Subject: Rinri News Vol. 3 No. 3
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 21:26:43 -0500
From: Randall Bruner <cosmichand@earthlink.net>
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Resonant Moon, Sixth Year of Prophecy, Magnetic Plate Shift

Greetings to all of you who are still faithfully practicing the daily
way of the Rinri Project! We have just returned from a hike through the
rain forest where, by God's grace, we are now living. At three entrances
to our house are three towering fir trees, each 250 years old. From any
one of these three doors you can make your way down through the thickets
of brambles, past shiny, sprightly ferns, fallen trees whose trunks are
ripe with life, through the fir, cedar and alder whose over-arching
branches are dripping with wet iridescent green hanging moss, finally
arriving at Boulder Creek, a wild, tumbling rapids whose banks are
strewn with brilliant lichen covered rocks and barricades of fallen tree
trunks. There you will see what appears to be a mound sprouting various
new shoots and trees. When you look closer, you see that the mound is
actually the enormous stump of what must have been a most ancient tree.
How old could that tree have been before it was cut down? Judging by the
size of the 250 year old trees by the house entrances, this stump is
three to four times the diameter. 500 years certainly, probably even a
thousand years old. A millennium tree which began its life span at the
time of Quetzalcoatl, cut down some time late in the 20th century, now
most likely the flooring of a whole host of houses in some suburban
subdivision where life goes on in its chaotic electrified, cybernetic,
nine-to-five, television-fed manner.

Contemplating all this I feel a deepening inspiration. We, the wild
children of the Earth, stripping the forests from the land, mining the
ore, drilling and burning the oil are but instruments of an evolutionary
force, an experiment whose purpose is revealed by vision and spiritual
insight to a few select beings from generation to generation. Some
choose the vision, others are chosen by the vision. Those chosen by the
vision are called "prophet" or "messenger." No one who is chosen wants
to be chosen. But there is no choice in accepting it. I speak from

Five days from now I shall be 60. In fourteen years it will be the year
2013 and I shall be 74. Contemplating this I feel myself entering a
tunnel that reverses my childhood. From the time of my birth, it took
fourteen years for me to first receive the call of my mission on top of
the Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan. That was in 1953. Now it is 1999.
It is as if I am standing atop an invisible, mystical Pyramid of the
Sun, and see the fourteen years leading to 2013 as a return to some
Cosmic Womb, an Arcturian epiphany, not death or birth, but a
transcendent illumination.

It was not I, but the calendar keepers of the Maya who calibrated the
end of the cycle date, winter solstice, 2012. It was not I, but the
prophets of the Chilam Balam who set the date, correlated on the
Gregorian Calendar as July 26, for the synchronization of the Haab and
Tzolkin cycles, a date which also calibrated the Tun Uc Thirteen Moon
28-day Mayan zodiacal cycle. This cycle of thirteen moons pivots its
annual 364-day cycle on July 25, the Day-Out-of-Time, dividing its year
into two 182-day halves. It was certainly by divine design and not my
choice that my date of birth happened to fall on the first day of the
second half of this cycle, January 24, Gregorian, fifteenth day of the
Seventh Moon, the Monkey Moon of the Tun Uc Thirteen Moon Calendar

It was only with the advent of the Rinri Project , however, as the
initiation of the magnetic psi bank plate shift, that this date of birth
took on a new magnitude for me. Born by the code of Kin 11, Blue
Spectral Monkey, in the Monkey Moon, the psi chrono unit for this day
is, of course, Blue Magnetic Monkey. And now sixty years later, the code
kin will be Kin 71, Blue Rhythmic Monkey. Amidst this magical play, I am
in humble awe, and beg your indulgence in sharing this awe with me. We
are all instruments of a divine force. The ego is an illusion. We read
the signs and pray that our actions are in accord with the divine plan.
Now we are on the eve of the third of these magnetic psi bank plate
shifts. Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere will receive a blue
magnet sent to us by our team members in the Southern Hemisphere. Let us
experience this alternation of transmitting and receiving, receiving and
transmitting in a spirit of joy. And let us renew our inspiration in
this great task, as inscrutable as it may seem to us, of making Earth's
rings visible-the ejection of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge!

