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Part One: Transcontinental Forest Grid Fixers

Subject: Re: Malaysian Rain Forest
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 12:39:12 -0700
From: Antares <>
Organization: Magick River
References: 1

Dear Dear Barbara,

It is such a great honour and privilege to feel the combined healing
fields of you and Mary B focused on my beloved forest (which the local
tribe believe to be the nursery of humanity and thus a very sacred area;
and yet, since the Second World War, they have been so discombobulated
and disempowered, they no longer effectively carry out their traditional
duty as Guardians of the Rainforest). But that is precisely why I was
"summoned" here as "Ceremonial Guardian" - though in 1992 I wasn't so
acutely aware of Lady Gaia's amazing ability to switch from superfine
focus to the broad sweep and back!

When attempts to log the area began again in August 1996 and February
1998, I found myself directly engaged in the no-logging campaign. The
experience has been very much like a battle in several dimensions. On one
level I found myself absorbing so much distress, pain and anger that for
a while my heart chakra was on the verge of imploding! While on the
subtler planes I knew everything was all right, and that we were weaving
the gossamer web of lovelight that will eventually heal all the earth.
Anyway, I am still recuperating from my last encounter with the loggers.
The state chief minister was forced to freeze the logging permit because
the "global warming" effect has resulted in a severe water shortage. But
the price I pay is that the polarized 'eco-warrior' stance coarsens my
perceptions. I wasn't sure if the local elves and fairies had gone or if
I just couldn't feel them anymore... Now Mary and you are telling me the
nature spirits may have left - or are in extreme confusion. I believe
you are both correct: even the villagers have been subject to
more bouts of depression, petty squabbles and cold & fever outbreaks.
Alcoholism is on the rise again, just when I felt there was some hope of
a spiritual resurgence amongst the Orang Asli ("aboriginal folk").

To keep this message brief, I humbly accept the task of overseeing the
'menehunes' (although I have no direct perception of their energy
fields as yet). Behind my hut is the entrance to an old mining tunnel
which caved in nearly 90 years ago, killing between 200-300 people.
Various geomancer and magician friends over the last 4 years have helped
me release the trapped souls and bless the spot - which was once,
according to tribal lore, the location of a fairy palace. Your story of
the little beings from Lemurian times reminds me of a book on fairies by
Daphne Charters ("A True Fairy Tale" published privately in 1956)!

There's a 12-hour difference between Malaysian and New York Time. For the
next two nights I shall open to your frequencies between 11:30 p.m. and
midnight. On the third night (Thursday, 24 July) I'll be at a friend's
birthday party in Kuala Lumpur; it will be noisy and far removed from the
jungle reality. But I shall get my friends Nicola and Shane (who are
staying at my hut) to perform a didgeridoo meditation at that specific
time to help anchor your healing light and calm the nature spirits. My
beloved Earth-Star Child Ahau is certainly very attuned to trees and
animals, rocks and rivers: he talks and waves to them! I know he chose
to come in at this crucial point to help with the transition. When he was
only a few weeks old his tribal elders "saw" two ethereal female forms
guarding him in his sleep. And he gets very excited when he hears the
tribe's sacred songs during their earth healing ceremonies (sawai).

One more thing: Barbara, do you mind if I share your timely message with
other friends in Malaysia who are interested in environmental healing?

With gratitude & love,

Subject: Re: The Rain Forest
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 13:05:41 -0700
From: Antares <>
Organization: Magick River
References: 1

