Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
March 23, 1999 (13 Ik, 0 Mac, 7 Ik)

Greetings! We arrive with much to say. We greet you in celestial Joy
and ask that you be prepared for many strange and wonderful things.
Right now, dear ones, you are poised for a great leap into a new

A few days ago, we opened up a nearby stargate. This wonderful
device is currently pumping a very high energy pattern into your
reality. Using it, your local Elohim have been able to start the construction
of a new hologram for your entire solar system. Our intention is to employ
this energy to accelerate your various integration procedures. Dear hearts,
we come to give you a better idea of the complicated agenda that we have
planned carefully for you. To begin, let us look at the changes planned for your physical body. It is necessary for you to see how it opens up an opportunity to anchor in even more of your many-layered Lightbody. This process also permits
us to adjust your two centers for the unfolding of your consciousness. The first
is the new alignments that are occurring in your head chakras. The second is
cellular in nature.

This second set of procedures involves altering your RNA/DNA protein strings
in the cell's nucleus, as well as the very fine organic instruments that are found throughout every cell in your body. This process involves a very specific set of operations. The crucial element is Light and, in particular, the Light that is streaming into this reality from multi-dimensional space. This divine Light, dear ones, has two fundamental aspects. The first is called informational energy. This is
simply specially coded energy that has the ability to organize a second type of energy. That other energy is known to us as Sa'a fir, or, as you call it, 'Life energy'. Life energy is the stuff of Creation. It contains all the aspects of what you call reality. It is merely the divine instrument upon which the information energy works its magic. All energy has a defined purpose. In this way, it can self-organize according to its potential. How life energy unfolds this potential is the function of
information energy. Information energy is the divine thought of Creation. It is the way every reality in every dimension consciously meanders towards its divine objectives.

Now, as we stated, these two energies are twin aspects of Creation. Your reality
is destined to change. A major segment of that transformation is the changing of physicality. Let us return to your cells, dear hearts, and see what this all means. Within each cell in your body are organic instruments that capture this information energy. They transfer it to your central nervous system and also to the nucleus
of each cell. In the nucleus of your cells resides your RNA/DNA, or genetic information package. This package is very sensitive to Light. This encoded Light comes into the package and begins to alter it ever so slightly. These 'tweakings' allow your RNA/DNA to modify the relationships between the two outer strands of DNA with its inner or third strand. This procedure minutely changes the density and
composition of each succeeding daughter cell that any cell in your body can eventually create. This process is mirrored in your central nervous system. Here, you need to see your nervous system as a unified device. Its actions are holistic and almost immediate.

The energy that passes through your central nervous system is also of two types. The first is a bio-electrical energy that uses chemical-electrical patterning to move your body's muscles, and to store memory patterns in your brain. The second kind is currently immeasurable by your biological and medical sciences. This energy is
pure information energy. It moves throughout the central nervous system at the speed of thought (far more quickly than your known speed of Light and the true limiting element in your reality). It has the ability to be directed instantaneously to where your physical body needs it. The director is the various nodes of the meridian system found throughout your body. This system mirrors your central nervous system and conducts this information energy to its destination. The
degree of intensity, the type of coding and the way it is organized (its shape and length) determine how your meridian system directs this energy. This process, dear ones, also permits your body to adjust immediately to rapid changes in its environment (your 'flight or fight' reaction).

In this manner, your body receives important information that allows it to survive in your environment and to transform its physical instrument. As you can see, Consciousness is more than your 'conscious thoughts'. It has physical, energetic and spiritual components. Moreover, it is driven by its energy's potential, which permits it to unfold its objectives in the most efficient way possible. Life in your
reality is really only an energy that is motivated by its two levels of existence. These levels are the individual and the collective. Consciousness is a great gathering filled with endless probabilities and untold possibilities. This selection process is determined by divine Free Will. This sacred tool allows life to unfold this vast realm of potential in both a creative and a solution-oriented demeanor. We are mutually refocusing our commitment to carry out this grand blueprint, or divine

We are accomplishing it in a way that demonstrates the degree of our creativity and our desire to acquire as much wisdom as possible along the way. This brings us back to the transformation of your current head chakras. At present, you possess two primary chakras in your head: the Ajna, or third eye center (your pineal and pituitary glands), and your crown chakra (near the top-rear of your head). The
third eye center is the most important, because it controls where these two centers, the central nervous and the meridian center, converge. The actual point lies within your thymus, or upper heart center. Another key chakra that is now being slowly activated is the 'Well of Dreams' Chakra. This lies in the back of your head just above the Medulla. It provides the Ajna center with immediate data from your psychic information system.

These two control levels of consciousness information are interwoven. This process is achieved by the fact that each cell in your body has these special cellular devices within it, and that your meridian system is connected to each group of cells in your body. That is, it is connected to muscle cells, bone cells, nerve cells, et cetera. In this way, all vital information is duplicated and, thus, is verifiable instantly. This system is being used to change your physical reality. As you increase your vibration, it changes the parameters of your environment. It also expands and speeds up what mental, physical, emotional and spiritual facilities you can draw upon. This process has been further accelerated by the new energy packages now streaming in to your reality. These energies are re-organizing and redefining your reality.

The key to your transformation is an integration of your many physical and spiritual elements. This means the movement of many layers of your Lightbody into your physical instrument. The procedures that we have briefly outlined are making your physical body less dense and higher in frequency. This procedure also allows us, dear ones, to organize a movement inward of your Lightbody. This action is
accomplished by use of your information energy and your body-wide meridian system. To ease this process ever forward, we have had to do some immense cleansings of major blocks that your thought-forms have deposited in your central nervous and meridian systems. We have called this procedure your 'adjustments'. They are the way we are moving you towards your objective of transforming yourselves into fully conscious Beings.

Today, we have described how we are carrying out our mutual objective. We ask you to continue to remain focused and committed to achieving these joint objectives as soon as divinely possible. Know, dear hearts, that the restoration of your full consciousness is inevitable. Our intention is to have it occur as fast as possible. We now take our leave with many blessings directed toward you. We ask the divine Creator to grant all your Loving wishes and desires. We ask the Creator to give you a great and increasing Joy. Finally, we ask the Holy Creator to give
you a most abundant Supply and Prosperity! May these blessings be granted unto you immediately! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)