[My friend Ray Langenbach initiated a "religious exchange" programme wherein he undertook to embrace the belief system, no matter how weird, of anyone willing to embark on the experiment. He sent me a questionnaire and requested that I fill it out. At an appointed time and date we sent each other our questionnaires. When I read Ray's I burst out laughing, because we shared almost identical beliefs - except he's an academic and writes kinda funny!]

Subject: Cross Dressing, Anyone?
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 00:20:45 -0700
From: Antares
Organization: Magick River
To: xray@mailhost.net

1. My religious beliefs:


OPTION A: "Scientific Pantheism" as a belief system. Very briefly,
Scientific Pantheism postulates that a Universal Force or Spirit
underlies and overlights all phenomena, and our "religious duty" mainly
consists in gaining an ever clearer and deeper understanding of the
Mystery, the Unknown, by using the tools of our intellect - language,
mathematics, art, music, dance, and reason - for to know (& fully
understand) is to appreciate and love, and to love and appreciate is the
only service required of all conscious entities.

2. Describe any rituals to be performed, and when they must be performed,
   what must be said, what must be in the mind at the time, any prayers,
   how often, any taboo foods, words, actions, sexual practices, thoughts etc.

In Scientific Pantheism, rituals are optional. However, a few personal
rituals that I favour are those performed in acknowledgment of our
vital relationship to the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the Stars.

EARTH RITUAL essentially consists of resensitizing oneself to the
magnetic field of our planet; recognizing that human industrial and
military activities have a deleterious effect on the integrity of
the geomagnetic field; and that as conscious individuals we can help
reharmonize the field by aligning our own bio-energetic fields with
that of the Earth, which may be perceived as the Great Mother of Life.
This ritual can be performed by remembering to breathe deeply and
slowly while visualizing a continuous flow of prana or ch'i through
our biomagnetic field (which may be visualized as a doughnut-shaped
"tube torus" energized by prana and rooted within the earth's central
core, with the opposite pole extending outwards all the way to the
nearest source of light, the Sun). As we perform this ritual, it is
necessary to focus on our heart chakra (our compassion centre),
letting it open to the max and infusing the pranic flow with ecstatic,
unconditional, non-judgmental love.

MOON RITUAL: Taking note of life rhythms as they are effected by
the phases of the Moon. Basking in the glow of the full moon in
celebration of Beauty, Truth, and the Eternal Mystery of Life;
tuning inward at each new moon, reassessing our life path, and
refocusing on our personal goals/missions.

SUN RITUAL: Observing equinoctial and solstitial dates, opening our
hearts and minds to the life-sustaining power of the Solar/Stellar
Light, which permeates our bio-energetic fields as photons.

No specific food or sexual taboos... but in accordance with the
Law of the Universal Food Chain, "Everything Eats and All Is Edible!"
... a practising Scientific Pantheist will regard each meal, each
sexual encounter, as a fusion of energy fields - and therefore a
true act of worship. Each experience of lifeforce exchange or
transfusion is thus perceived as a holy (or whole-making) act,
consecrated to what Einstein called "the Grand Unified Field."

3. Describe your cosmology, that is how reality or the world as we know
   it came into being.

This is a tough one! But the Hologram Model of Reality serves us
best. Hermeticists quote the formula, "As above, so below." Our
current understanding of Fractal Geometry and Hologram Theory prompts
us to say: "As within the Micro, so throughout the Macro!" OR:
"As within, so without!" In effect, inner and outer space are as
concave and convex surfaces of a sphere, which is the prime geometric
form of existence in this waveform universe. All forms are understood
as permutations of the Sphere within which the five "Platonic solids"
- the tetrahedron, octahedron, hexahedron, icosahedron, and
dodecahedron - interact in a bi-polar dance of line and curve, yin and
yang, male and female, electricity and magnetism. In effect, the World
we see around us, the Cosmos surrounding us, has its correlation with
an esoteric or inner reality accessed not via the outer senses but
through establishing and sustaining a state of contemplative receptivity.
There is a paradox which needs to be accepted: just as an electron can
be a wave or a particle (physicists are now calling this paradox a
"wavicle") - Universe is created and NOT created, depending on the
specific frequency zone from which one is "viewing" it. This paradox
applies to the perception of time - which can be linear (where Past,
Present, Future exist) or spherical (where only Eternity reigns).
In effect, both these statements may be accepted as "true":
                              GOD IS ONE
                              ONE IS GOD
(However, Scientific Pantheism tends to avoid using hackneyed terms
such as "God" unless absolutely necessary.)

OPTION B: No beliefs. Only complete trust in the absolute perfection
and wisdom of All That Is and Isn't. No rituals except the comfortable
habits that get us through each day, e.g., brushing teeth, having
breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner; the occasional indulgence, be it tobacco,
alcohol, marijuana, or sexual gratification. No taboos. An easy option.

OPTION C: I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Lowest and the Highest,
the One and the All. Sometimes I forget - hence the apparent mess we call
Life. No specific beliefs - except that Life is a great deal neater when
I remember who and what I truly am. No rituals - except conscious
remembrance of my original and ultimate state of being and non-being.
No taboos - except lying to myself (which of course includes everyone

4. Any other beliefs or actions that are important for someone who is to
   take on your beliefs.

Hmmm... can't think of any right now - but I'll let you know if
something comes to mind. Or if I feel like making a few more up.