My dear Mary, thank you so much for flying to our aid! My son Ahau has
only been on Earth 28 months today - but he has definitely chosen to be
here now to help transmute the density and darkness spun by the old Dark
Ones who keep reincarnating here as "leaders"! Ahau's greatest teaching
to me is his unconditional love for his mother Anoora, who embodies the
spirit of all crippled & thwarted beauty & innocence. Her healing will be
the Earth's healing! Amazingly, I am being aided here by another Mary - a
Maguire, no less, fiery-haired Irish witch-shaman (well, sometimes, when
her Irish ire doesn't get the better of her) who has taken on the role of
'Mary Poppins' for her beloved Ahau. Between 11:30 p.m. and midnight
(Malaysian time, 12 hours ahead of NYT) on Tuesday and Wednesday, I shall
open up to your combined frequencies. Ahau will probably be fast asleep
but he will be within my Merkaba. On Thursday night I shall be at a
birthday party in the big city (about 44 miles from here) - which makes
it difficult for us to align, unless the first two sessions connects us
so thoroughly that spacetime coordinates no longer matter. However, I
shall get two other young friends (both nature mystics and true children
of paradise) to form a conduit, perhaps anchoring the energies with a
30-minute didgeridoo ritual. I don't know yet where I'll be on Friday
night, but we'll play it by ear, for the earth, from the heart!

I am deeply touched by your message, Mary, and truly amazed to find
Planetary Devas incarnate in New York state! Blessings of Rainbow Love
and More Healing Power to you and to Barbara. I have already informed
Barbara that I will happily accept the responsibility of overseeing the
little ones - although I never knew of their existence and have yet to
pick up their vibrations. I'm sure over the next few days something
vastly significant will transpire. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Antares Numi*On
Ceremonial Guardian
Magick River

Subject: Tunnel To Middle Earth
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 15:31:41 -0700
From: Antares <>
Organization: Magick River
References: 1 , 2 , 3

My dear Barbara (you're the third Barbara I know who carries the
wand of power; the other two are Barbara Marciniak & Barbara Hand Clow):
I've already reported to Mary on what happened during our very first
synchronized meditation... I was blown unconscious! WOW!! Tonight I'll be
ready for the both of you (-:

If you have more info on the menehunes, I'd be interested to hear more.
Somehow your description has jogged some deeply buried memory, but I just
can't put my finger on it. I'm looking forward to "meeting" you & Mary B
again a little later.

When your emails arrived, Ahau toddled into the room where I was working
& wanted to sit on my lap so he could look at the computer screen. I read
him part of your message & he cackled.

Interesting, your info about the tunnel. The small waterfall beside it is
an interdimensional vortex.


Subject: Enthem of the Rainforest
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 18:21:10 -0700
From: Antares <>
Organization: Magick River
References: 1

Your forwarded message from Galadriel brought to mind a magical
moment 22 years ago when I first visited our National Park. After
a strenuous 4-hour trek I was resting on the verandah of a jungle
lodge & sipping sweet black tea when I heard a distant rumble from
deep within the rainforest. Several other friends heard it too. It
can only be described as a very low frequency incantation - yes, it
was very musical, very majestic, very solemn, rather like Gregorian
chants played at quarter speed! It was simply spellbinding. We sat
in awed silence as the rumbling was answered by more rumblings from
another direction, miles from where we were. At last they wound down
into a deep silence broken only by the usual jungle sounds. I could
only think of one explanation: It was an Assembly of Ents, perhaps even
a Grand Symposium! Good thing a few of us had diligently read our

So the mention of Ents and the name "Galadriel" brings lots of powerful
memories flooding back to me. Thank you, Barbara. I connect again. And
speaking of High Elves...

Have you been to the Elf Lore Family's
website at:
Feel free to take a peek. If you like what you see,
bookmark us or make a link. We are
offering a viable alternative to the
destruction of the living biosphere. Every
drop in the bucket counts. - TODE* at:
*(Tindome Orendil Dor Elda - Starshadow/Twilight,
Heart/Treefriend, "one of the", elves/elder)

Subject: Session #2
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 18:16:13 -0700
From: Antares <>
Organization: Magick River
References: 1

Dear Shining Ones, I'm sending this report to both of you to avoid
repeating myself. Just before 11:11 last night, as I was getting myself
ready to triangulate with you, Ahau's mama Anoora was in a playful mood
and tried to distract me from my meditation. I invited her to join me,
and for once she stopped trying to disrupt the proceedings. Instead she
moved away and was very quiet until she finally dozed off.

