Phil Chapman, Sabri Zain, Sheldon Nidle, Arundhati Roy, Phil & Sue Wheaton,
Vadim Nemirovsky, Sir Laurence Gardner, Jangchub Dolma, Vernon Cornelius, Neena Yao, Marina Shilo, Mark Grant, Rory Winter,
Valerie Lew, Grace Chin, Christel, Adriana Yamane, Nick Sandberg, Alessandra Da Pra, Sha'Tara, Elfinstein, Sue Harchand, Judy Mezen,
Karen Rose, Shanthini Venugopal, Anthony Wayne, Dr Amir Farid, Lawrence Newell, Roy Hilbinger, Lat, Denise Freeman, Anne Louis, Katharine Mieszkowski, Rev. Mike Young, Denis Hewett, Pamela Cooper, Art Rosenblum, James Lo, Captain Z, Fidel Castro, Hari Ho, etc, etc.
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The True Origins of The Moon
 Kne evening at the River, we were discussing the crying need for an alternative magazine. One that was totally unpredictable and didn't have to answer to advertisers. One that didn't have a hoary reputation to protect, and therefore could publish whatever it deemed fit. One that didn't have a clue what "good taste" was all about. One that, in short, couldn't possibly exist except in the realm of the unfettered imagination. Random Factor (almost his real name), who was very keen on the idea, thought there was a niche market for an "underground" journal amongst his contemporaries. Compared to the rest of us ancient hippie-types, Random is barely out of his diapers at 26. Antares wasn't particularly interested in working on an "underground" magazine. "I think what we really need is to go overground," he said. "You know, something sort of... transcendental?" The next question was what to call the damn thing. The Magick River Babbler was a possibility. Libida Gay (almost her real name) was working for the Star at the time. And  Rayban Rancid (not at all his real name) was hacking it at the Sun, a recently launched daily. Like all crazy ideas, the predestined name rose over the horizon and began to glow. "Hey, let's call it the Moon!" Antares said. And thus it came to pass that The Moon waxed lyrical over the Magick River website.