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By Steven Hanauer


Recent Updates: The Sun and Solar Flares

The sun's luminosity and color are changing, in astronomical terms it is changing from a yellow sun to a white sun classification. The sun is extremely active with a significant increase in frequency and intensity of solar flares and plasma ejecta being observed, even though we are only in the early stages of the new solar cycle #23.

I greatly appreciate the assistance in compiling solar data from the Internet from my Atlanta based friend and fellow researcher, John Falone, author of the book The Genius Frequency: An Owner's Manual for the Cosmic Mind. Due to the apparent media blackout on solar flares in 1998, I wanted to locate a listing of the 1997 and 1998 solar flares. In 1997 most of the major flares were readily reported in the media. In 1998 even the
astronomy magazines haven't been reporting much about the flares. Even after many hours logged on the Internet by both John and I, we found it very difficult to find data even on the government and military websites. As a result we only found fragmentary and incomplete listings of solar flares.

Solar flares are classified by their peak x-ray intensity as: B (very low), C (low to moderate), M (moderate to high) and X (high to extremely high). The largest solar flare ever recorded (x-ray intensity began to be recorded in 1976) was an X20.0 on August 16, 1989. Since the X class solar flares are the most dangerous to us, the following example will serve as a measuring rule for comparison with the coming solar flares and geomagnetic
storms during the current solar cycle. On March 13, 1989 at 2:45 A.M. the Hydro Quebec Power Company of Quebec, Canada experienced a system-wide blackout as their power grid collapsed within seconds, leaving 6 million people without power. The cause? A geomagnetic storm generated by a solar flare. This geomagnetic storm occurred during a 14 day "sun-earth connection event", which began with a large sunspot region being
observed on the eastern edge of the sun. A huge X class solar flare erupted on March 6, 1989, this being the second largest known solar flare (from 1976 to November, 1998). Those 14 days in March produced 11 X class flares and 48 M class flares. On March 13 and 14, the earth experienced the second largest geomagnetic storm in the last 50 years. Power grids in Canada and Sweden failed as excessive electric currents were induced in power lines tripping protective delays within the system. The U.S. government (USGS) reports that "If the March 13, 1989 geomagnetic storm had not occurred in the middle of the night on the East Coast, it likely would have brought down power grids in the United States as well."

Now let us compare this to what is already occurring in solar cycle #23. The
first X class solar flare of cycle 23 occurred on November 4, 1997, with the second occurring on November 6, 1997, an X 9.4, which was the largest flare so far in this cycle (as of September, 1998). During this same period, the month of August, 1998 was the most active thus far with 18 large flares, 6 being X class and 12 being M class. As best as I can determine, at least 13 X class solar flares have occurred in 1998, with the largest an X 4.9 occurring on August 18, 1998. There have been at least 3 X class flares in 1997. The predicted number of X class flares for solar cycle #23 are: 1997-1, 1998-5, 1999-15, 2000-40, 2001-30, 2002-50. So far the actual number of X-flares (3 in 1997 and 13 in the first 9 months of 1998 has exceeded the predicted number by nearly 3 times, and we
aren't even at the end of 1998! We haven't seen anything yet, cycle # 23 isn't expected to begin its peak activity until 2000 and continuing to peak through 2002, with high levels of activity occurring in 1999 and 2003. There have been a total of 23 large X class solar flares (over 9.0 X ) covering the period of 1976 to November, 1998. During the solar cycle #22, 14 of the top 23 solar flares occurred. All 14 occurred after the peak year (from
1989 to 1991) which is typical. During solar cycle #21, 8 large X class flares occurred. It is very significant as to the frequency and intensity of the flares we are already experiencing while still in the early stages of this solar cycle. Yet, the flares we've been currently seeing is only "a mouse compared to the elephant that is coming". Scientists expect this to be the biggest cycle of them all. As reported on the solar website: "Periods of solar
activity will be observed that will be capable of literally shaking space."

There is an article from the October 23, 1998 Government Computer News entitled "Space Storms Could Disrupt Satellite Communication Systems." "Air Force and government scientists have concluded that violent electromagnetic space storms will wreak havoc on systems at about the same time unfixed Y2K codes fail (Jan. 1, 2000). We're going to have a huge storm about January 1, 2000", according to Ernie Hildner, director of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colorado. He goes on to say that "The strength of solar cycle 23 is expected to far
surpass its predecessors." Hildner goes on to report that there have been felt effects [of solar activity] upon the northeast U.S. power grid and damaged navigation systems (GPS) already in this cycle. He expects that "the 72 Iridium low earth satellite communication system will fall prey to the effects of the sun."

This is very significant since NOAA has been very conservative about information pertaining to the coming solar flares. Two years ago, when I was researching a government scientist's warning about the mega flare of January, 2000, I was told by NOAA that it was impossible to predict solar flares in advance. This is a very interesting reversal and should not be taken lightly!

I believe that there is a high likelihood of at least intermittent electrical power grid outages beginning in 1999 and through 2002 or 2003 due to solar flares, making it imperative to be
prepared for possibly living without electricity during this period.

Recent Updates: The Effects on Increased Solar Activity

The dramatic increase in electromagnetic radiation and x-ray flux of the sun has been producing specific climatological, biological and technological effects and conditions on a
global scale. The weather continues to be extreme, including the hottest summer (1998) in recorded history. On October 21, 1998, NBC Nightly News reported that in the U.S. alone we've had 1200 tornadoes, 3 hurricanes and 3 tropical storms in 1998 and the hurricane season isn't over yet. NBC reported that the 10 most destructive weather related disasters have all occurred in the last 10 years, including Hurricane Georges. Scientists now believe these storms are due to global warming, but as I reported in >Cosmic Stargate Part I, the earth's weather is directly affected by the sun's weather and as the solar activity continues to increase, so will our severe weather. There appears to be more to solar weather than we ever knew, especially with the recent discovery that the sun creates tornadoes and solarquakes. There is now a new type of weather reporting, space weather, to monitor the geomagnetic disturbances and solar flare dangers to satellites and telecommunication, radio and television transmissions. Websites for monitoring current space weather conditions include: and Another significant indication of the increasing severe weather, as reported by NBC, is the increase in relief aid spent world wide, from $5-10 billion in the 1960's to $55 billion in the 1990's. The sun's effect is creating an increase in soil temperatures along with higher temperatures as crops are being baked in the fields. This
combined with drought and flooding conditions are decimating crops globally.

According to the Chicago Research Group (also referred to as Research Scientist Initiates) as reported in Val Valerian's Leading Edge Research Group, many adverse effects are occurring due to the sun's increasing activity. In Australia and New Zealand, (close to where the ozone hole over Antarctica continues to expand) cattle and sheep are becoming blind with cataracts. Bees and migrating birds are becoming blind as well. The birds' pineal
glands, which are very sensitive to light, are also being affected. This and the continuing reduction and shifting of earth's magnetic field has continued to affect birds' and whales' migratory habits. Geese have even been seen flying south in the summer! Birds either don't show up at all in their traditional migration spots or some species are showing up in new and uncharacteristic locations for the first time. Even homing pigeons seem to be getting
lost as reported by the Associated Press on October 8, 1998. Some 2,200 homing pigeons vanished out of 2,500 competing in two races along the east coast of the U.S.

