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2. Quan Yin (Kwan Yin) Goddess of Compassion, speaks about the “MOTHER
MATRIX” on Wesak May 1, 1999



5. About the author


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For many years we have asked the universe for more light, more love, more
truth.  We have asked the Universe to unveil the secrets of time and space.
We sat in our meditative positions with hands out and heart open ready,
willing and sometimes able to receive all that the Source gave to us.  We
moaned and complained, “we need more light, more energy, more truth!”  Well
kids, the time is now!  You are about to get the memo, the fax, the email,
the letter, the really big package you have been promised.  Hold onto your
hat, batten down the hatches, and tie down the tent. The winds of pure
undiluted, unfiltered, solar, stellar, interstellar,  protonic, magnetic
super wave energy is about to knock on your door (or shall I shall knock
down your door), shake up your energy field, dissolve what you have known to
be truth, and sweep the garage floor of your fears.  THE SUMMER OF 1999 IS

You have been told for years to get yourself ready for this time and this
place.  To let go of anything, person, place or thing that was not for your
highest good. The prophets, every color and flavor, have been preparing
humanity for this time period.

I do not come bearing the gift of fear, I come to give you the gift of truth.
The sands of time dribble through the hour glass, and I want this to be your
finest hour.  So sit back and just listen, take your judgements lock them in
the closet and listen with a pure heart, your body receives truth first, so
listen with your body.

Our galactic core is now entering a birthing phase. This activity is
triggering enormous explosions, which is resulting in gigantic super waves,
composed of cosmic ray particles.  These explosions are equivalent to 10
million exploding supernovas. At this time at least two of these super waves
are speeding toward earth, from our Milky Way galactic core.  This energy
has been called the ’photon belt’, and is also referred to as ‘second coming
’ or the activation of a Christ Consciousness. (this does not have anything
to do with any religion, only spirituality.)

Many scientists believe that in the center of our galactic core is a black
hole.  What actually exists at the center of our galactic core is a “mother
star”.  It is a celestial orb that is over 2 million times the mass of our
sun, and radiates about 20 million times as much energy as our sun.  The
scientific name of this mass is “Sagittarius A”.  This mass does not swallow
matter to generate energy, rather both matter and energy are created
spontaneously with its depths, thus violating all laws of physics.  This
mass has been theorized to be a dimensional doorway, whereby energy from a
higher dimension (other galaxy) is stepped down and distributed to our

On July 28, 1999, we have a lunar eclipse, on August 11, 1999 we have the
last full solar eclipse of this century.   Both of these eclipses will be
ushering us into reconnection with our own divinity and the divine spark
that lives in everyone else.  We will focus on heart issues, both physical,
emotional and spiritual.  The very heartbeat of the earth is increasing,
which in turn is increasing our own physical heartbeat.  Leo energy is
centered around the heart and the sun, in a giving, not in a receiving
modality.  Part of the energy will be centered around learning to receive
for the humaness.  It is easy to give, but not so easy to receive. The
Universe is giving to the children of earth all they have asked for, at one
fell swoop.

August 13, 1999 is called the ‘Day of Destiny’, by the Aztecs.  The Aztecs
say this is a day of inner fire and outer earth.  The Aztec sun calendar
teaches that we are all connected by a thread to the sky.  That the vast sky
cycles directly affect all the meridians of your body.  They teach that no
moment is reproducible and that the time we are sharing now is truly unique,
never to pass this way again.  There are no unrelated events.  Planetary
positions affect chemical reactions.  All events in space have influences on
your body and environment.

On August 17-18 there will be a powerful alignment called the ‘Grand Cross’.
A grand cross is when all of the planets are either square or opposite each
other, thus forming a cross.  This grand cross configuration  features 9
major planets, and 2 asteroids, all dancing with each other. The last time
anything even remotely close to this took place was in January 11, 1910.
The grand cross is symbolic of crossing over to a new era.

Now all of these ingredients ad up to change, change and more change.
Light, light and more light.  You have asked for more light and here it is
in every flavor you can imagine.  Expect all of your energetic, bodily,
emotional and past buttons to be pushed.   Accept this as a gift, say thank
you and move through.  Without movement forward, there will be an explosion
of your senses.  Do not stand still and cling to the past, in any format.
The path to enlightenment is single file.  Do it for you first. I use the
story of a woman and a baby on the desert with very little water.  The woman
would automatically give the baby the water.  The woman would perish, who
will carry the baby off of the desert.  Honor yourself and your divinity


ON  WESAK,  MAY 1, 1999

Welcome. I am Quan Yin. I am Goddess of compassion. I am Goddess of  Mercy.
I am Goddess of doing and Goddess of being. Feel my presence as a hundred
butterflies that brush against your face, your heart, and your Soul. Feel my
presence as the mist from a bubbling spring.  enveloping you, caressing you,
touching you. Feel my presence as the scent of the hyacinth, the gardenia,
the rose, and the jasmine, come to you. Dig deep in yourself to the very
softest part of you and that is where I live, that is where I dwell, and
that is where I grow.

