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Subject: [harmonix] galactic acceleration
by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

A full moon ushered us into 1999, the first of two in the month of January.  We felt the ‘expansion decree,’ as we all held our breath and dived into the  last year before the millennium. Every month in the year of 1999 has a wondrous celestial event to usher us into the fullness(or is that foolness) of our selves. (all three of them, little-self, higher-self, soul-self) 1999 will truly be a galactic year, activating and igniting a ‘galactic consciousness’ within all of mankind.
Now let’s look at that word galactic. The word galactic is derived from a
Greek word that means ‘milk or milky, that which comes from milk’. Galactic is associated with the female, nurturing aspect of God. The Milky Way is the visible part of our galactic equator, which divides the galaxy into northern and southern hemispheres. In 1999 we will each walk into the equator of our own galaxy which dwells deep inside our remembrance, dissolving all separation in heaven and on earth.

On the autumn equinox of 1998 we began the first of a series of galactic alignments which will activate a series of ‘galactic initiations’. These particular events will end September 2001, on the autumn equinox. There will be a total of 13 equinoxes and solstices involved. These events signal Earth’s initiation into the next level of light. They have been referred to as a ‘solar cross’, ‘earth cross’ or ‘galactic cross’. Each one of these events will draw us one step closer to our hidden truth.

The month of January held two full moons. The month of February has no full moon and the month of March, along with the spring equinox (galactic alignment) has two full moons. Welcome to the year of 1999! Once in a blue moon is great, but twice in a blue moon is truly celestine! Whenever there are two full moons in one month it is called a blue moon. Not only are the moons blue but we will experiencing the first of 4 eclipses this year. The first a lunar eclipse on January 31st, the last being a full solar eclipse on August 11. Eclipses are always quickening devices ushering us into reconstructive formats of self and purpose. In 2000 we will have 6 eclipses, 4 solar, 2 lunar. Hopefully 1999 will get us ready for that intense solar energy.

Everything in the heavens is speaking to us - or is that yelling at us? Getting us ready to receive emanations of every flavor of the universe. Some of the higher frequencies will be coming from stars that play an important part in our destiny.

One of these stars is called Antares. This is a red giant in the constellation of Scorpio. There will be three alignments with Antares in 1999.  Antares, as many stars, is an important pathway between one dimension and another. This creates an interdimensional connector between parallel universes. (This and other such truths will be documented by scientists in the upcoming years.) Antares has the ability to empower humanity with higher truths. Its power works along the same lines as a sacred ceremony, sacred object, or sacred place. In 1999 we will all become the sacred objects of the universe. Each of these galactic alignments will enhance our abilities to believe and finally remember these truths.

The star Arcturus in the constellation Bootes will also have a tremendous effect upon us this year. This star awakens and empowers mankind with abilities that have laid dormant for eons. It awakens the sleeping star-shaman (christ-consciousness) within us. We will use this knowledge to lessen our trials and tribulations and to quicken our advancement into hidden truth.

Our universe is expanding, not contracting as was previously believed. Heaven mirrors earth, so what does all this say? It says that we are becoming ‘more’. Going past all that once limited us. Dissolving our self-emposed perimeters. Basically we are waking up. This year the alarm  clock will be in the skies, night and day. Ticking away the minutes until the year 2000. Sounding off when we stray too far from the path. Pointing out the breadcrumbs to awakening, to enlightenment. Every last molecule of existence wants us to make it, to remember. Life wants us to set it free. To overcome the illusion of lack, separateness and disease. When we finally find freedom, we set all of life free to become even more.

(Thanks to Raymond Mardyks for his accurate galactic astrology info.)


courtesy of Hubble Heritage
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