The sun is seriously affecting plant life in the oceans. Continuing with an update from the Chicago Research Group, phytoplankton, a critical part of the ocean's food chain, are dying due to greater levels of ultraviolet and x-rays from the sun penetrating the ocean waters, to a depth of 14 meters. Plant physiology is being adversely affected due to anomalous photosynthesis and photochemistry. Strange mutations of plant fungi are being
produced which could lead to a global photomutagenic plague causing crop failures and famine.

Technologically, there will be a continued increase in the malfunctioning or failing of satellites, computers and telecommunications including excessive static and poor transmission of RF and television signals, especially daytime TV, AM and FM radio. Already, satellite television has been experiencing temporary interruptions of service due to the increased solar activity. Another clear indicator of the significant rise in solar radiation is the increasing operating efficiency seen in super-efficient photocells, an unprecedented 30-40% increase over the normal 17-25% efficiency.

The individual effects of the various scenarios currently unfolding are very dramatic by themselves but we need to assess their full impact by looking at the combined effect as they simultaneously occur. The combination of galactic and solar activity, solar flares, earth changes, severe weather and Y2K points to the need for specific preparations. Most essentially we need to plan for being without electricity (blackout conditions) or brown out conditions (intermittent power) for extended periods of time, maybe months, even years. The solar peak activity will extend from 1999 to 2003 with its maximum being from 2000 to 2002. This same period corresponds to the Y2K threat of power grid interruption or failure possibly beginning in late 1999 and extending into 2000 or even longer. With both Y2K and solar flares potentially knocking out power grids globally at around the same moment, it will be much more difficult to restore power. In fact, we have never had to attempt a concurrent restoration of power around the world before. A key obstacle would be in the
initial surge of power required to start up everything electrical, which is what takes the greatest amount of power.

Is it time to prepare?

This may sound alarmist and difficult to believe, let alone conceive, since we have become so dependent upon technology in our lives. If you are in a city and only have city water,
without electricity, how are you going to get water? How are you going to find food and without a stove, prepare it? If it is winter, how are you going to stay warm? I believe it is wise to address these questions now while you can still do something about it. Nightline recently (October 20, 1998) aired a program on the Y2K computer problem and didn't ridicule (as being crazy nuts) those who are seriously preparing for its potential
consequences. This sends a huge message, as the same thing happened on CNN regarding people preparing in the mountains of Virginia. Even more significantly, Nightline's conclusion and advice from the government expert was "we must all make our own decisions and judgments as to what we will do about this situation." This is a very crucial remark; we need to read between the lines and realize what is not being said. They did not dismiss this as being a serious problem yet are being very careful not to create mass panic. A definite signal is being put our there for those who are aware of what is really going on and who are paying attention. Just ask someone whom you personally know in a bank, power company or hospital, they will tell you a different story, as to their concerns and preparations over Y2K, than the "official public story" they are required to say. If you
are not concerned about Y2K then you are not fully informed and please don't rely on the government, corporations or the general media to inform you. Once the masses realize just how serious things are, it will be way too late to do much about it. The time is now to take action and prepare on all levels: physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and socially, including creating and strengthening our community relationships because life
as we know it and our accustomed lifestyles may not be the same within a year.

This is the beginning of the last call according to the Hopi elders as they announced publicly on March 16, 1998, on the Art Bell show. We are in the last days of the purification as we are about to move into a new world. The elders are passing along the teachings of their ancient ancestors, warnings they themselves received long ago, when they too faced a similar period of purification during the emergence of this world. The old ways have always espoused living in harmony with the earth, all of life and the cosmos, warning us to avoid being corrupted by things outside of ourselves which often leads to ignoring or even losing touch with our soul and spirit. In the words of the Hopi elders, "only those that are walking on the one path and believing in [the] one (Spirit) and with a good heart" will be a part of the new fifth world. Only those who are pure of heart and
consciousness will survive this period of cosmic purification. The "old way" teachings of the ancients were not merely prophecies or psychic predictions but actual occurrences based upon specific cycles of the cosmos of which the ancients were very aware and watchful of within their culture. Since these changes are occurring on a galactic level not just on a planetary scale, I feel it is important for humanity to be aware of these coming changes and the unique opportunity we are being offered. Some believe that sharing this information (as I have here and in Part I of Cosmic Stargate) is wrong and only serves to reinforce its "negative" reality and likeliness to occur. Because these changes are part of galactic cycles and occurring throughout the galaxy, this is larger than mere humans on this planet. This is much more than what a number of humans can manifest with their
"negative thinking". In good conscience, I feel obliged to share my research so people can make their own choices and decisions, not out of fear or emotional reaction, but from an
informed and fully aware position. We have an opportunity if we apply ourselves, to do the soul work of many lifetimes during this period, but if we are forced to focus most of our time and energy primarily on physical survival, we will be unable to do the necessary inner work. This is why it would be prudent to make some basic physical preparations now. Make plans for dealing with a lack of electricity by storing drinking water, food, warm clothing and a permanent way to create fire (not just matches). If you don't have a fireplace or fireplace insert, you may want to put a wood burning stove in your home. Some of the important websites to monitor for current and ongoing changes and conditions include: "The Solar Website" at > ; for Y2K - >;
and for information about the most important and significant things occurring on the planet, there is the massive website of Val Valerian's Leading Edge Research Group at >

Spiritual Preparations

Our inner work, including the emotional and spiritual healing of our heart, is the most essential thing we can do to prepare spiritually for what we will personally experience during these changing times. We need to be able to discover, create and maintain our connection with our higher self and consistently follow its guidance in our daily lives. We need to practice effective ways of emotional and spiritual purification and healing for our heart and consciousness, including developing heartfulness, mindfulness and consciously creating our lightbody. We can prepare now for a possible dimensional shift in several ways. We can create a conscious ascension of our physical body by raising the frequency of our consciousness and energy field (aura), thereby raising the frequency of our physical cells until they ultimately become the same frequency as our etheric body. The etheric
body is the template upon which the physical body is based, being the primary basis of the energy meridians and acupuncture points in acupuncture. Most ancient and eastern traditions refer to the etheric body as the "body of light" and taught specific techniques for the conscious development of the lightbody and immortality. When we consciously transfer our primary focus point of consciousness to our lightbody we are able to keep our
present memory and consciousness fully intact, but now in an "immortal" body. Normally when we die and our consciousness leaves the physical body, it also disengages from our etheric body (usually after about 3 days), at which time we primarily function within our astral "body". Since our memory resides within our etheric body, there is usually an interruption in awareness, consciousness and memory during our transition into the astral
dimension. This interruption is what we want to avoid through an ascension process.

If we are unable to create the ascension process within us, we have the opportunity to create a resurrection process instead. By developing our inner consciousness, we can retain our connection with the etheric body when we die and thereby create our lightbody without any break in our consciousness and memory. If we are successful in retaining our consciousness and consciously transferring it to our etheric body, we can ultimately
reproduce the ascension process after dying.