Phasic Synchronic Order: Practice the Transformation of Time
78 Weeks to the Rainbow Bridge

I am certain that all of you have observed that during this Resonant
Moon Cube Journey we are in the midst of a great phasic synchronization
which can only redound to the good of the opening of the psi bank and
the universal manifestation of the 13:20 timing frequency. The beginning
of this second week of the Moon, we saw that for the first day, the
Weekly Codon and the Bi-phasic Codon were the same: Practice, Codon 10!
And Practice is what the Rinri Project is all about. We are all
rehearsing certain mental moves and visualizations. Slowly and
laboriously through our practice we are realizing a collective mental
construct that is intended to unify our soul, our holon, our higher self
with the fourth-dimensional reality of our planet's "oversoul." Will
anything ever happen? Are we experiencing telepathy yet? What does the
psi bank look like?

We must continuously keep in mind that the world is a collective dream,
and that we are engaged in dreaming a new world into being. Let's stay
in phase!

Then, of course we also observe that there is a phasic synchronic order
of the daily Kin and the daily psi chrono units for the sixteen day Cube
Journey, beginning on the first day of the Cube, Blue Spectral Night,
matched by psi chrono unit, Blue Rhythmic Night, then followed on
Resonant Moon 8, with the daily Kin, Yellow Crystal Seed, matched by the
psi chrono unit for that day, Yellow Resonant Seed. Not only do the
seals match, but the tones also reflect the same overtone pulsars. This
holds for the first three days of the Cube Journey, while the regular
pulsar tones match during the next five days, beginning with White
Magnetic World-Bridger and its Psi Chrono Unit, White Solar
World-Bridger (Fourth-dimensional Time Pulsar) to the Overtone Dog,
matched by the Cosmic Dog (Fourth-dimensional Time Pulsar, again). Then,
the overtone pulsars match up again, right on through to the sixteenth
day, White Cosmic Mirror, which is matched by its three dot overtone psi
chrono unit, White Galactic Mirror.

Check out the 3:13 Genesis ratio for the Cube Journey, as well. The
first three days are the last three days of the Skywalker Prophecy
Wavespell; the last thirteen days are the World-Bridger Wavespell of
Death in its entirety, concluding with Day 22, Cube 16, Kin 78, the seal
of the "Wizard's Hoard of the Lore of Death." Note that there is a Lunar
Eclipse on that day. What ancient spell will be broken during this time?
What apocalyptic 1999 end-time event will punctuate this phasic cycle?
>From what timeless catalog of unresolved human error will the Martian
power of death issue a summons to humanity to help it witness for itself
its need for total regeneration? Stay tuned!

If you are following the 7:7::7:7, then you will also note that during
the second week, days 8-14, Cube 2-8, there is a perfect antipode
correspondence between the Day Kin and the Seven Lost Generations that
code this week. Yes, each of the seven day Kin is exactly 130 Kin apart
from each of the seven galactic signatures of the Seven Lost Generations
that code each day of this week. Day 8-Cube 2, Kin 64, Yellow Crystal
Seed, is the antipode to the Kin 194 White Crystal Wizard, First Lost
Generation, right on through Day 14-Kin 70, White Overtone Dog, antipode
to the Seventh Lost Generation, Kin 200, Yellow Overtone Sun. This is
the perfect time to tune into the prophetic power of the knowledge we
have been given to work with in order to purify ourselves for the times
we are now entering. Let us take this time to practice love and
forgiveness for someone we think we could never forgive!

Of course, when we reach Resonant 15 and the magnetic psi bank plate
shift, we go from the Practice Codon to the Transformation of Time,
Codon 50. This is a most critical moment, leaving us only 78 weeks until
the impactful conclusion of this experiment, the triggering of the
Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge. In the traditional I Ching, Codon 50 is
Ting, The Caldron. It represents the second of the two Hexagrams which
refer to man-made objects, the first being Codon 48, The Well. Between
these two, the Well and the Caldron is Codon 49, Revolution. Traditional
commentary states: "Nothing transforms things so much as the ting. Hence
there follows the hexagram of the CALDRON. The CALDRON means taking up
the new." This is the sign that the new knowledge of the Law of Time
must be taken up and applied wholeheartedly, without hesitation.

