Subject: THE SEVENTH SUN - The Mayan Year of 10 Manik
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 12:19:22 -1000

There appears to be a rapidly growing interest in the significance of the
coming vernal equinox, March 21.  According to the Maya, beginning March
15, 1999, a powerful gateway may be accessed by those who reach a place of
attunement with universal - primordial energy.  The events of this
particular time are considered by a good many practitioners of Mayan
astrology and astronomy to be precursors in the determination of which
timeline creation will be launched into realization in the year 2012.
                                                                           -- G. Cody Johnson

The following article addresses, from a Mayan perspective, the particular
significance of the coming spring equinox. Written by Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, this is:       

The Mayan Year of 10 Manik

If there was any doubt that this year would be a year of change, the last
few weeks has put an end to all doubt. The time between Winter Solstice and
Spring Equinox leaves nothing the same. In this Mayan Year of 9 IK, the
winds of change have blown though our lives like a tornado, nearly taking
our breath away with the swiftness of its intensity. This past year has
lived up to all we expected it to be. Many are on completely different
paths. Others have lives, which are radically altered.  Now with a newly
aligned path in front of us, filled with clarity of vision, activated by
the compounding challenges of the year, it is time to take command of our
destiny. The universe and our spirit are asking us to DO IT NOW. There is
no more time to practice or meditate on it. It is time to BE IT - DO IT,
and LIVE IT.

This Spring Equinox, first sunrise for the New Year (March 21, 1999) may
very well be the turning point we have been waiting for. We can certainly
feel the building pressure of transformation. Centered between two full
moons, the entrance into the Maya New Year of 10 Manik will be a year of
transformation, healing, and most of all, the ability to manifest our
souls' desires. The two full moons, March 1 and March 31, will not happen
again until 2018! This Mayan year will also take us into the Gregorian year
of 2000. So now more that ever before, the universe is asking us to be of
clear intent. We are going to manifest exactly what we have been preparing
for. Do you know what YOU want to manifest for the next year and the next
millennium? Now is the time to really know yourself and your heart.

Because of this auspicious time in our history, preparation is everything.
What we experience will be in direct portion to the effort we put into
creating Heaven on Earth.

The weeks heading up to the Equinox and the weeks following it are a very
special time where our thoughts and souls' desire are empowered for the
next year and the next 1000 years! How we spend the days just prior and the
few days past Mayan New Year will be the anchor, the foundation stone for
our next millennium.

We can look into the Mayan cycles to get a peak into what we might expect
to see manifest in our lives with the entrance to a 10 Manik year.

First, the prelude to the Equinox is a powerful one. Lead in by ten portal
days beginning on 2 CIMI (February 28). These intense days are a tune up
prior to the Equinox and thin the veils between us and the manifesting
force of the universe.  On 4 IMIX (March 15), we enter the center twenty
core days of the Mayan calendar.  These twenty days are the aligning energy
of Christ consciousness. It is a time we can manifest and embody the divine
within and in our outer lives. Living in the Now is not only filled with
grace, but is demanded of the universe. Core days linked with Spring
Equinox is a powerful event to tap into to further our evolvement and

Rigoberto Itzep Chanchabac, a knowledgeable Mayan Quiche Elder, Priest and
Day Keeper shares in his simple way, the importance of Spring Equinox and
the Mayan Haab New Year.

"According to our experiences of the MAYA COSMOVISION, the time of the
Equinox is the time of the astral commemoration when "Jun Wukub Ajp'
IXbalam kij" descends into the underworld after his son who has beaten the
owners of the underworld. We know very well that for the world or spiritual
universe, there was a big battle before the spiritual, material world could
take form. It was necessary, this big fight between the light and darkness.
The Equinox is a signal that reminds us of that date for eternity, that
moment, when the day has become longer than the nights. We know the New
Year has arrived and is a day of commemoration for the Haab. We call this
day Nim Luj A Wasil kij. It is the day our Grandfathers dreamed and
expected to see the hero descend into the underworld, in a shape like a
pyramid, with his head decorated with many feathers, with all the colors of
the rainbow. That was the beginning of the light. Since then our ancestors
have built temples in the pyramid shape and this was the beginning of the
tradition of temple building. But today, almost nobody knows about this
historical event."

Outlined in the book Mayan-Pleiadian Cosmology, a Manik year will be a time
to build and deepen relationships, but we are reminded to allow special
time to be alone. In a Manik year we will be given space to heal the need
for outer security and to finally realize that the only true security comes
from within. When we learn to be comfortable with our own individuality and
heal the need for outer security, the energy of Manik will open the world
to us. World travel and embarking on bold new adventures will be in store
for us. We will discover that Earth is our home - not just a state or country.

We will rediscover the joys of living simply, unencumbered with possessions
and boundaries. Learning to release all material will lighten the load,
freeing our spirit to roam new territory of the inner/outer worlds. We may
desire to live unconventional lifestyles and have creative relationships,
both business and personal.

Manik is peaceful, inspiring, and generous. Our heightened intuition will
help us be more sensitive to the concerns of others. Service will be a key
word this coming year. Manik will activate our visionary foresight, and
help us to unquestionably follow our instincts, feelings and reasoning
abilities, making it an awesome year to solve long standing problems with
the environment, relationships, and government.

Manik is bold, and will not hesitate to confront a situation that is out of
integrity. We will have no hesitation speaking our minds on controversial
subjects, yet we will allow others their position on the issues. It will be
a year where we can work together in harmony in spite of different opinions.

Building self-esteem, learning to complete projects, not just start them,
could be issues prevalent this year. Less is more in a Manik year, so learn
to pace yourself and not to take on too many projects at once. Use emotion
and excitement to fuel your projects. This will help insure you have the
energy to complete what you start. Pay close attention to distractions, as
they may become key issues this year. We need to ask ourselves if we are
using distractions to resist growth. Be open and shift your perspectives

Manik is a West year, the direction where light enters darkness. West is a
calm and peaceful place of repose. It is where we lose our ego to merge
with a greater whole. In a 10 year, spirit's intention becomes physical
form. What the mind's eye sees will magically manifest. We can effortlessly
collect whatever we need to create our vision. What is focused on is
magically manifested, as long as we have direction and remain focused.
ALUNA JOY YAXK'IN is author of Mayan-Pleiadian Cosmology, and The Mayan
Time Decoder and is founder of >Hauk'in - Center for Solar Initiation.
Aluna is the co-ordinator of the Annual Worldwide Solar Ceremonies for
Planetary Awakening. Her lifelong awakening process has been influenced by
a series of mysterious Shamanic initiations which radically changed her

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in will be joining an extraordinary group of powerful
Medicine People at The Prophets Conference ~ Caribbean, March 15-22, 1999.
Aluna, along with Elder Hunbatz Men and other exceptional leaders, will
conduct cenote water purification ceremony and Mayan equinox rituals
calling for an opening to the transformative feminine energy within the
sacred Mayan site at Tulum.  She will also present a workshop and
participate on the Mayan Cosmology Panel.

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