Your World today is very imperfect. There is much evil and much ignorance.
This is because the true spiritual values which should exist on the Earth,
which should be taught and exemplified, are missing. Man has passed through
the Dark Ages and from them has emerged a Godless society, a society which
is bent only on material advancement to the exclusion of all things
spiritual. Because of this, no matter how correctly Man may have advanced
along his material path, imbalance has resulted since you cannot have the
one without the other.

Life in the physical body today presents many problems for those of you who
are evolved enough to understand the nature of spirituality in Man and to
appreciate how life should be led. If you lead the lives that you believe
to be correct, you are almost unique, and you stand out as one in a hundred
thousand. You are the ones who are not 'normal'. It is difficult to flow
against the stream, but that is what you have to do. Throughout the history
of Man, as he has struggled to evolve on this planet, it has always been
the case that the true disciples of the Light, of Infinite Spirit, have
stood alone. If Man was leading a truly spiritual life there would be no
need for Infinite Spirit to send down onto the Earth Masters and Teachers
to exemplify the way in which Man should live, for Man, being aware, would
already be in contact with them. He would already be listening to them,
learning from them, and following his true spiritual pathway. But once this
link was broken, and Man became ignorant, then it was only by these Masters
incarnating into matter on Earth and exemplifying Infinite Wisdom by word
and deed that it was possible to present to Man the way that life should be

If you intend to stand as true examples of spirituality you must become
accustomed to standing alone. What you say will be different. What you
think will be different. You will behave differently from the next man.
Condition yourselves to the fact that you are not going to be 'one of the
crowd'. This is the first lesson for anyone who seeks to walk the true path
and exemplify Infinite Wisdom.

You must prepare yourselves for a solitary life. You will have your
friends, but you will have few true spiritual friends. Most of your friends
will be only passing ones who will come and go at frequent intervals. You
will find that they have little in common with you, or you with them. No
matter how you view their behaviour, their habits and their customs, you
will find it difficult to accept them into your homes, for they will
exemplify the very things that you have rejected. You will find that, as
you evolve, your circle of friends will become smaller. You will no longer
be able to relate to and communicate with the people with whom once you
could, for as the path gets narrower and steeper so the numbers walking it

Having chosen to walk that path and having prepared yourselves - and by
this I mean the soul-consciousness preparing the personality-consciousness
for what is involved - the next lesson you have to learn is how to present
what you know as Truth to the rest of Humanity. Obviously, you must always
speak the Truth as you know it even if it is going to offend someone dear
to you, for, after all, what is it that you are offending? Is it not purely
their personality? It is certainly not their soul-consciousness, because
that can never be offended by the Truth. Moreover, what is it in you that
worries about giving offence to another but your own personality! You must
not agree with what people say if you, in your heart of hearts, know it to
be wrong, to be a falsehood. That does not mean that you deliberately go
out and seek to argue and put forward your point of view. It merely means
that as you meet with people and converse, as you come into contact with
people in your everyday lives and as situations or problems arise, you do
not for the sake of peace and quiet deny what you know to be true and
remain silent. State what you know. You do not have to say how or why you
know: you have to say that you know. That is all.

You have to exemplify Truth, as you know it, not only by your speech but
also by your actions. You have to lead the life which you know to be
correct. You will not convince anybody if you say one thing but do the
opposite. It is no good saying in public, for example, that all men are
brothers and should live in peace and then going home and fighting with
your wife, for that convinces no man. You must demonstrate by example.
That is the way you will convince people.

Because, over many lives, Man has been deceived by falsehoods he has built
up within himself, within his soul, a protection against the speech of his
fellow-men. Throughout his evolution unevolved Man has communicated through
the means of speech. During higher phases of consciousness, when the Earth
was more evolved, speech was not used, but for most of the time Man has
communicated through speech and, as such, much of the wickedness and evil
of Man has come through his mouth. So Man has an inbuilt resistance to
speech but he cannot resist, his soul cannot deny, Truth when he sees it.
If he sees Truth with his eyes his soul sees it, and there can be no denial.
One deed is worth a thousand words.

If you really intend to walk the path, pay particular attention to your
deeds. Every time you are going to do something get into the habit of
thinking most carefully about it first, especially when it affects your
fellow-men, so that your actions, when you perform them, are the result of
careful judgement and not quick personality decisions. Man remembers you
more by your actions than by your words.

So many of the basic principles of life in your World today are wrong that
you will find yourselves in conflict with them in almost every aspect of
life. You will eat differently. You will drink differently. You will live
differently. You will behave differently. You will think differently. You
will feel differently. In all these ways you will become different from
your fellowmen. It is therefore very easy to create conflict and to
antagonise people. What you must ensure, however, is that people do not
antagonise you. Your actions, if they are correct, will produce different
responses in people according to their soul evolution. If a man recognises
the Truth in you sometimes it will annoy his personality, and he will
dislike you for it. That you will have to accept. It is the reason why you
are here. Eventually, as he continually sees the example before him, that
man will change.