During this time some of our companion Kin in Argentina will be focusing
on the psi bank plate shift and the move into the Transformation of Time
by planning a sequence of events to focus our meditation. This focused
meditation began on Resonant Moon 4, Yellow Galactic Sun in the United
Nations Plaza of Buenos Aires, then on the 10th day, White Magnetic
World-Bridger it focused on the peak of Aconagua, the highest mountain
of the Andes. On the day of the plate shift, Resonant 15, Blue Rhythmic
Monkey, the focus will be on opening the planetary root chakra in
Ushaia, Tierra del Fuego, the point of South America closest to
Antarctica; and finally on Resonant 21, Red Crystal Earth, the focus
will return to the United Nations Plaza in Buenos Aires. The Kin are
calling for drums and didjeridoo around a fire for 24 hours for these
events. Do what you can do to participate and tune in!

Rainbow Bridge and Interplanetary Flux Tubes,
The ANATANA Stone and The Inner Lemurian Ring, Part I

"AD 2013 is the actual point of synchronization of the heliocosm of the
local star into fifth force chromatic functions. This point, AD 2013,
defines the limit of the possible application of the Law of Time to
attain maximum synchronization and restoration of the interplanetary
flux tube system, itself dependent upon the triggering of the
circumpolar rings precisely in AD 2000." Dynamics of Time, 6.1

Early in the Lunar Moon of this Sixth Year of Prophecy I was loaned a
most unusual and ancient stone ring. Even though this stone was found in
the state of Oklahoma, this stone is certainly pre-Columbian Mexican in
origin. This stone came to be in the possession of our friend, Yellow
Galactic Sun, along with several other stone artifacts and some 120
uniquely carved effigy flints. All of this is part of a larger
collection of some 3,500 flints discovered in the 1920's. Eight
skeletons, arranged in a circle with their heads pointing toward the
center accompanied this most unusual find.

It was the stone ring, however, that spoke to me. Earlier in the
spectral Moon of the Overtone Seed Year, I had a dream of the "Mother
Ship," shaped like an immense wheel. The name of the "Mother Ship" was
revealed to me to be "ANATANA." This is a zuvuya word, spelled and
sounded the same frontwards or backwards. Taking the value of each
letter to have a numerical value the same as its position in the
26-letter English alphabet, ANATANA numerologically is written thus:
1-14-1-20-1-14-1 (A = 1, N = 14, T = 20). I saw that the two ANA parts
equaled 16 each for a total of 32, i/2 the number of the 64 DNA Codons,
while T, the middle unit is the 20 value of the vigesimal 0-19 system.
The sum of all the letters in ANATANA is, of course, 52. No need to
explain the meaning of that!

What impressed me about the stone ring, some 4.5 inches in diameter, is
that its outer sides featured sixteen grooves and sixteen ridges-ANA
plus ANA. Was this a stone replica of the Mother Ship? The central
"hole" or hub of the Wheel/stone ring would represent the "T" or value
of 20. The inside of the ring clearly demonstrates a raised edge running
around its center which divides the ring into an upper and lower half.
This being the case, there are sixteen grooves and sixteen ridges in the
upper half and sixteen grooves and sixteen ridges in the lower half. The
sum of that, of course, as any student of the Sixteen year Cube of the
Law will tell you, is 64, the same number as there are DNA Codons. This
stone was a remembering stone, a ring of memory meant to be discovered
and decoded at the right moment-NOW!