You all walk about hurried in your life controlling the outcomes  or so you
think. Acting and reacting to everything that you set your efforts and
energies upon.  Straining the very seams of your existence because you think
you have to, you must. Your efforts are great and grandiose, but the results
are minute and nil.

I come on this day in celebration of the Wesak.  I come to escort you into
surrender. You hold firmly and relentlessly to what you think to be truth
and what you think should be. Not bending and being flexible in your
understandings. By doing such you annihilate and thrawt the results of
divinity. You destroy the results of a higher free-flowing energy that
circulates above your human will and above your human desires.

Let me Quan yin and the Mother Matrix escort you in to the softness of doing
and being. Let the tears of your soul that you have cried throughout
existence release the structured hardness and denseness of your humanness.
Let it collapse the cataracts that keep you separate from others. Let it
moisten the ground where your toes wiggle and tickle the very body of Mother

The next part of your journey is Now. You slide in-between the proverbially
rock and the hard place, straddling truth and illusion. In this tiny space
that the Universe is asking you to walk through you must move forward
quickly, with the great possibility of losing your structure, and losing
your beingness as you know it. Do not cling to what was or what should be.
Become fluid in your movement and that way you will fit into the tiny spaces
at the higher elevations and evolutions of existence.

You often act as a spoiled child who does not want what is given and graced
to him. You turn your head, you scream, you spit back at the Creator what is
given, not realizing and not knowing that what was given was far better, far
grander, far more, than what could have been acquired by self.

The energy that you seek comes not in a format of squareness. Your world
asks you to square away this, to get this aligned, to get that aligned.  The
world asks you to get ready for this disaster, this chaos, this energy, this
prophecy.all ways to prepare for the doom and gloom!

The minute, the very minute that you prepare for the doom and gloom in your
thoughts, in your household, in your fears, in any way -- is the very minute
that you birth that prophecy. The structuralness of what was prophesied is
hollow. There is no solidness to it. You can blow it over like you blow out
a birthday candle. You can deflate it, delete it.  It is your choice it is
your creation!  Let go of the prophecies of doom, don’t feed them your
fears, do not receive them as truth, and let love dissolve them into the
nothingness from whence they have come.

Become fluent, bendable, willow-like, not cane-like – but place yourself in
ableness and let go of all predestined structure. In the times of the
summer, do not plan for– but just receive.  If you plan for a picnic and it
rains greatly, then have that picnic in your car in your home, or where ever
you are. Soggy sandwiches never hurt anyone. Be flexible. Move through that
flexibility, gracefully. Decree to yourself and reclaim for yourself: I am
fluent. I am willing to change for the highest good. I am willing to flow
with life, with love, with change.

You all stand so strong in your prayers. You pray for peace. You pray for
love. You pray for this country and that country. You pray for this starving
child and that starving child, for this family and that family. You are
always praying ‘for’ something. Who is this little god the almighty “FOR”?
Why do you pray to this little god called “for”? Delete the ‘FOR’ from your
prayers and your heavenly requests. Pray Light. Pray Peace. Pray Love. Pray
Perfect Health. PRAY AS IF!!! Pray as if it has already happened, the prayer
is already answered, and it is not in some far away place in the future
sitting with a far away God that you pray to and for. The God outside of you
has crumbled. Look not out and up in your prayers. You are the prayer, you
are the prayee. You are the sacred object, the sacred ceremony, the sacred
space.  You are the sacredness that you so seek, but you see it not. Let go
of the little god “for”, pray as if’. When you pray ‘for’ -- you are just
hoping, you are wishing, you are wanting your prayer to be answered. But do
you truly believe it will happen? Most times you do not believe it and that
is why it does not come to pass.

The very quanta of your universe, the very quantum sub-atomic particles
eavesdrop on your every thought. You may pray (for) peace, but there is no
peace in your home. You may pray (for) love, but there is no love in your
heart, even for yourself. You pray (for) healing in another, but it is that
very healing that you need for yourself first. You all pray from an empty
space most times. You pray from an empty well. You create, manifest, and
affirm from a place within you that is void of everything you ask. You have
not filled up first. You have not supped upon divinity yourself, but yet you
try to feed it to others. When you pray from an empty space, it is as
planting an oak tree when you really want an orange tree.  The oak tree
cannot ever bare the fruit of an orange tree. Thus your efforts, your
prayers fall short of the direction you desired. There was not enough
momentum, love, nor peace behind the prayer  to move it in a direction where
it could accomplish its goals.