The third option is to develop our inner consciousness so we can consciously move through the death process and know how to consciously navigate non-physical realities. We can learn and develop these abilities before we physically die, that way even if we experience the typical break in consciousness and memory, we can still reawaken easier and quicker on the astral plane. There are specific steps and prerequisites to developing our inner consciousness and this will be the focus of this and future articles. This overview of our inner journey of the heart and soul will be a compression of a great amount of material synthesized from many varied systems and traditions, ancient and modern, eastern and western, metaphysical, scientific and psychological in origin.

Knowing where to begin and determining what are the essentials in our spiritual development and soul growth can be very challenging. A friend of mine, Michael ,shared with me his amazing experience with a Taoist master living in the remote mountain caves in Thailand and who rarely held audience with anyone, especially Westerners. Michael asked him the best path for spiritual development. He was instructed how a trinity is
created in the body's centers and chakras which once balanced leads to inner
integration and enlightenment. The first is the sacral chakra (just below the navel). To learn how to master this center, study Taoism for developing control over energy (chi) and the physical body. The next center is the brow chakra (third eye). To learn how to master this center, study Buddhism for developing and expanding your consciousness. The last and most important center is the heart chakra. To master this center,develop unconditional love and compassion by studying the teachings of Jesus and Mystical Christianity. We will explore the conscious development of these three centers and learning to integrate them as a whole will be the focus of the Cosmic Stargate articles.



Deep within us exists a silent pulse, a perfect rhythm, that connects us to our inner spiritual essence. When we consciously open our hearts to this inner pulsation, we can unify our heart and being with all hearts, thereby becoming directly connected and one with everything. Learning to consciously create and maintain this pulse within us in our daily lives would not only transform us, but possibly the world around us as well.

The ultimate source of this pulse of life is Divine Beingness. The ancients claimed the spiritual secret to life was to consciously connect our earthly (physical) heart with the heavenly heart that creates the universal heartbeat. The heartbeat of creation is the fundamental tone which all of life attunes and resonates with.

I offer the following as a map of the soul, to follow in our journey towards the healing and enlightenment of our emotional and spiritual hearts. The following is some of the most pertinent essential keys for our souls' inner work and development, in this dimension and the next.

Life's Ultimate Purpose

What matters most in our life? How meaningful has my life been? The true essence of our existence cannot be measured by the amount of money, fame or power we have achieved, but by asking ourselves: Did I love well? Loving with all our heart and being is how we can best measure our life. Without love in our heart, we have nothing that will endure. The quality of our heart, our love and the beingness which we share with all, is what
matters most in life. Our primary purpose in life is to learn how to love openly and unconditionally everyone and everything, keeping our whole being and heart open, radiating love to all, under all circumstances. Our most powerful lessons in love are the conditions where we have withheld love from others. Our ultimate purpose in life is to consciously create, strengthen and maintain our connection to our higher self and the divine.

When we die, we experience a reviewing process of our key life experiences. During this life review we experience not only our feelings and perspective of the events of our life,
but also the feelings and perspectives of the other people involved, thereby expanding our perspective beyond just our own. This stretches us beyond our ego's self centeredness, allowing us to directly and deeply experience true empathy, compassion and unconditional love. We thereby come to realize that our heart and beingness is our true reality and that love is all that truly matters. We can see clearly where in our life we openly shared love, where we withheld love and the direct consequences of each, including the effects it had on those involved. The places within us where we have withheld love is the unfinished business of our heart. If we can realize now that healing our heart is our most essential soul work, rather than waiting to realize it during our life review, we can begin the inner journey of our heart. We can focus our time and energy upon developing that which we take with us when we leave this world--our heart, beingness, soul, spirit essence, consciousness and relationships including our love and heart connections with other people. Shouldn't these things be our highest values and developing them our highest
priority in life?


Beingness and Our True Self

Our innermost essence is our beingness, which includes our soul and spirit essence, also known as our higher self. Our spirit essence is a part of the Divine Being of God. Our spirit
essence is always connected and one with the Divine and metaphorically could be considered a cell in the "Body of God". Our beingness is our direct connection to the cosmos and God and is directly accessed through our heart. Unconditional love flows from a great fullness of our being, radiating out from and through our hearts.

True transformation and wholeness come from consciously reconnecting with our innate core beingness, our true self.

The Evolution of the Soul

A key aspect of our soul growth is the process of making the unknown known, the unconscious conscious, and thereby our soul ultimately becoming our spirit essence and one with God. When our souls were first created by God we were mostly in an unconscious state of consciousness with a limited amount of conscious awareness. The evolution of our soul is the evolution of our consciousness. This occurs in various stages, starting from unconsciousness to waking consciousness to full conscious awareness, including direct knowingness and pure consciousness, and ultimately leading to complete conscious beingness. Essentially, our consciousness is a direct reflection of our beingness. Initially, we are unconscious of our beingness, but our soul progresses through many stages and levels of consciousness while becoming fully conscious of our innate beingness.

The consciousness of our soul evolves through many levels of learning. In today's modern information age we may be informed about and seemingly know about a lot of things, yet be surprised to realize just how little we truly know. We may believe or think that something is true but how do we really know if it truly is? There is a vast difference between believing something and knowing something to be true. Direct conscious knowing is based upon our beingness and results from an inner state of perception. This is the highest form of learning and consciousness for the soul. Beliefs are based upon our ego and intellect and in contrast are one of the lower forms of learning and consciousness for the soul, although western culture mistakenly believes it to be a highly evolved state of consciousness.

The normal state of consciousness, which most of us experience in our daily lives, would be called waking consciousness rather than conscious awareness because we are rarely conscious and are merely awake (as in not sleeping). From a spiritual perspective when we are in our waking state we are still considered to be unconsciously awake or in a perpetual consciousness state of "waking sleep". Unfortunately this is the state which most of us consider normal or typical because it is all we know. It is exactly from this state of
unconsciousness that we begin our journey in consciousness development toward a higher and truly awakened state.

One of the first essential tasks of consciousness development is to master using both modes of our brain hemispheres equally, ultimately synthesizing the left and right brain into a state of whole brain functioning. We are then able to integrate the use of intellect with intuition, thinking with feeling and emotion with rationality in a unified whole. In order to develop whole brain thinking we must better understand how our intellect and intuition function and operate. The primary function of the intellect is to create images which becomes our imagination. This is at once one of the most powerful aspects of
consciousness and one of the most dangerous. Metaphorically, it was represented by the ancients as the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil" and ultimately led to the "fall" of mankind and "original sin". Evolutionists tout our intellect and imagination as the key
distinction between humans and beasts, due to our capacity for conceptual thinking. Because we can create in our consciousness an image of an object, we can then take it with us anywhere we go; even if the object weighs tons, we can still cart it wherever we wish within our minds. We can shape and mold this image in whatever way we choose, similar to the manipulation and alteration of computer scanned images. This is a very powerful tool if we use it wisely, while we are fully aware and respectful of its dark side.