Was the stone and the other artifacts left deliberately in a ceremony by
the eight humans-emigre Mayas or Nahua-who then departed? For where-the
Mother Ship? And what is the Mother Ship and where did it come from? I
pondered and meditated the stone ring, happy to have such a mysterious
artifact to absorb my telepathic attention. I knew enough about
synchronic events, and the course of my life as a messenger to listen to
it. And it spoke to me. First of all, it presented me with a brief
treatise: "On Beauty: T(E) = Art"

1. The bonding of the seven radial plasmas with the 64 {bio-electric} UR
     Runes accounts for beauty in nature.

2. Beauty is the intrinsic spirituality of {divine} nature.

3. The seven radial plasmas are the micro-quantic, interdimensional E-+
     plasmic bonding fluids; their inlet to the human biocomputer is through
     the seven chakras, where they bond with the 64 UR-Rune activated DNA

4. The break of the flux tube transduction unit, the ANATANA wheel "13
     52" resulting in the dissolution of Maldek as the Asteroid Belt, is the
     cause of the human 12:60 virus/genetic defect.

5. The analog of the broken interplanetary flux tube system is the
     broken chakra circuit.

6. The result in the current evolutionary cycle of V.24.3 is the loss of
     beauty and diminution of spiritual life.

7. The answer/solution for the restoration of beauty and spiritual life
     is the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge: restored flux tubes and chakra

Ah ha! Now we are back to our theme, the broken flux tube system, the
heliocosm of ten planets-five inner and five outer. "The flux tube
transduction unit, the ANATANA wheel '13 52'" was the original flux tube
transduction zone between the five outer and five inner planets. (See
last issue: "Elements of the Rainbow Bridge"}. Originally, before the
break in the flux tube system, Uranus, the eighth planet was to function
as the outer flywheel of Anatana, and Earth, the third planet, as the
inner. This is our job daily Rinri Practitioners-repair the flux tube
system by invoking the Rainbow Bridge. We are the filaments drawn
together by the Invisible Magnet of Being to do this job. As above so
below, as within so without. By ejecting the Bridge we repair the flux
tubes and hook up our chakra circuits! Unimaginable wholeness and
beauty, sacred order and awesome wonder at God's grandeur! {Part II,
"The Inner Lemurian Ring," to follow in the Next Rinri Newsletter}

Planetary Manitou

It is claimed that the Holy Qur'an, as the only completely revealed Word
of God received and compiled by a single person, Muhammad, is sufficient
as a whole spiritual teaching for all human beings for the time of
judgement, the end time. Since, according to the Mayan Calendar, at
least, with less than fourteen years until the end of the cycle, this is
the end time, then the Qur'an must be a book for Now. With this in mind
I have been reading and studying the Qur'an for over five years and am
in my 20th consecutive reading, testing out the hypothesis that it is a
whole teaching, affirming all previous spiritual teachings and messages,
and that in its mathematically coded verses it even contains the
prophecies of today's current events. This being the case, it must even
affirm the teachings of the Rinri Project and the hypothesis of the psi
bank. Is this truly so? In my reading the other day I was struck by the
following verse:

"On that day we will fold the heavens like the folding of a book. Just
as we initiated the first creation, so we will repeat it. This is our
promise. We will certainly carry it out." "The Prophets," Sura 21:104.

I suddenly saw the Planetary Manitou, "like the folding of a book." If
you contemplate the structure of the Planetary Manitou (20 Tablets,
"Invocation of the Planetary Manitou;" Earth Ascending, Map 44) you see
it is in two perfectly symmetrical halves.The left half is the primary
32-unit Manitou, whence the right secondary 32-unit half is sprung. Its
location in the psi bank is in the "heavens" of the Earth's
electromagnetic field. The purpose of the exercise of Cubing the Codon
is to awaken the Planetary Manitou in two stages of eight years each.
The first stage is completed at the end of the solar-galactic year, Blue
Crystal Storm, 2004-05. The awakening of the second half begins in the
solar-galactic year, Yellow Cosmic Seed, 2005-06. Yellow Cosmic Seed is,
of course, Kin 104, the same number as the verse which speaks of the
heavens being folded like the folding of a book. If you look at Tablet
Eight, you will see in the Chronograph that the Cosmic Moon of the
eighth and final year of the awakening of the primary AC Manitou is also
Kin 104. From Cosmic Seed Moon Kin 104, to Cosmic Seed Year Kin 104,
there is only one day that separates them, the Day-Out-of-Time, Blue
Crystal Night. Could this be "that day we will fold the heavens like the
folding of a book?" For on that day, "just as we initiated the first
creation," the AC Planetary Manitou, "so we will repeat it," the CA
Planetary Manitou, 2005-2013, Cosmic Seed to Galactic Seed! "This is our
promise. We will certainly carry it out."