You wonder why your world does not reflect your prayers. Many times you feel
your prayers fall upon celestial deaf ears. When you pray with a certainty
and you believe with a certainty, then it is manifested with a certainty.
When you pray in a doubt then it is manifested doubtfully. When you pray out
of fear your prayer does not even have enough breath or life force to take
one foot into manifestation.

You are the GOD. You are all the holiness that you seek. Do you think that
the Creator doubted creating each one of you? How do you think you would
have turned out if God had for a moment just thought and said, "Well, maybe
that isn’t quite good enough, maybe I should change this, maybe I am not in
a place to bring forth, maybe I am not in a place to create." You all are
perfected because you were created from a full perfected state of being.  It
is your responsibility to create, manifest, and pray from that very point of
being. You do yourself and the world an injustice when you do not.

All the prayers that you sent to Kosovo, 99% of them did not reach it
because the prayers were prayed in fear. You prayed to manipulate the
outcomes instead of just praying  peace and praying  love. You are to embody
what you so seek externally and what you so give to others externally. How
can you assist others when your life is torn apart in your marriage, in your
health, in your being, and in your financial state? The Mother Matrix comes
to fill you. It comes to fill each and every one of you full of all the
gifts of spirit that you have not given yourself. All of you that are world
servers and light servers that minister to other –you dishonor yourself, and
the Creator by not giving to yourself first, and then manifesting from a
place of fullness. The Universe always works toward fulfilling your needs.
The Universe, out of love and concern for its creations has created another
octave of awareness that will be called the MOTHER MATRIX.  This is a living
matrix, a God-grid, composed of the essences, the love, compassion, and
healing that has been birthed through all space and time by the woman who
have incarnated in physical form on earth.  Not only the great well known
ones such as Mother Mary, Isis, Shakti, Tara, and myself(Quan Yin), but
millions upon millions of women, who have done equally great deeds with
little or no acknowledgment. All of these beautiful souls have come together
to great this great matrix, which will be overlaid upon the body of
Earth(another great female) this summer.  Allowing a level of healing to
occur that has never occurred before. Thus releasing a universal/ planetary
self-love that humanity has never experienced before. This first love
(primary love) will then be issued a certificate of Divinity, initiating
Earth(Heart) into the Christ consciousness.

Fill up your heart and pray peace, pray love, pray prosperity, pray
laughter, pray beauty. … I am Quan Yin. Let the Blue Moon of change come to
you. Heed these words listen to your heart.  You will know truth only
through your heart and not through your eyes. You are so loved. The Mother
Matrix will give to you the nurturing that you as people have not given to
yourself, have not received from others –no matter how much they love you.
Go in peace.



The Soul is dyed the color of its thoughts. Think only on those things that
are in line with your principles and can bear the full light of day. The
content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you choose, what
you think, and what you do is who you become.

Your integrity is your is the Light that guides your way
                                                                              - Heraclitus, Greek poet & Philosopher


Be-ings of Light. Be-ings of Love. Be-ings of Truth. Be-ings of One.  You
are all as such. We come to address to you the directions of your intents,
the directions of your thoughts, and the directions of your abilities. Many
of you feel as if you are not able to measure up to the expectations of
those in your life let alone  to your own expectations. You feel as if you
should have been able to accomplish much more than you have, at this pathway
and portal of your life. You feel as if time runs short and the faster you
run forward the more you trip and fall upon yourself.

Each of one of you is feeling the squeeze play, the pressure, as you enter
the year 2000. Not an outside pressure, but an internal pressure. The same
pressure that is felt as a diamond is being formed. You are feeling somewhat
as a lump of coal,  that is placed under tons of mountainous pressure, in
order to become a diamond.