Beingness denotes a state of oneness, unity and connection. Consciousness is merely a reflection of our beingness and is thereby separated from beingness. At best, pure
consciousness can only hope to perfectly mirror beingness. Within this state, our consciousness can be fully aware, yet simultaneously connected and completely one with everything. There are two primary modes of consciousness we can experience, the
observer mode (awareness) and the participant mode (feeling). These modes are higher orders of functioning in consciousness, yet related to left brain and right brain functioning. Our tendency is to be in one mode or the other, but rarely both simultaneously, which is necessary to consciously unite our consciousness with our beingness.

When we are fully present and conscious of an object, we can be aware of its innate beingness and our connectedness with its essence. We can maintain this state of at-one-ment with the object for as long as we like. We can only connect and be one with beingness in the present moment, for beingness only exists in the "eternal now". As we create an image of the object, we automatically take it out of the "eternal now" with its present connection to beingness. In other words, we have created an artificial construct or lifeless image within us of a very real and alive object. This by itself is not a problem as long as we fully realize and remember that this image is not real. The acute danger lies in our confusing the artificial world we create within our mind with true reality. Our image making process is so automatic, innate and insidious that we repeatedly mistaken the
imagined for the real. When we are consciously aware and connected to an object or person, we can be one with its essence and beingness thereby feeling and creating an energetic connection which can be maintained indefinitely. This is how we can remain connected and one with the cosmos and Divine. Once we create and only relate to mere images in the self-created reality within our mind, we then become disconnected and separate from our beingness. This is what was referred to as "original sin" causing our "fall", because this is what separates us from God, from our beingness and from Ultimate Reality. Being ignorant of how we create this inner disconnection and separation from our beingness within our consciousness is the ultimate form of illusion and self-delusion, as well as the primary cause of suffering. We will continue exploring this when we focus on how we create our false self.

The left brain uses the imagination and intellect to create images, thoughts and words in an orderly, rational and logical way through association. Its primary focus is with thought,
thoughtforms, thinking and language with its functioning. Being intellectual in nature usually refers to someone who is predominately left brain oriented, but this doesn't mean that the intellect isn't used by the right brain person, it is merely used in a different way.
The right brain uses the imagination and intellect to create images, thoughts and emotions and often associates them with feelings and experiences either in a holistic or often irrational way. Its primary focus is with feeling, feeling forms, personal experience and emotions with its functioning. The right brain also utilizes intuition, which encompasses a vast area of our experience and consciousness.

Intuition has to do more with feeling than with our thinking mode. There is a higher and lower aspect to intuition. The lower intuition gains its impressions principally from our
emotions and our subconscious mind, including our psychic abilities. Our lower intuition is centered in our gut (solar plexus) and gives us "gut impressions" usually deriving from our subconscious and instinctual selves. Through the telepathic and psychic abilities of our subconscious mind we can receive impressions from other people, the group mind and collective consciousness. In this way we can also gain guidance from non-physical
guides, usually from the astral dimension. Our higher intuition is centered from our hearts and receives its impressions from our higher self (soul and spirit essence) and our beingness. Our higher intuition receives impressions primarily through feeling and direct experience, including an energetic connection with the essence and beingness of an object or person, by which we can directly and accurately know it through a state of communion and oneness. The lower intuition gains its impressions primarily through images, symbols or words which are often distorted by emotion. These impressions are created within one's consciousness thereby creating a separation between subject and object,
therefore one can only know about the object, rather than directly know it, by being one with it. The lower intuitional impressions must also be interpreted or translated, thereby
leading to potential misinterpretations, misunderstandings, illusions and self-delusion. This psychic realm is the level of consciousness from which most psychics and channelers operate within. It is best to develop our own inner guidance through spiritual growth, allowing us to use our higher intuitive abilities of the heart as we commune and communicate with our higher self.

When we have to interpret images from the outside because our inner connection of beingness with it is lost, then we can only know about things and form beliefs about them. This makes us dependent upon things outside ourselves, such as outer authority figures, whom we feel and hope we can believe and trust to tell us what is real and true, as we are unable to know for ourselves. To reverse this process, becoming inner focused and
directed rather than outer, is paramount to our spiritual and consciousness development. Conscious awareness is the bridge between believing (intellect) and direct knowing. Knowing about something (intellectual comprehension) is not the same as knowing it. In order to truly know something we must first personally experience it. Through its direct experience we can gain true insight and awareness about its inner nature, thereby developing personal knowledge through the conscious awareness, observation, feeling and living of life. We start to develop inner wisdom as we begin to consciously understand the dynamics, principles and mechanisms of life from our ability to recognize and see them through our personal experience and conscious awareness. True knowledge and wisdom come only through developing our inner consciousness, just having strong beliefs, convictions or mere intellectual authority only create a false sense of knowing and self-delusion. Learning to consciously discern and distinguish between different levels of
learning and consciousness is an essential skill of the soul.

Being a Vessel of Light

We are all connected by a membrane of light. We are directly connected to the Divine (through our spirit essence) by an unobstructed flow of light. Our connection to the Divine was called the Naphsha by the ancient Essenes and Jesus. The ultimate source of light and love is Divine Beingness. The invisible light of pure beingness permeates all of creation. Maintaining a clear and direct connection to the universe and the Divine through our Naphsha and sharing the inner light of our being as we are radiating the light and love of our spirit essence, from our heart to the hearts and souls of others, is the inner essence of life. The light of Divine Beingness is always shining like the sun. We separate ourselves from the unobstructed web of light by creating our own "clouds", thereby blocking the light from us. These "clouds" constrict and eventually obstruct our Naphsha and our heart, resulting in our heart closing itself off, usually out of fear or to avoid pain and being hurt.

Once we heal and reopen our hearts, the blocks and constrictions are removed, allowing us to be in the stream of light once again. The more open our hearts, the more connected to the light we are, resulting in a higher frequency of our vibrational resonance. We receive the most light while in a state of unconditional love and compassion--love amplifies the light of our being. We can learn to increase our emission of radiated light by cultivating inner resources and increasing our conscious connection with our beingness. When we open and expand our heart to our beingness and radiate unconditional love and
compassion to all around us, we become like the sun as it radiates light rather than like the moon, which merely reflects light off its surface. In a similar way, our beingness radiates the Light of the Divine and our consciousness merely reflects our beingness like the moon. We can consciously learn how to increase our life force by drawing energy (chi) directly from the universal source and become a true vessel of light as we are radiating light and love. This is another essential skill of the soul. The heart is the foundation of life, just as the physical heart renews and sustains our body; unconditional love, universal love and Divine Love and Light nourish our soul.

What is Love?

image courtesy of the most profound and precious moments of our life tend to be when our outer facade and the walls we hold around our hearts are pierced, allowing our soul to be touched by another being. This allows for a deep and complete exchange to occur, being to being, heart to heart, moving us and transforming us in the center of our being. This simple, profound and immediate intimacy is the love that we all truly long for within our hearts. Our heart becomes luminous and radiant while in complete unification. Our heart is now undivided, holy.