At 11:30 my first vision was of a brilliant blue-white glow emanating
from the tunnel entrance. I went into the tunnel and had a fleeting
glimpse of someone very angelic and noble. She had distinguished grey
streaks in her hair and a calm, serene face. I thought it might be
Barbara. Surrounding her was an envelope of golden light, which I felt
was Mary. Then I was drawn into a rapid dream sequence which I couldn't
track (perhaps because I'm still inclined to intellectualize): there was
a brief sequence when we were all in a geometric structure, perhaps a
golden octahedron (double pyramid); then we were seated in conference
with the chief guardian spirits of the area; I became aware of Ahau
forming a tetrahedron to our triangle, and Anoora was in the centre of
the structure, her DNA connection to the Great Mother Goddess revealed;
I became aware of Mary M who was tuning in from her home about 7 miles
away; and Nicola was reading in the next room, her energy supportive.
I had the urge to open my eyes... looked at my watch and it was already
11:28... almost half-an-hour had gone by in a waking dream flash. At no
time was I asleep, just dreaming! What a gentle way to initiate me into
working more lucidly in 4D (I seem competent enough in 3D and 5D) - but,
as I said, I couldn't track the 4D imagery without getting "lost" in
dreamtime. And I found out earlier last night that my friend's birthday
party is on Friday night, not Thursday! Which means I can continue
linking up at the appointed time. Meanwhile, Nicola & Shane are so
excited about performing their didgeridoo ritual, they say they're going
to join in anyway tonight.

This afternoon the village headman, Bidar, appeared at my hut. At first
he was complaining about my dog Anubis barking at him whenever he walks
past my hut. But I invited him to sit down and iron out our differences.
Bidar has been resentful of me since the logging was halted (he was
bribed by the loggers and "lost face" when the permit was cancelled).
It was a diplomatic breakthrough. We have never been able to sit down
amicably to discuss issues concerning the future of his tribe. It
certainly appears that the reinforced grid over the area is bringing the
headman to his senses... I presented Bidar with a rose quartz obelisk,
saying that it will help open his heart and heal the bad blood between
him and the rest of the village (nobody likes or respect him because of
his self-centred greed). Today, it feels like a new era has begun for the
people of Pertak Village.

Thank you for your updates. For me it's a wonderful privilege to be
working with TWO high-powered Earth Healers. I'm learning so much from
you, beloved Barbara and Mary B. I send you a gift of gentle, fragrant


Subject: Session # 3
DateFri, 24 Jul 1998 00:12:33 -0700
From: Antares <>
Organization: Magick River
References: 1

Received in meditation between 11:32 and 11:49 p.m. (I decided to stay
in town after driving Mary M home from a healing session with Mak Awa,
medicine woman of Pertak Village. (Mary M is clearing toxic traumas
embedded since October 1990 in a serious car crash.) The only quiet spot
was the office. I was impulsed to turn on the computer and prepare to
transcribe a statement, which I append below:


Greetings, Ceremonial Guardian ...
We are the  guardian spirits of the forest speaking as a single voice.
Thank you for the effort you have made to assist our healing and renewal.
We are evolving too... into a higher frequency of being, even as the
physical realms are ascending. Together we move into a new octave, as a
wave of light, of understanding, of greater awareness.
Our friends, the light beings whom you call Barbara & Mary, have
transferred much information into our memory banks, and their songs have
touched our hearts. We are ready to continue our mission of preservation
& protection of the lifeforms that constitute the ecosystem of your
bioregion, specifically in the vicinity of the sacred mountain. Let the
new octave sound across the heavens, let the song of creation be heard
anew throughout the spheres...
We sing of beauty, joy & completion...
We dance in the light of many suns eternally.
We now embrace you within our collective soul and welcome you to our
inner sanctum.
Blessed be.