You all deeply yearn to be that diamond, that brilliant light, not only for
yourself and your family, but also for your Creator. Most days you just feel
as a lump of coal, not even resting in Christmas stocking. You pressure
yourself to do more, to become more, to experience more. The more pressure
you put on yourself, the less you shine, the less you glow, the less clarity
you have. You try hard and grunt and groan your way into ascension and into
higher schools of knowledge. You sit as a good student listening to every
word that the teacher speaks, but it falls short of your ears—not adhering,
not penetrating the coalness of your being. You grow frustrated as you try
harder and harder.  You sit closer, you listen harder, you watch the lips,
you watch the energies, you watch with all 5 of your sensories – and still
all falls upon deaf ears and unreachable hands. You think you are broken.
You think that you are tainted in some way –falling short with some
imperfection, falling short of who you know in your heart and soul  that you
truly are. You look in the mirror and say, "How can this essence be who I
am?". "I know that I am so much more than what is reflected to me in the
mirror, in the pictures, in the camera. But why do I not see it? -- others
must not be able to see it either." You get angry at your physicalness. You
get angry at your lives. You get angry at the people in your lives because
you do not feel perfected and shiny and clear as the divine being that you
know yourself to be. You fall short of the pathway that you stride toward,
that you reach for, that you pray about, that you meditate upon. 1-2-3
stones short of crossing that river of light into a higher place of knowing,
a higher place of being. 1-2-3 straws short of a full bale-ness of divinity.

So you  just stop trying, you stop listening so hard, you stop trying to
figure out what that person and that teacher and this love one is trying to
tell you. You don’t hear it right anyway what’s the use.  You exhaust
yourself by trying to become more. You give up  trying to hear what another
is telling you.   You stop trying to part the seas of their words. You
decree, “ I will just stop. I will sit upon this rock and I will not try to
cross the street of light, the stream of light, the river of light, the
mountain of light to get to the other side. It is only another mountain,
another stream, another street, another river that I will have to cross. So
I will just stay where I am. I am content. I am enlightened enough. I know
more than those around me.

You sit on your haunches and watch more and more people pass you -- watching
them make the quantum leap across what seems un-leapable.  Watching them
climb the mountains that you were never able to. What is the difference
between those and myself? -- you think. I have studied for many many years
and yet I am at a standstill. I try and try and try, yet I get no leverage,
I get nowhere. It is as quicksand.

We come to tell you on this day –STOP TRYING TO MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN –JUST
ALLOW IT TO BE. The flow and the ebb that comes for others may not come to
you this week. It may come another day, another time when the river of you,
lifts you up to the top and the peak of the mountain of self and soul. Do
not be discouraged if you have not been able to reach the aspects of light
that you know you are.

The secret and key to life lives in that one sentence. STOP TRYING TO MAKE
SOMETHING HAPPEN, JUST ALLOW IT TO BE! You are trying to become what you
already are. You are trying to access places that you already exist. You are
looking externally for what is internally already there. You are seeking
something that you feel is lost, and you already hold the item that you
seek. You are looking for the Beings of Light, the Masters of Light, the
Angels, the Christ/ God externally with the 5 senses – seeing nothing that
announces itself as a Light Master, an Angel, or God. You view only with
your human eyes.

You see not the crystal, the rock in front of you – is an angel that chose
that form to come to earth. You see not that the tree in front of you is a
Light Master that is teaching in a very steady grounded way. You see not
that God comes in your next breath and your next heartbeat, and in your next
thought!  You think that the simpleness of everyday life cannot and does not
hold the Divinity that you seek.  You walk through a crowd of people pushing
them aside as parting the sea.  Rushing towards a mountain that you are
planning to climb in order to meet God. not realizing that you just parted
the very seas of God.  You pushed HIM/HER away in a hurry to get to the
front of the line, to be the very first on top of the mountain, to be the
very first to partake of the celestial truths.

You eat your food quickly – gulping it down—not seeing any sacredness in it.
Your food was grown in the sacred body of Earth, a planet that was created
out of love by the Creator.  The Earth has a consciousness, has a soul, has
a spirit. The food you eat has a consciousness – has stories to tell, has
truths to give you.  You gulp it down and see not the divinity within it.
You drink your 8 glasses of water a day because you are suppose to. Not
savoring it as the very life force that comes from the body of Mother Earth,
infused with Christ, with God, with holiness – you do not see the sacredness
in your 8 glasses of water per day.

All that you seek externally as holy, will not give you the gratification,
the alignment, the intunement that you so seek. It will not give you the fix
that you as a New Ager, you as a spiritual Huntress, or you as a
metaphysician need or think you need. You have exceeded the multiplication
tables. You have succeded from the union of Heaven and Earth in your human
experience. All things outside of you will not show you what your heart
yearns for unless you embrace the mystical within the ordinary, the divine
within the extremely simple, the light within the mass and the solidness of
each object and each person.

All of you are hoping and proclaiming for skyrockets, for fireworks, for
skywriting. When you befriend the cloud people that day will come. When you
befriend the rock people in the form of meteorites and comets, that day will
come. For now look to the simple for the divinity, the profoundness, the
galactic connection that you so desire.