Second Annual Star Bundle Gathering

"The creation and resurrection of all of you is the same as that of one
person." "Luqman," Sura 31:28.

The Planetary Manitou, the design of our DNA organized as a whole
template, is nothing less than the design of our body and soul. One
design suffices for the creation of six billion humans. One design
suffices for the resurrection of as many humans as will "survive" the
judgement day. And when the resurrection is complete we will once again
be as "one person." I did not invent the design of the Planetary
Manitou. It is a function of the mathematical marvel of the magic square
of eight, "discovered" by Benjamin Franklin. The universe is far more
mysterious than the Hubble Telescope will ever be able to focus upon. We
are simply instruments of a greater design and purpose. This returns us
to our theme: Practice, practice, practice!

The Planetary Manitou is awakened through the practice of gathering the
Star Bundles, one every thirteen weeks, four per year, 32 per Manitou,
64 star bundles in all. The Rinri Project, along with the Star Bundle
gathering is for awakening the one, planetary "over soul" of all us.
This thirteenth week of Practice means that on the fourteenth day of
this Moon we shall have completed another Star Bundle, thirteen Codon
sequences Cubed, one more Codon complete in all of its thirteen
permutations; one more facet of the psi bank opened up, one step closer
to universal transcension. The science of the spirit is an exacting
science, no less than physics. But as the science of the spirit, it is
the awakening of our soul-the human and planetary holons in
resonance-and so it is a science that in each of us that practices it,
it involves and demands all of our being in a whole commitment. Let us
not lose heart, but continue our daily Rinri Practice, Earth Wizards in
the making!

Cube of the Law, Chronograph Year Two
Valum Votan and Bolon Ik, Preceptor and Co-learners, Rinri Project,
>Invisible College
Navigation Tower, Timeship Earth 2013, Dominion of Time
Resonant Moon, Kali 11, "My name is the Glorious Lotus Born"
Antipode Charge, Svadhisthana, Secret Center.
Kin 67, Blue Lunar Hand
Cube Five, Tablet Five, Year 2001-02, Fifth Seer, Quetzalcoatl
Daily Rinri Precept, "Man and Wife are a Pair of Mirrors"
Week Two: Maintain Power of Prophecy
Telektonon Card 11, Baktun 11, Baktun of the Holy Wars
Annual Chronograph, Tablet Two, 1998-99, Chronograph Moon Kin 20,
Yellow Resonant Sun, -22,087 - -21,987
Yellow Crystal Seed-Yellow Electric Star Overtone Chromatic
Core Family Heart Center, Planet and Human Holons-Hawai'i
Psi Chrono Unit, Kin 127, Blue Planetary Hand
Psi Bank Plate Three, North sends Red Magnet, South receives
Weekly Codon 10, Practice, Tablet 2 "Conduct Treads the Way"
Solar Biotelepathic Strand 8.19
White Northern Quarter of the White Northern Quarter of the Eastern Star
Bi-phasic Codon 46, Radiant Emptiness, Tablet Fourteen
"Principle of Dynamic Construction becomes Creative Space"
Harmonic 17, Remember Elegance of Service
Telektonon Prophecy Reading, Section VII, "Lord Buddha"
"Dynamics of Time" Daily Postulate: 7.2:
"Celestial harmonics represent a purposive order of meaning which can
only be accessed by vector point potentials emanating from a purposive
point in space, the evolving body of consciousness."
Sixth Year of Prophecy, Victory Purifies!
Truth is Love. Tolerance is Justice. Peace is Forever.
Valum Votan and Bolon Ik

courtesy of Earth Portals