Unconditional love does not depend upon anything outside of us, in the outer world, including what we say or do; it comes directly from our beingness deep within. It is an energy that flows directly from our core beingness. It is an actual physical and energetic presence created when we feel genuine openness, acceptance, allowance, empathy and compassion. Unconditional love is opening our heart, fully connecting and responding to another person's being without reservation or barriers. It is creating a deep and total harmony, oneness, wholeness, a connectedness, merging and communion. It allows no condition or limitation upon love to remain between ourselves and our connection to God, our higher self, our heart or one another, regardless of circumstances. Forgiveness simply says that we will not put someone out of our heart, nor keep our heart closed to them. It is imperative that we always remain open within, maintaining our connection to Source (Naphsha), yet be discerning in our connectiveness to others, within healthy boundaries. If another's heart is closed with intense rage, resentment, hostility or hatred, it may not be
healthy or wise for us to attempt connecting our heart with theirs, in order to present our heart from becoming a doormat for their abuse. We can still stay inwardly open and connected to our Naphsha, radiating the higher heart frequencies through our heart and maintaining our connection with their beingness and higher self, while remaining a "safe" distance from their lower self. In this way we can still keep our heart open even to those
with wounded hearts, being a light shining within the darkness.

Universal love expresses the innate harmony of the universe. It is the common note and chord that is heard in every individual song of the cosmos. It is the music of the spheres, from galaxies to atoms, from our souls to our toes. Divine Light and Love is the source of our beingness. Love's essence is openness and relatedness. When we consciously recognize and feel gratitude for the universal love expressed through and within every
living thing our heart naturally opens. This causes love to begin flowing into us and through us once again. We come into resonance with the cosmic pulse. We all have the power to choose whether to be in harmony, resonance and unity or in disharmony and separation, withdrawn from life.

The Heart of the Child

We are born with our heart open and connected to our beingness. The heart region of the infant is usually open and free. The child feels and experiences natural self-love and spontaneous affection, and instinctively reaches toward other people, seeking contact and connection. Our true self as expressed from the core of our inner being is genuinely loving, sensitive and connected to others. The child has an intuitive knowing that through our heart and spiritual essence, we are all part of God.

The Wounds of the Heart and Loss of our Being

Throughout life, we sustain many assaults to our heart, resulting in alienation from our own and others' hearts. The heart is sensitive and can be easily wounded. The infant and child
desires closeness and acceptance, to love and be loved with an open and trusting heart. When this isn't allowed or the child is rejected, the intense emotional pain causes the child to close its heart and begin building walls of protection around it. This closing separates us from our beingness and the rhythms of the cosmos, universal love and ultimately God. When we no longer sense our own spirit, or feel love and joy, we are left with a profound sense of sadness. Being in a continual state of sadness restricts our life energy, cutting us off from the source of life, which can eventually lead to physical heart disorders.

 Levels of Identity

When we ask ourselves, who am I? What do we find? Am I my car or my house? My job? My country? My physical body or personality? My mind or ego? My heart, soul or spirit
essence? Is my ultimate identity the things I have, including my possessions and money.
Is it the things I do, including my job or the roles I fulfill like employee/employer, mother/father, husband/wife, sister/brother. Is my ultimate identity my being, including my heart, soul and spirit essence? Where do we spend most of our time, energy or money? We have three primary centers of identity: our head, gut and heart. Our heart is centered in our heart chakra and is most associated with our beingness. Our head is centered in the brow (third eye) chakra, between and just above our eyes and is most associated with the things we do, including thinking and is the primary focus center for our waking self. Our "gut" is centered in the solar chakra (our solar plexus or pit of the stomach) and is most
associated with the things we have, including our attachments to material things or our habits. It is the primary focus center for the subconscious mind including our inner child. When we feel "butterflies in our stomach we need to realize that it is our child self attempting to communicate with us, whether it's out of fear and nervousness or out of excitement and anticipation.

We often confuse being who we are with what we are doing and this often leads to codependent and enabling behavior patterns. A person caught in a caretaker role (either as a spouse or child) often believes they must be nurturing, caring, supporting and understanding to all persons at all times, especially those we love. We generally become easily trapped and identified with that role because we are dependent upon their love and
approval based upon our definition of ourselves. We become lost in a perpetual world of doing, constantly attempting to define and share ourselves through our doingness for others, rather than our beingness. We fail to recognize that we are lovable just because of who we are, thereby continuing to undervalue ourselves and often neglecting or substituting our duties, responsibilities, achievements and feelings as ways to gain recognition, acceptance and love. We require other people's responses and views of us to
define us as a good and loving husband or wife, an effective and loving mother or father, a loyal and lovable friend. These labels and roles become our self-definitions because we lost who we really are as we learned how to be controlling and manipulative, having incorporated powerlessness, subservience and other-directedness within ourselves. The
more we identify with our heart and beingness, the more we will be identified with life itself, enabling us to fully be our life, rather than just having a life. We can begin looking at our sense of self-definition by asking: How do I define myself? How do I want and expect others to define me? How do I compromise myself (my feelings, opinions, desires and needs) in order to be loved and approved or to be approving and loving? Do I feel resentment, anger and guilt more than I like to admit, due to the loss of myself and giving myself away? This can often lead to becoming domineering, autocratic and blaming.

Losing Our Soul to an Empty World

How can I feel good about myself? I feel a gnawing sense that I'm missing something.
I think I'm doing all the right things, so why do I feel so tense, exhausted and empty? We may have doubts about the frantic pace and course of our lives, and may have even considered slowing down, yet dreaded the void it might create within us. We may be afraid to slow down because we might discover just how unhappy we are inside. So we
continue our relentless pursuit of unrealistic or even impossible goals and expectations, even though they may be literally killing us! Because we place such harsh and grueling demands upon ourselves and those close to us, we end up feeling frustrated and seem to be going nowhere fast. From the outside we may appear to others as successful and that our life is working, yet within us it feels as though something essential is missing. We may
be doing well, yet we feel terrible inside because we are driven by fear and a sense of deficiency.

We have lost contact with ourselves. Our interior life has become shallow and superficial, concerned more with lifestyles than life. We have given away and lost a deeper sense of
ourselves. We figure that if we do this, we won't have to face and feel our inner unhappiness and emptiness. So we settle for a vague sense that we have lost something, that something is not right, that we are not enough and that we are somehow inadequate. How can I accept myself when I dislike myself? It's terrifying to honestly confront ourselves and who we are now, rather than who we hope to become. Giving up our idealized image of ourselves often seems much too threatening and difficult.

The compulsive quest of seeking happiness outside ourselves can only make us feel miserable and frustrated while we blindly hope it will make us happy, satisfied or secure. When we are so busy yet feel like we don't have enough time in our external world, we have even less time and energy for our inner world, eventually ignoring it all together. We end up losing contact with our inner lives, having lost sight of our inner landscape. When we are disconnected and out of touch with our inner terrain, we become lost inside and out. We are unaware that our outer pursuits and goals have ultimately replaced and even
become our inner lives, making our identity a hollow and empty reflection. When we no longer have access to our inner life, we lose our bearings and are unable to make sense of our experience, making it very difficult to know who we really are. Our only real solution is to regain our inner true self, our beingness.

