Short and Tall Tales 
Chief circa 1996
(1960 - 2003)

Jesse Hang obtained an economics degree in Florida. 
After his graduation he decided to go backpacking in Central America 
and had lots of adventures in the heart of the Mayalands. 

Upon his return, he joined a brokerage firm as a dealer ~ but soon felt 
there was more to life than watching a bunch of figures 
jiggle up and down a teletext screen. 

In April 1992 our dear angelic friend Surender Bhart 
invited him to Magick River for the weekend. 
Within a few weeks Jesse was experimenting with 
batik painting, oil crayons and acrylics. 

In March 1993, Jesse began scribbling down little stories ~ 
which he'd then read aloud by kerosene lamplight to whoever was interested. Fireflies was the first yarn spun by Magick River's spontaneous storyteller. Soon he began transferring some of his stories to disk, but 
he didn't like the idea of being edited for publication. 

Antares and Mary succeeded in persuading Jesse that his stories were fine 
just as they were and needed only cosmetic adjustments. 

In Jesse Hang we have a natural-born storyteller, whose writings 
read like they were intended for the ear and not just the eye. 



In Loving Memoriam

"Chief" Jesse Hang - a very dear friend and spiritual colleague who became an integral part of Magick River in April 1992 - departed his physical vehicle just before 1 p.m. on Tuesday, May 6th, 2003. 
He was only 42.

I saw Chief for the last time on Monday evening and we sat in silence for a few minutes. As we left, Chief smiled and said: "There go my rainbow warriors!" He promised to do some cloud painting for me when he was free of his physical form.

About 20 minutes after Chief relinquished his body, I looked up and saw a huge cloud floating across the sky. A part of it formed itself into a cartoon human figure with the right arm extended in a friendly wave. I could even discern a Yoda-ish grin on the cartoon cloud figure. "Bye, Chief!" I said quietly as tears of joy began to well up in my eyes. Somewhere by the front steps, my jolly boy Ahau chimed in with his angel voice: "Bye!"

I'm grateful to Chief for teaching me that it's perfectly okay to die. There are so many ways to ascend - and some choose to exit with such equanimity and grace that everyone they touch is forever transformed. Chief's transition left a subtle fragrance and tangible joy amongst the living. He drew together without lifting a finger so many disparate worlds: his huge extended family (Mr and Mrs Hang produced 7 sons and 4 daughters!), his school chums, his golf companions, and the evergrowing Magick River 
rainbow family.

I've updated Chief's homepage - please visit and get a glimpse of this great soul who was so much a part of Magick River and will always be. I can just picture Chief smiling inscrutably in that Great Big Hammock 
In The Clouds.

~ Antares, 8 May 2003 ~

Spotted Lacewing (by Fredrik Nilsson)


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