What you yourselves must guard against is that you do not become
antagonistic towards your less evolved fellow-men. If you see a man kill,
if you see a man steal, if you see a man tell falsehoods, even if you see a
man trying to destroy the Truth which you have established, you must not
feel antagonistic towards him and create evil thoughts because of what he
is doing .

This is a most difficult lesson to learn. Remember that you are the evolved
ones, and the first duty of evolved souls is that they are here to be of
service to their less evolved brothers and that, with the power of their
evolved thought, they can easily create a greater force for evil.

So be tolerant of your less evolved brothers who do not think and feel like
you. It is, for many of them, merely that they are the products of the Age,
of the falsehoods that have been taught and passed down from generation to
generation. Remember the difficulties that you yourselves have experienced
in changing your ways of life and in expanding your own consciousnesses.
You, perhaps, may have had a more favourable environment and received
greater help than your less evolved brothers, and therefore you are in a
position to help them. You can never force a man to believe in something.
You may force a man to do almost anything else: the history of your Earth
has proved this, but you cannot force a man to believe in something in
which he does not believe. He may pay lip service to a belief, but he will
not believe if he does not want to. You cannot force his soul.

The other great lesson which you have to learn is to know how, and when,
to teach. Remember that you have not been sent to convert the World! Most
evolved souls incarnate for a specific reason, with important destinies and
tasks to fulfil, but the one vital thing which you must learn and understand,
if you are to be teachers, is to know when to teach. The sole criterion that
applies to this is that you teach only those who wish to learn. By this I mean
that it is no good talking to people who do not wish to hear you. It is no good
going out onto the streets and trying to convert people to what you believe.
You should teach only those who willingly come to you, who ask you, and who
seek to listen to you through their own soul initiative.

When people have come to you, the difficulty then is to know what to teach
them. Again, it takes the wisdom of your soul to decide what you should
say. You have to judge the nature of their soul-evolution. Are they capable
of understanding the higher or the lower teachings? How much should you
tell a man at one time so that he will understand, and so on? This you will
learn with practice and through experience. All teachers have to pass
through this stage. Remember it is better to talk to the least evolved
souls in an audience and know that they, and therefore everyone else to
whom you are talking, fully understand than to pitch your talk at such a
high level that only a few can understand and the rest are baffled and
perhaps begin to lose a little faith in why they have come to you.

Remember that it is the people to whom you talk and teach who have to
discover for themselves. We, of the Hierarchy, on our level of existence,
are always saying that there is only so much that we can teach you, there
is only so much that we can reveal to you until you are ready. The rest
must come from within yourselves. The basic lesson which you will teach
will always be: "Look within yourself, for there is the Kingdom of Heaven".
You will be getting Man to look within himself, to listen to his own soul
and to follow his own consciousness. Remember that what is correct for one
man will be incorrect for another. All men are different. All men will
think differently and will act differently. Do not judge. Do not say that
one is right and another wrong. All you can do, as every Master
exemplifying the Christ Principle has done when he touched the planet
Earth, is to set the example and then let Man follow and imitate. That is all.

One of the greatest temptations that exists for an evolved soul who is a
teacher is to succumb to the power of his own ability as a teacher. When he
reflects and speaks The Truth and convinces many, and when he sees the
results, it creates a deep feeling of power and majesty for what he does.
Some of the greatest teachers of Infinite Spirit have forgotten that they
are only instruments, that they are not the source of the wisdom, and that
they too are souls learning and fulfilling a destiny. You must, of course,
resist the adulation of the people who will cling to you, of the people who
will even worship you for what you say and do. That, again, is a difficult
temptation to resist. You must always be saying that you are merely an
instrument through which the Wisdom flows from Above, and that it is not
you that people should look to and thank, but their Creator.

Finally, do not look for immediate results. Do not be hurt, or surprised,
if you speak to an audience and at the end of your lecture not one person
smiles, or seems to understand, and they all appear to go away looking
confused. Although they may not understand at the time, the seed will have
been sown and later on what you said will begin to germinate in their own
thought processes. They may not even remember that it was you that sowed
that seed. It does not matter. Do not worry if even in your lifetime you
can see no tangible results for your efforts.

Remember the life of the Nazarene.

To stand in the role of a spiritual teacher, to exemplify Infinite Wisdom,
is a testing incarnation. It requires that you watch your every action,
your every word, so that you are an example to others. It requires that you
in no way mislead a less evolved brother. If you establish yourself as a
teacher be sure that you walk the path, for if by example or intent you
mislead or harm a less evolved brother then great karma is involved. So
before you begin to teach, before you begin to say, "I believe, I know and
I will demonstrate," look within yourself and ensure that there is a true
reflection of Infinite Spirit.

Copyright: The Ramala Centre.

From The Revelation of Ramala, pp122