The Roots of Suffering

When we lose touch with the direct and radiant emanations of our inner beingness, we experience fear, which creates an inner state of disconnection, separation, contraction and withdrawal from our Naphsha and Divine Light and Love. This leads to the creation of our separate self as we become disconnected from our true self, resulting in a split between our inner truth and the external world. Our separate self is mostly comprised of the echoes and remnants of fear within us. The impulses of the separate self are based upon protection from fear, causing us to stay within our safe shell of the known and familiar. The expansive impulses of our higher self impel us towards learning and growing, including taking risks and following our curiosity with ventures into new and unknown territory.

Our emotional reactions and responses are created by our perception and interpretation of an event and our experiences of reality. The more emotionally charged a situation and
emotionally upset we become, the more likely our perceptions and memories will be distorted or even confused. This is one reason why we need to be cautious about our "gut feelings", for they may be based upon the emotional distortions or misinterpretation of
events. Researchers have discovered that the rational part of our brain is disconnected and inaccessible once we are emotionally upset. Our subconscious mind often attempts to use outdated information, beliefs, attitudes, habitual reactions and perspectives to unsuccessfully solve current issues and conflicts. Actually, these outmoded and automatic responses should have been eliminated long ago and replaced with more current, effective and healthy ones. Until these automatic subconscious responses are changed, they serve as filters, altering our perception of current experiences. Whenever we experience an
intense or traumatic event, a type of psychological lens is created through which all similar subsequent experiences are viewed. These perceptual lenses operate unconsciously until we abolish them by becoming fully aware and conscious of them as we expand our view (perspective).

We need to be careful about our unchecked assumptions, misinterpretations, mistaken perceptions and misunderstandings. When we have to interpret images, words and actions from the outside, there is always a greater likelihood for error. When we believe and act as though the interpretations of the phenomena of our perceptual world actually exist and are real, we have succumbed to the world of maya or illusion. We lose sight of the fact that they are not our beingness, they are merely simulations of being and therefore are not ultimately real. The Buddhists call this tendency self grasping, and warn that this gives rise to all other forms of delusion. It is also the primary cause for suffering. The antidote for self grasping is to develop the wisdom of supreme seeing (perceiving), the ability to clearly see and discern the objects of reality. Another key cause of suffering is seeking and attempting to have our unrealistic demands, expectations, needs and wants fulfilled from outside ourselves. This desire creates divisiveness and separation, clouding our mind and heart with clingingness, attachment and dependency. According to Buddhist doctrine, desire is a state of mind that defines what we believe we need in order to be happy and is characterized by grasping, clinging, attachment and endless searching. This becomes the basis for the codependent pattern of attempting to fill our inner emptiness with something or someone outside ourselves to take care of us and make us feel loved, safe, secure and worthy. In this way we unconsciously view others as objects of love, security or approval to satisfy our unmet emotional needs.

The Creation of our False Self

When we are separated and disconnected from our beingness, we become human doings rather than human beings. What we do and have becomes more important than who we are. We create an artificial self, a constructed "image" that replaces our beingness and true self. As our heart becomes closed and guarded, we lose touch with our feelings and tend to stay more centered in our head, because thinking is easier and safer than
feeling, especially feeling pain. We begin to function more like a machine than a human being, feeling only a void, emptiness, numbness and deadness within us. Attempting to fill this inner emptiness is what compels us to seek things outside ourselves in order to feel happy, secure, loved or even alive.

The creation of our false self generally begins in our infancy. Our infant self is in an unconscious state of unity, oneness and dependency with the mother or caretaker. It is fully attuned to its instinctual impulses and freely expresses them. Ideally, the infant develops a state of primal trust with its mother, which becomes an essential foundation for its relationships throughout life. Under the unconscious spell of primal trust, first experienced as part of the bonding process with our mother, we tend to maintain an
ego-centered and limited view of our relationships. In this state of primal trust, we experience oneness and perfection in that we see the world, especially our parents, as fair and good, solely existing in order to serve all our needs. We only need to cry and someone will take care of us. Even if our parents were able to reliably provide this level of perfect caretaking  and devotion for us through our infancy, this state of complete emotional
dependency is impossible to maintain and usually begins to unravel and breakdown during our childhood. In infancy, all we needed to do was to fuss and complain for someone to take care of us and our needs, but this complete dependency isn't healthy as we venture further into the real world, where we need to learn how to be emotionally self-reliant and autonomous.

The young child will initially resist this "second birthing" process (our emotional and psychological birth into the world), still wanting to maintain the safety and security of the womb-like world of primal trust. In resisting to learn emotional autonomy and how to take care of ourselves, we will attempt to continue manipulating our parents into taking care of us, sometimes even through helplessness or even illness. In this way we try to control our parents and environment to make them continue to take care of us, thus beginning the formation of our control and manipulation patterns.

Most of us were never taught how to become emotionally autonomous, therefore we continue to create our intimate adult relationships based upon primal trust. We are still trying to control our relationships and those close to us in an attempt to manipulate them into taking care of us and our needs. Emotionally, this keeps us trapped in infancy and in a state of complete emotional dependency. This becomes the primary basis for our constant search for someone or something outside ourselves to take care of us and to make us feel safe, secure and happy. This also becomes the emotional basis for all abdictions and suffering.

The shattering of our primal trust in childhood is often a very painful and wounding experience, which cuts to our core, leading to feelings of intense betrayal, hurt and disappointment. If as adults we are still attempting to recreate this state of primal trust, we first begin by idealizing our partner, believing and desiring for them to assume our parents' caretaking role, completely taking care of us emotionally. Once our projection and the illusion of our partner is shattered, we feel intense betrayal as we are let down. Our core emotional wounds from infancy are triggered, often creating an explosion of emotion. We often feel an intense impulse and emotional reaction towards our partner of wanting to hurt them because of the deep pain and hurt we feel inside. The pain of our inner wounds causes us to eventually become hard hearted because of our closed heart, which
leads to emotional coldness, bitterness, cynicism and paranoia, continually suspecting that people and the whole world are out to get us or even to destroy us. We often become very cruel, accusatory, blaming, highly critical,
Judgmental with strong hostility, ridicule or vindictiveness directed towards our partner. These attacking interactions are generally used to cover emotional neediness, extreme
dependency and low self-esteem.

The wounds of our core self resulting from the betrayal of our primal trust "fantasy bond" becomes the basis of our false self. Our identity and our lives become dominated and dictated by these unhealed emotional wounds and unmet needs from the past. We've become our wounds because we've lost touch with the beingness of our true self. Our primary identity has become our false self. When we are betrayed, our emotional heart is handed over to the enemy within, who has a field day with our hurts. We don't want
to hurt that way again and since this hurt came as a result of revealing ourselves, we decide to withdraw from ourselves and from life. Because we are afraid to be open, vulnerable, authentic and real, which would reveal who we truly are, we instead become imprisoned within a self-created life and inauthentic self. We create walls and barriers around our heart  in order to protect ourselves from being and feeling overwhelmed by our core fears. These core fears include: deep inner pain and hurt; abandonment or rejection; the loss (withdrawal or withholding) of love, acceptance or approval; inadequacy (not being good enough); unworthiness (not deserving of love, respect, etc.); engulfment
(a fusion of boundaries between our self and others, leading to a sense of losing yourself or of being smothered in relationships); disappointment; failure; humiliation, including shame and guilt; of being or feeling controlled.

