~ Fireflies ~
by Jesse Hang
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Despite the myth that fireflies first existed during the times of the dinosaurs , the people of Harmonia know that it was during the 68th Festival of Life that fireflies first descended on our planet Earth. To this day the people of Harmonia know that this world of ours will end when the fireflies cease to glow.

How the fireflies came to play such a vital role in the survival of mankind is often debated. However, the people of Harmonia never had any doubt about the role that fireflies play, as they possess the pure consciousness that enables them to remember the events that happened during the Forgotten Years.

During the days of the Forgotten Years, absolutely everything was in a state of harmony. Every rock, fish, bird, tree, animal, human, river, cloud, every form of being all over the universe was aware of the intrinsic unity of life and the infinite interchangeability of every bit of matter. It was a time when man could soar up to the sky and play with the clouds, and later fall with the rain to flow with the river. Man could mingle with the animals and communicate with the rocks and trees. Every being possessed the pure consciousness that made them aware of the integral part every atom of matter plays in the web of life.

Worms would eat the plants; birds would eat the worms; cats would eat the birds; wolves would eat the cats; men would eat the wolves; the earth would gobble up men; plants would drink the essence of life from the earth; and the cycle of life would continue to infinity. Man was part of everything, and everything was part of man. There was no killing out of hatred, no hoarding out of greed, no jealousies out of envy, no values out of superiority, and no wars to defend or gain possessions.

All this was possible because humans possessed pure consciousness and realised that they were a part of everything. Nothing could be taken or given, and there was no victor or victim. Every being was a part of another in some form or through various cycles of life. During the Forgotten Years there were many festivals, but none as grand and joyous as the Festival of Life, which was attended by every being on the particular planet where it was held. It was during the 68th Festival of Life on planet Earth that Fireflies first came to play such a vital role in our life. At this particular festival (later referred to as Pongo Crazy festival), the celebration and festivities were held at the foot of the Mountain of Infinity in the Land of Harmony. Years before the festival opened, men and other beings from all over of the planet began to head for the Land of Harmony. Though the main festivities were held in the Land of Harmony, celebration and music could be heard and felt all over the planet.

Some came by land, some by sea and river, and others by flight. The rocks and the trees were the first to arrive, years ahead in anticipation of the joyous festival. The coconuts, papayas, mangoes, pineapples, and bananas all came by riding on the winds and clouds from the Southern Seas. The pines, oaks, redwoods, beech, and maples likewise travelled with the winds and clouds from the Northern Hills. The eagles, hornbills, owls, magpies, and other birds were the next to arrive. Then came the horses, tigers, lions, kangaroos, emus, elephants, monkeys, and giraffes, followed by humans, tortoises, snails, and monkeys.

Those who would otherwise be unable to attend the festival rode overland on the backs of elephants and giraffes, hitched rides with dolphins and turtles across seas and along rivers, and some clung to eagles and albatrosses as they flew over hills and plains to the Land of Harmony. Thus all were gathered in the Land of Harmony during the eclipse of Lumina which marks the beginning of the Festival of Life. By that time, all the fruit trees were bearing fruits, and food was plentiful for all who were hungry.

Children were playing with tiger cubs; sliding down the necks of giraffes and the trunks of elephants; swimming with the dolphins; and building dams with the otters... and there was music everywhere. When the birds got tired of singing, the cicadas would entertain with their symphonies. When the cicadas got tired, the breeze would blow through the willows and bamboo. Occasionally, all would dance and sway with the rustlings of palms and leaves. When they were all tired, everyone would take a cool dip in the river and relax to the gentle sound of the flowing river. As at every Festival of Life, music, joy, and peace prevailed.

The chaos and disharmony that exist in our world today can be traced to one particular festival.

Pongo Crazy festival was so named because it was from the misadventures of a dog called Pong that the peace and harmony of the Forgotten Years was disrupted. On one particular day, dinner was a bit late because everyone was feeling tired after years of festivities. Pong, in her impatience, began scurrying around in a frenzy searching for food. In her frantic quest for food, she fell into the river and was swept away by the current over a waterfall, whereupon she hit her head on a rock and lost her pure consciousness.

In the midst of all the festivities, nobody suspected that Pong had lost her pure consciousness, and had to have a red ribbon tied around her neck to indicate her disharmony with the universe. (Such a temporary loss of pure consciousness could easily have been treated at the Isle of Medico.) Unknown to all, Pong bore a grudge against the river, and was plotting her revenge. She wandered into a remote part of the forest and figured out a plan to punish the river. Pong decided that she was going to stop the flow of water in the river, and the best way to do that was to stop the clouds from falling as rain; and consequently the river would run dry.

Pong then communicated to the clouds to convince them that clouds were the supreme essence of life since they could fly, provide water for the rivers and cool shadows in the sun, and even transport other beings across the sky. After some persuasion, the clouds began to believe that they were indeed superior beings, and thus they demanded more respect from the others, or they would refuse to fall as rain.

For the first time in history one form of being began to assert superiority over the others. As the clouds refused to fall, the entire world was plunged into chaos. The rivers and streams began to dry up. More and more fishes began to swim to the seas (which is why there are more fishes in the seas compared to rivers and lakes). Fear reigned supreme as more fruit trees died, and the availability of food dwindled. The animals began to hunt and kill each other as a way of coping with the scarcity of food.

It was the end of living and the beginning of survival. The harmony and peace that had reigned supreme since time immemorial was shattered. The fear that gripped every being on Earth spawned the greed, jealousy and selfishness so prevalent on Earth today. Man began to hoard food supplies for the future and slowly forgot to live for the present. As some men managed to hoard more than others, envy and covetousness ensued; and this eventually led to war as people fought to gain or defend their possessions.

As more and more clouds refused to fall, the eternal cycle of life was broken and darkness threatened to envelop the world, for the light from the sun could not penetrate the gathering dark clouds. It was so dark the clouds could not see that their own existence was also in danger. And thus they continued with their air of arrogance and superiority, and still they refused to fall. The beings on earth were faced with extinction; and the entire universe was also in peril, as every being in the universe is part of the larger cycle of life (a fact we seem to have long forgotten).

It was at this most perilous moment of darkness, when the entire universe was in danger of extinction, that the fireflies from planet Fuegora first descended on Earth. Billions of fireflies plunged through the enormous layer of dark clouds and illuminated the world. At that moment, the clouds suddenly saw that almost all the rivers were dry; fishes were flopping about in puddles of water on river beds and on the ocean floor; trees were wilting; carcasses of animals and humans were everywhere. Few survivors were left.

Not only did the fireflies illuminate the world to let the clouds see the stupidity of what they had done, the glow of the fireflies from Fuegora also had the special capacity to rekindle the pure consciousness of the other beings. When the clouds regained their pure consciousness, they began to fall again and the world began to recover from the disaster.

That was years ago, and many beings of this world have not yet completely regained the harmony and pure consciousness of the Forgotten Years . That is why fireflies are still flying around hoping to rekindle the pure consciousness of more beings.

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© Jesse Hang, 1999