Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 18:45:41 +0800
From: Antares
Organization: Magick River
To: Noel Huntley

Noel Huntley wrote:

> Was Jesus crucified?

Yes and No. I relate to "Yeshua" three different ways:

(1) Yeshua as Mythic Archetype
Any number of variations can be and have been introduced in the retelling of this classic Hero-God myth, as in the stories of Set, Isis, Osiris, Nephthys, and Horus, or the later Greek and Roman pantheons; or the Hindu pantheon. Whether we're looking at Apollonius of Tyana or Dumuzi or "the mysterious Nazarene", a common thread runs through all these accounts - which suggests that the Divine Spark animating each of these incarnations is essentially One and the same - but circumstantial details get added or subtracted in the journalistic process of reporting and recording for posterity. As a Mythic Archetype, the Hero-God MUST die and be reborn or resurrected. It matters not if the death and rebirth is metaphorical or literal. The Koran, in fact, insists that "Nabi Isa" did NOT die on the cross; that "another" took his place.

(2) Yeshua as "historical" personality
The recently translated Dead Sea scrolls reveal the presence of a "Teacher of Righteousness" amongst the Essenes who may or may not have been Yeshua. The possibility of Yeshua being part of a pair of royal twins adds to the mystery and complexity of the tale - and this coincides with fragments of reincarnational memory I retrieved in 1989. According to the 'twins' scenario, Miriam (Mary) was the great-granddaughter of a Mitannian princess in whose veins the blood of the gods flowed. She was married off to Yusuf (Joseph) at a very tender age to protect her from unwelcome attention - but their marriage was never consummated. When Yusuf died shortly after their marriage, Miriam joined the household of Yaakub (Jacob), Yusuf's younger brother who sired two daughters, and later, three sons with Miriam. In between, Miriam had an affair with a Centurion named Panthera, an officer in the Roman occupation forces. Panthera was born in Sicily of Mesopotamian stock. From this affair came a pair of twin boys - Benjamin and Yoshua. Panthera took them to live in Tunisia when both were about five. The twins enjoyed impersonating each other. Benjamin was more introverted and mystical, while Yoshua was more outgoing and political. When the twins were twelve, they returned to Palestine and were schooled by the Essenes. It was decided that they would be presented as a single candidate for the throne of Palestine. Yoshua would take care of secular affairs while Benjamin would work on the inner planes to maintain contact with the ascended masters of the spiritual hierarchy (the Great White Brotherhood and the Galactic Councils of Light). The integrated personality of the candidate for Divine Rulership (Christos) went by the name Yeheshuah (IHShVH) which represents the incarnation of Divine Spirit (Sh = Shin = triune essence) into the Material Universe (IHVH = Yahweh = the Law of Four or Tetragrammaton). The Plan was hijacked and thrown into confusion by the Dark Lodge. Yoshua had serious conflicts with the Essene leadership and left the protection of the Order. In an attempt to salvage the plan for regaining the Jewish throne of Palestine, Benjamin volunteered for the ritual crucifixion while Yoshua went underground to rally the Jewish armed resistance (Zealots). The trial and crucifixion were rigged (through Joseph of Arimathea's influence with Pontius Pilate) to appease the Sanhedrin of the Sadducees (Jewish merchants and bankers). Hours after the crucifixion, Joseph of Arimathea arranged for Benjamin's body to be taken down and rushed to a secret sanctuary where his wounds were treated and he was smuggled off to Greece to recuperate (in the fortified monastery of Mount Carmel). It remains unclear what became of Yoshua - though there are reports that he might have lived to fight at Masada, or else he went into exile in Kashmir (where a tomb bearing the name ISSA has raised some controversy). The mystery of the royal twinship of "Jesus" is hinted at in Leonardo da Vinci's famous "twin paintings" - VIRGIN OF THE ROCKS (one is at the London National Gallery, the other at the Louvre).

(3) Yeshua as a codename for the alchemical wedding of 
Spirit and Matter
As already mentioned above, the kabbalistic formula IHVH (Yahweh)
represents the Material Universe, a four-fold principle; while Sh (shin) represents Spirit/Godhead/Trinity. So the name IHShVH = YEHESHUAH in itself is a magickal code for the successful integration of Celestial and Terrestrial Forces. Whatever legends and myths have arisen around the name have little bearing on its purpose - which is to anchor a new template of creation and evolution on the physical plane.

Recent channelled messages from SANANDA indicate that the Palestine
Project is directly related to the Akhnaton Experiment in 18th Dynasty Egypt. In that scenario, Akhnaton's mission was to pave the way in a spiritually refurbished Egypt for the incarnation of Pharaoh Sananda - who would inaugurate a Golden Dawn on the physical Earth. (This information can be found in SECRET PLACES OF THE LION by George Hunt Williamson aka Brother Philip, Futura Books 1974.)

Highest Regards,