Our betrayals of the heart, though often terrifying and painful, are necessary for our inner development and can help us break through and overcome our illusions and self-delusion. Since infancy we have lived under many illusions as to the way we thought and believed things were and, as a result of our betrayals, we've discovered that things were not the way we thought they were. This expansion of our emotional and conceptual realities
through the shattering of our fantasies and illusions is an essential inner growth process for our soul. Betrayals provide us with an opportunity to advance our consciousness by becoming conscious of and integrating the unintegrated parts of ourselves. For example, the wife of an alcoholic believes that someday her husband will reform and stop drinking if only she can love him enough and make him feel worthwhile enough. This woman will likely endure tremendous pain and abuse before she is willing to give up her fantasy. Often some betrayal occurs that shocks her into a new awareness and understanding, before she is finally able to let go of her illusions. This new conscious perspective expands her personal reality, ensuring that she most likely will not have to experience being betrayed in the same way again. She will have learned a valuable, although costly, soul lesson. However, the cost increases even more if we fail to learn these soul lessons and we need to
continue experiencing similar costly betrayals once again. Frequently, we deny our "negative" and painful feelings (anger, jealously, sadness, hurt) and try to be "nice". Only by fully facing and accepting our feelings and the situations which trigger our emotional wounds can we grow through our inner process of healing, especially our betrayal issues. Betrayal gives us the opportunity to see ourselves more fully, particularly those parts of us that are outside our awareness (our shadow self).

Feeling the knife of betrayal upon our world of primal trust within our hearts is a necessary step for the birth of our true conscious self. We leave the unconscious unitive infant self behind and begin the healthy development of our ego as a separate self. This is an essential step to master before we can consciously integrate with our higher self and beingness. We must leave the conditional world of our subconscious mind, emotions and false self behind in order to open ourselves to the unconditional realm of
beingness. It seems that in order to understand and experience the higher heart qualities of true empathy, compassion and forgiveness we must first experience and heal the emotional wounds and betrayals of our emotional heart. When we have bared our soul  in a trust relationship and then felt deeply betrayed, our heart breaks wide open, allowing us to consciously connect with and recognize our beingness and truly feel empathy, compassion
and forgiveness. This allows us to see ourselves and the other, not as we would like to see them or be seen, but exactly as we are.

The Emotional Healing of our Heart

What is the source of the emotional damage done to our hearts? How do we lose our connection to beingness? While we are hurting, either physically or emotionally, our normally open and flexible inner awareness and intelligence stops functioning. Overwhelming or intense trauma causes our heart to close to the flow of our beingness. This profoundly affects our ability to see things as they exactly are and to respond in clear, direct, appropriate and effective ways. This freezing of our heart, mind and
consciousness disconnects us from the unconditional flow of love and beingness and locks us into the unreal world of perpetual conditions and illusion. In this state we tend to operate on automatic pilot with our subconscious patterns, as we continue playing them like broken records.

There are many significant aspects of ourselves and our past we must address in order to open and heal our heart. Healing our core self wounds and issues from infancy and childhood allows us to become more emotionally mature, healthy and autonomous. Healing and integrating our fragmented selves by shifting our focus of consciousness from our false self to our real self and ultimately to our true self is another critical part of this healing process. Our real self is the place we currently are in our emotional, psychological, consciousness and spiritual development. It includes our subconscious mind, waking self and conscious self (soul). We also need to begin shifting from a primarily doing mode to a being mode, within our daily lives. When we believe that we are primarily what we do, we become attached to our habitual emotional and psychological patterns. When we believe we are our patterns and become identified with them, this keeps us stuck in our false self. We need to unravel our false self attachments and identifications order to repair the fabric of our beingness. We also need to heal the samskaras within us.

Samskaras are the imprints left in our mind (subconscious), energy field (aura) and physical body by previous traumatic experiences. These "scars of the soul" are imprinted and carried within our astral body, therefore continuing to exist within us after death. They can continue to affect our inner life and consciousness even through multiple lifetimes, until they're healed. According to the ancient sacred Vedic writings of Hinduism (in the Upanishads, as referencing the final chapters of the Vedas), "as soon as the last knot of samskaras in the heart has been untied, the highest state of consciousness is cognized, absolute freedom is reached as the 'mortal becomes immortal.'"

We can encounter samskaras at any time in the course of our routine life activities. When the right stimulus is experienced, the imprint is triggered and an emotional reaction occurs, causing us to re-experience sensations, emotions, feelings and perceptions related to this wound from our past. Often these impressions are mixed with our current experience and even act as a lens, filtering coloring and distorting our perceptions and memory of it. An intense emotional charge is created and continues to be held when a samskara is formed. This emotional charge generates and attracts emotions and circumstances to itself in an
attempt to unconsciously recreate the original trauma in order for it to be released and healed. Within the depths of ourselves, our samskaras are perpetually crying out to be healed. Psychology calls this compulsion to recreate repressed childhood hurts and trauma, re-enactment.

Regression work is a powerful and effective way to uncover, release and heal our samskaras, whether they are from this lifetime or past lives. We can heal, transform and transcend past beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and patterns which are still affecting us as causative influences in our current adult life. Another effective way to heal the samskaras locked within our physical body tissues and energy field is deep tissue-energetic bodywork.

Every emotion has an immediate corresponding physical response within the body. Once an emotion is triggered, it needs to be allowed its full expression and completion, otherwise it becomes held in the body's tissues or aura and suppressed. This we experience in the body as nervous and muscular tension, pain and stress.

A key emotional healing skill we need to fully develop is the conscious utilization of our observing self, especially while we are emotionally upset or on automatic pilot through our
subconscious patterns. Developing our observing self affords us the ability to remain conscious and able to fully observe what we are feeling and experiencing, during the actual experience. The development of the observing self and its utilization during every and all of our experiences is the basis of mindfulness and self observation, which are extremely critical skills in our soul growth and spiritual development.

When we are emotionally upset or under conditions of high stress or anxiety, we tend to emotionally regress, often to our childhood or even infancy (subconscious) defensive patterns. During infancy we developed emotional defensive coping mechanisms for times when we felt overwhelmed or threatened by very intense emotions, sensations or feelings, especially when they led to feelings of confusion, frustration, fear, hurt, uncertainty or insecurity. We generally developed either of two forms of response: raging reactions, such as screaming or crying, or withdrawal reactions, such as dullness, apathy and withdrawn silence. If we relied too heavily upon these defense mechanisms, we may not have developed healthy skills in handling our rage, anger and aggression impulses or our excessive emotional and psychological dependency. The lack of these crucial skills often leads to low frustration tolerance and lack of impulse control, creating a person who has little control over their volatile and maybe even explosive emotional patterns from infancy.
There are many reports currently being aired in the news about the dramatic increase in the number of children displaying these tendencies toward emotional volatility and explosive rage. These and other deep defensive emotional patterns must be consciously uncovered and healed through diligent self observation and mindfulness during the times when we are emotionally triggered and upset as adults, with the cooperation of our inner
child. Once we can remain fully conscious and connected to our beingness and feelings through mindfulness and heartfulness during our everyday life experiences, we will remain emotionally healthy and whole. We will not be creating any new emotional wounds in our heart or samskaras in our mind and soul.