Subject: Dark vs Light
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 02:24:21 -0700
From: Antares <>
Organization: Magick River
References: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

I have had plenty of trouble accepting the dark forces that influence
local politics. This country is pretty benighted, Barbara, as you rightly
perceived from the unhappiness of the nature spirits. But when I
began living with Anoora, a very powerful learning developed.

What first drew me to her was her aura of injured beauty and innocence.
She seemed to me like a Cinderella, a noble spirit much battered by
life circumstances (I later found out she had the most difficult
entry imaginable: her parents were on the verge of separation, her
mother had jaundice a month before she was due and spent weeks alone
in the government hospital for aborigines. Anoora was born hydrocephalic,
i.e. her head was bloated with fluid, making her look absolutely
monstrous. Her mother immediately tried to sell her to the nurses, and in
her early years she was passed from relative to relative like a poison
parcel. To make things worse, she contracted infantile poliomyelitis
which resulted in an atrophied right leg - a major handicap for anyone
born amongst a hunting-gathering tribe.)

Soon after she moved in with me, Anoora's deep-rooted negative
conditioning began to surface. She was totally contrary, unused to
love and tenderness, rebellious without a cause (like any teenaged
punk raised in a ghetto), and extremely limited in her conceptual
and verbal abilities. For a while I felt it was the stupidest mistake
I'd ever made, thinking such a partnership could work. Emotionally, she
was a tantrum-throwing 3-year-old; mentally, she had the fragile ego and
obstinacy of a 14-year-old. Biologically, she was more like a 17-year-old
than her actual age of 24. She hated and feared her domineering mother,
but in the absence of any other adult female model, imitated her
bossiness, shrewishness and possessiveness. She even got jealous when
I spoke a bit too long on the phone. After a few months, her behaviour
began to grate on me. A monstrous despotism began to emerge in me. Many
times I found myself turning into a banana republic dictator. I began
to have flashes of insight into the minds of entities like [Fill in the names of your
Nearest & Dearest Puppetmasters]. I had to finally accept responsibility for the
existence of density, darkness, and evil. None of it was external to me. And the only way
I could ever sort myself out was by first accepting these destructive, negative, nasty aspects of myself and allowing them to express themselves without inhibition, without judgement. I began to soften in my attitude towards bankers, politicians, timber tycoons, armaments manufacturers, demented generals... it was hard going at every step, but Anoora gave me no choice. The demons were part of my psyche, buried so deep that it took a primal force like Anoora to stir them up, wake them from ancient slumber.

Then Ahau arrived (at 2 a.m. on 21 March 1996) and Anoora slowly began to
blossom. At first, she could only take 40 or 50 seconds of his unconditional love and
total adoration before handing him to someone else like her mother or Mary or me.
Anoora's mother Indah really mellowed too at first sight of Ahau Ben. Almost a year later, Anoora began relaxing into her new role and was able (for perhaps the first time) to experience unmitigated joy and love. Recently she has become very affectionate
towards me and much friendlier towards strangers.

When you and Mary B noted that Ahau's mother had absorbed a lot of negativity to
shield her son, I thought about it and realized that she was probably a mutant child, an ugly duckling so to speak, who arrived during a very dark and rough period in her tribe's history. Yet she has borne this gloriously beautiful and lovable Earth-Star Child, whose presence is a balm to troubled souls, whose smile can melt the hardest heart...

I began this long story to explain my perception of the Dark Forces. They are WITHIN
us, Barbara... and they need to be healed and integrated. The more we fight them, the stronger they become. In the end, we shall discover that the Fallen Ones are merely the crystallized grief and pain born of our separation from Source. What we call Evil is unresolved Birth Trauma. And only through Rebirth in the Spirit can we transmute
our own Darkness back to Light.

As for the Yucatan Prophets Conference, I shall submit my request to my own Higher Dimensional Aspect and let it deal with the logistics! One is always where one needs to
be, don't you agree?

Infinite Love, Limitless Light, Total Fulfilment & Joy,