You do not realize what you are manifesting. You are the ones that beckon
the extra-terrestrials.. not all are friendly.  You are the ones that beckon
the calamities in the heavens, the solar flares, the moon changing color,
the meteorites, the asteroids. You beckon them with your need for external
signs, external manifestations of the new millennium, the Second Coming, the
end or the beginning of something!  When you do see these self fulfilled
manifestations they fill you with fear.  They fill you with a sense of not
being in control, and a sense of losing the so-called battle of light and
dark. The players in the heavenly realms, in the higher dimensions, are very
happy playing out their growth roles without earth having to watch. So many
of you have wanted to see what is happening in the other dimensions, that
they have been beckoned forward. It is as calling an ancient spirit forward
from the earth –something that was buried throughout  time.

Many religions and belief systems on earth are calling forth for physical
Prophecy to come to pass.  The fire raining from the sky, the oceans and
seas turning to blood, mass devastation and mass leaving, as well as mass
landings. Earth has enough to keep her busy for millions of years without
ever leaving the planet. She is a satellite planet or what would be
considered to be a mother ship by many of you.  What you are inviting by
these external decrees is not necessarily pleasant and does not have to be
brought into existence.

Remember you are a Creator-in-training. When the clock strikes 1:00 on
August 11th you will fully be in your Creator energies. Your words will then
start to instantly create. Whatever you utter in casual conversation, in a
relaxed state of manifestation will come to past quickly. When you try to
conjure up, with a deliberation and intensity, the manifestations will fall
short of there mark. You have been told this over and over again. You are
still practicing as two young goats bucking heads –practicing for adulthood.
The rehearsal is almost over. You do not need any extra-terrestrial angel,
alien, light master, or holy person outside of you to give you the truth
that you already hold! Any external energies will be but mirrors of your own
energies. You can partake of the fruits of all trees, but do not place them
on a pedestal.

Whether it is a vision in the sky or a craft landing or animals talking, - it doesn’t matter. You are as Holy and even Holier than most items and situations that you so worship. That is why these things that you worship no longer communicate to you. You worship your angels, your guardians, your Light masters, your spirit guides thinking that they are so much more enlightened than you – but are they really? Or are they just mirroring what is truth to you already? What you innately know already!?!

You are in a place of Divine equality! Do not measure another in comparison with yourself. Humanly the measurements will never meet. Divinely – all measurements are precise and equal. Be aware of what happens when you call upon outside energies to give you a truth.

Number 1 you give your power away to something you do not even understand.
Number 2 that energy may have falsehoods laced in its truths – something you create for yourself to learn discernment from—trickery, coyote medicine.
Number 3 you are saying that something outside of you is more Divine, more Holy and has more access to truth and God than you do, - that is a lie. You have had access to all levels of truth as does other every aspect of Creation throughout all time and space.

Everything is evolving.  The angels are evolving, the Light Masters are evolving, the Light teachers are evolving, the aliens are evolving. Everything is evolving as is humanity. Be aware of these thoughts. They will change your life.  They will empower you to come fully into your spiritual power, your soul power, the power that is you already. At this time we will leave. We are what is considered to be a Council of Light. We are hoping our words have influenced you to look more clearly at what you pray , meditate upon, and ask for in your everydayness. The gifts you search for, the truths you live for are within you. Everything external only mirrors what you already know, and who you already are.


This newsletter is created and written by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan.
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan is author of the book, The Quantum Awakening: Chronicles of Light.  A book of visionary insight into the next step of Light for humanity.  Gillian is a Visionary, a Seer, born with the gift of knowing. She is a clairvoyant psychic with advanced channeling abilities.  Gillian has been a metaphysical teacher for 27 years. She has extensively studied many world religions, esoteric beliefs, the paranormal, metaphysics, and quantum physics, developing a well rounded polished interpretation of these truths and there effects on today’s every changing world.  Gillian writes for several magazines, in the state of Florida, and hosted her own Psychic talk radio show for over 2  years. She has been a guest speaker on several national radio and television shows and is a popular speaker at Body, Mind Spirit Expos.

In her search for truth she has traveled to many sacred sites, including Egypt and all of England, Ireland, and Scotland.   She is active globally in her quest to make the highest truth available to all.  In the past her two newsletters, The Quantum Awakening and the Pleiadian Connection, were sent to over 35 states and 23 countries.  At this time her newsletter is ONLY sent electronically via email worldwide.  She can be reached at 407-568-6799 or email to be added to this emailing list.

If you would like to order the book, THE QUANTUM AWAKENING: CHRONICLES OF LIGHT, email  the above address, cost is $18.oo which includes 3 day delivery.  Gillian does not do phone readings, but she is available for Long Distance Readings. For more information about them email her.

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May your day and night be filled with Miracles upon Miracles

Blessings, Gillian