Healing our Inner Child

In her book, Escape from Intimacy, Anne Wilson Schaef writes, "We must first develop intimacy with our self. As long as we are looking outside ourselves for intimacy, we will never be able to know, receive or give true intimacy. To be fully intimate and connected with another person we have to know who we are, what we feel and think, what we want, what our values are and what's important to us. If we don't know these things about
ourselves, we can never really share them with someone else."

We develop intimacy with ourselves through rediscovering and connecting with our inner child. Our child self within our subconscious is focused primarily in our solar plexus. Creating a harmonious inner connection with our child self is the first important step in our emotional healing with our inner child. Next, we need to establish a mutual trust between our adult self and child self as we are establishing an internal companionship between them. We develop trust with our inner child by listening to her with sensitivity, consideration and understanding, so she can begin to feel valued in her views and feelings.

The primary goal of reparenting is to be the loving, nurturing, caring and healthy parent to our inner child, as an adult, that we may not have fully experienced as a child. We can then help our inner child heal the wounds and scars of the past, as we learn together, new and healthy emotional life skills. By sharing with her our healthy love, with our heart filled with emotional warmth, caring tenderness, kindness, nurturing and support, she can learn to completely feel loved and cared for, deep within, ultimately unfolding into a rich inner sense of self love and appreciation. Our true self esteem, self worth and self confidence
actually come from our subconscious, especially our inner child. That is why, even if we have a sense of worthiness or confidence as an adult, based upon our waking self, we may not truly feel that same sense within our gut by our inner child. This disparity between our waking self and adult self and our subconscious and child self is known as cognitive and emotional dissonance or "static". This is one of the largest sources of our inner emotional and psychological conflicts, confusion and misunderstanding within us and with others. With any particular issue (money, intimacy, marriage, sex, religion, etc.) we may have one set of beliefs and feelings about them from our adult perspective and yet another entirely different, even contrary, set from our child self's perspective. Within our subconscious
we may have many different emotional perspectives, originating at various ages from intrauterine, birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence or adulthood. When we experience an emotional trauma, our normal emotional development becomes arrested at the particular age it occurred, making it possible for a middle aged adult to become emotionally like a two year old.

Even though our subconscious "gut feelings" and perspectives may sometimes be distorted from our childhood,  not all of them are. Often times our inner child's insights, courage and
impressions are more powerful than our adult self's. We need to also become more aware of our parent self, that part of our subconscious which has internalized our parents, caregivers or childhood authority figures. If we experienced negative messages from them as a child, then our inner parent self may still be emotionally and verbally abusing our inner child by way of our negative self talk (the negative voices in our head) saying things
like, "Way to go, stupid" or "You can never do anything right". Healing these negative subconscious patterns is essential for healing our inner child.

If our inner child were to talk to us, she might say something like this: "I would like you to pay attention to me and spend time with me. I want you to really listen to me and really hear me when I'm trying to tell you something, so you can truly understand me. I want you to know me, to know and accept who I really am, not who you think I am. I want you to know that I always have good reasons for what I feel and want and I want you to know about my reasons, rather than to blame or shame me. I want you to act in my behalf, making sure that I am safe and that my wants and needs are considered and met. I want
you to help me heal my pain by replacing my false beliefs with more accurate perspectives. I want you to see and feel all that I am, with unconditional love and acceptance." This is the healthy path to our emotional healing and wholeness, by creating unconditional love within us.

Some of the issues we may need to help our inner child heal might include our: difficulty in receiving love or pleasure; forgiving; trusting; inability to express our true feelings,
especially fear, anger, sadness, hurt and shame and our inability to ask for emotional support, comforting and nurturing. In order to heal our childhood patterns and unlearn the attitudes and behaviors which keep us dependent, we need to bridge the gap between our adult self and inner child self. Only when we have our inner child's full trust and cooperation are we able create an effective connection and union between our subconscious and waking self, thereby making it possible to heal and correct the damage done in our childhood. Once our relationship with our inner child is firmly established and healed, we can then unify our subconscious and waking self with our higher self. Once we have healed the wounds of our emotional heart, we can now embrace the fullness of our beingness with a clear, open and pure heart and radiate Divine Light and Love to all
around us.

Creating Heartfulness

We can begin the process of creating and practicing heartfulness once we have healed and opened our hearts, thereby reestablishing a direct connection to our beingness. Then we can consciously create an energetic spiritual presence of beingness and love within, through and around our hearts, an actual energized sphere of love, a heart space. When we create within us this heartfelt presence and radiate feelings of unconditional love, caring and compassion, it directly changes and affects our heartbeat. When we focus the frequencies of these feelings coherently through our heart chakra, our heartbeat becomes
harmonically ordered and synchronized.
By becoming emotionally transparent, our heart opens and expands, allowing us
to be fully present, vulnerable, emotionally available, accepting, loving and able to be one with everyone and everything around us.

Heartfulness is being fully conscious and present, centered from our heart and attending our feelings. Mindfulness is being fully conscious and present, centered from our mind and attending our thoughts. Wakefulness is being fully conscious and completely present in the now, moment to moment. It includes mindfulness and heartfulness, as we are centered from both our mind and heart in a balanced and integrated way, attending our beingness. Wakefulness leads to true enlightenment.


Realization is the simultaneous recognition, understanding, perception, acknowledgment, acceptance and honoring of the divinity of all things and their divine purpose. Even more
importantly, it's the full acceptance of things as they are. Illumination is a state of conscious at-one-ment with the universal principle. True virtue, purity and grace keep us in right alignment and attunement to the fundamental pulse and the unobstructed light
of creation. As we learn to overcome the distortions and illusions created through fear, resulting in the narrow focus and self centered attention of our ego and false self, we can
penetrate our ultimate illusion of separation from the One. With that all told, in the end, maybe its the stories we end up feeling, sharing and living in our hearts, especially of love and Oneness, that ultimately matters the most.

Future articles will include the following topics:

                      * Sacred Heart Training including heart chakra activation;

                  * Brow and crown chakra activation and Heart-Brain Entrainment

                    * Lightbody activation and consciously creating our lightbody.

                          * Consciously navigating non-physical realities

Steven Hanauer
is a researcher, author and teacher from the Asheville, North Carolina area. He has been a healer for 25 years and metaphysical teacher for 19 years. His teaching combines 31 years of extensive reading, research, direct life experience and practices and intuitive knowing to create a synthesis of knowledge spanning from ancient teachings to modern scientific research. He is currently facilitating workshops in Sacred Heart Training and Consciously Creating our Lightbody. He can be reached by email at

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